Master of the End Times - Chapter 500

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Chapter 500: They Knew Him

Chapter 500: They Knew Him

Qin Feng kept his word and brought Bai Li to the Northern Abyss the next day . Yang Bei was not surprised to see him again—Qin Feng was a loyal customer of this place by now, and he had been doing great every time he visited the abyss . Yang Bei would, instead, find it weird if Qin Feng did not come .

“Mr Qin, welcome back . I’ll open the gate for you!”

Qin Feng was quite early today . However, there were three other people that had arrived earlier than him . Of course, Yang Bei was more than willing to open the gate for him . He was willing to zoom past those three other people and open it for Qin Feng .

Qin Feng, Bai Li and three other people stepped into the abyss as soon as the gate was opened . Qin Feng did not know when he stepped through the gate that there was another group of men who had waited twenty minutes before going through the gate .

This group of men was led in by Guang Wei .

Two of these men were from the Dark Coalition . However, right now they had put on a layer of human-skin mask and activated some stealthy skills, which had fooled Yang Bei .

Although Yang Bei was a B-tier, those two Dark Coalition men were also B-tiers . On top of that, they had Guang Wei, a renowned warrior in Beihua, accompanying them . Thus, it was quite understandable for Yang Bei to not see through their disguise . Besides, Yang Bei did not know the dreaded history between Guang Wei and Qin Feng .

Meanwhile, after entering the Northern Abyss, Qin Feng and Bai Li went straight to work!

Qin Feng was slaying ultra beasts as he was walking deeper into the abyss . He was not in a rush but he was able to venture deeper into the Abyss than usual this time .

Nonetheless, the ones that were tailing him had a lot of trouble thrown their way .

After stepping through the gate, they needed to locate Qin Feng’s exact location first . However, the Northern Abyss was a dangerous place . As such, they could only rely on some small traces that were left behind by Qin Feng’s combat .

They needed to track him down and handle the ultra beasts that were attacking them .

Still, Guang Wei was a B-tier aptitude user . As such, it did not take long for him to detect the traces that Qin Feng left behind .

Guang Wei was a cautious man . He was also confident that Qin Feng was still weaker than him . He did not know that Qin Feng was already a whole new, different man since the last time they met .

“Hmm?” Qin Feng felt a sting of conscious energy from behind . It was short and brief, like a short consciousness scan when one scans the area for ultra beasts . Usually, he would think it was nothing . But this time, he had noticed the line-up from the other side .

Everyone’s conscious energy was unique . It was like their own signature . Combatants could recognize each other’s conscious energy if they paid attention to them .

“Guang Wei!”

Hence, Qin Feng could recognize that man’s conscious energy right away .

“I’m not surprised that he is in Beihua City . The only thing is, I wonder if he purposely came here?”

“Could it be that he’s here to find me?”

“Heh, how interesting . If you want to tail me, I’ll let you!”

Guang Wei had carefully cloaked his presence using his conscious energy, thinking that he could fool Qin Feng . He did not know that Qin Feng had already noticed that they were following him!

Not only that, Qin Feng had also recognized the men that were with Guang Wei . These men were all people that he knew . Two of them were from the Dark Coalition—they were Gu Chang and Qi Yan, the assassins who attacked Mu Jin in Mingguang City .

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After their clash with Qin Feng the last time, their powers had decreased drastically . Now, they needed a lot of cash to purchase materials that would aid in prolonging their lifespan . Thus, when they heard that Guang Wei had a big job for them, they agreed without hesitation!

As for the other person, it was also someone that Qin Feng knew—Liu Yue, Chui Yang’s bodyguard! This man was an old friend of Guang Wei’s, and not only that he also owed Guang Wei a huge favor . Besides, this time he heard that the target was a mere C-tier so he did not give it much thought and agreed to help him .

They were still quite far away from Qin Feng . Due to not being ability users, they did not even have Qin Feng in their sights . As such, they did not know who their target was .

Qin Feng let out a cold smirk .

Qin Feng did not bother to conceal his traces now . Originally, he wanted to venture deep into the Northern Abyss but now he had completely forfeited that plan .

“Let’s go a little deeper . It would be troublesome if we have witnesses!”

Hence, Qin Feng headed straight into the deeper parts of the abyss .

Of course, Guang Wei and his goons had the same idea .

“Let’s attack him later . We’re still close to the walls . It would be a pain in the as* if there are other aptitude users in the area!”

“There’s no rush . In fact, the deeper we go, the more ultra beasts would appear . This man would soon find it difficult to handle them and turn tail . And then, we’ll jump him . He’ll surely die from that!”

“Hahaha! You’re funny . He’s just a C-tier aptitude user . There’s no need to be scared of him!”

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“If he’s some ordinary C-tier schmuck, I wouldn’t have come asking for your help . Be cautious!”

“Sure! You’re the boss . So, you call the shots!”

Then, they walked further into the abyss for another half an hour . Now, there were no traces of other aptitude users!

It was then, Guang Wei’s eyes widened with joy .

“Quick! That brat is now facing a beast king! We’ll jump him when he’s handling that monster . He would die not knowing what hit him!”

“Let’s go!”

All three of his goons were ancient warriors . As such, they held Guang Wei by the limbs so they could drag him to the scene quickly .

It was just within one thousand meters . It only took three minutes for them to reach the scene . It was then, they saw a young man battling a beast king .

It was Qin Feng .

Qin Feng did not think that he would find a beast king . He wanted to lead Guang Wei further into the abyss and now this beast king was blocking his way . Might as well kill this thing too then!

The beast king was also quite powerful—it was a C3-tier, about seven meters in height and twenty meters wide . It was essentially a giant .

Clenching his fists, Qin Feng hurled out his Fire Dragon Style . In an instant, scorching fire began to burn the ultra beasts . The heat of the fire was so high that the surrounding air was distorted!

Guang Wei was surprised when he saw that Qin Feng was able to toy a beast king around . Was this brat not just a C-tier? How could he be able to do this?

At the same time, a grim expression clouded the other three men’s faces .

“Guang Wei, are you sure this is the man you want to kill?” Liu Yue stared at Qin Feng, who was taking his sweet time fighting the beast king . The man did not seem to be threatened by this beast at all!

He had seen Qin Feng slay ultra beasts before . But this was the first time seeing him killing a beast king . This Qin Feng… his powers were totally something beyond Liu Yue’s comprehension!

Gu Chang and Qi Yan jumped when they saw Qin Feng too .

“Him! It’s him!”

They could still remember their last fight with Qin Feng . The memory was so clear that it felt as though the fight happened only yesterday . This man was able to kill a B-tier aptitude user with ease!

Not only that, Qin Feng’s Apocalypse Bloom was like a curse to Gu Chang and Qi Yan .

The reason they took on this job was to earn money to heal their wounds . And yet, they needed to face this overlord again?! They could almost see the road to hell paved right in front of them now!

“You know him too?” Guang Wei and Liu Yue looked at them curiously .

Gu Chang let out a bitter smile . “Yeah, we do know him . Just who the hell is this guy?”