Master of the End Times - Chapter 504

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Chapter 504: Puppet Beast Army

Chapter 504: Puppet Beast Army

Qin Feng went on to have an exhilarating rampage, but about an hour later his communicator started to beep .

It was from a number he did not recognize, but the number began with 000 . That could only be a public line from the Human Alliance .

He naturally accepted the call .

On the opposite end of the call was a handsome young man with a C-tier badge on his chest!

“Hello Qin Feng . I am Shang Han’s secretary, Yuan Hao!”

Qin Feng narrowed his eyes the moment he saw who he was speaking to . This man was the mouthpiece for Shang Han’s external affairs .

“Hello Secretary Yuan! What’s up?”

“Yes Governor Qin, Regent Shang has made an appointment to meet with you at 3 o’clock this afternoon!”

That was not surprising . Shang Han would have received news about Guang Wei’s death by now . It would have been strange if he were not contacted .

He just did not expect a face to face meeting .

“Okay, I’ll note that down!”

“Then, I’ll see you this afternoon!”

“See you this afternoon!”

The two did not drag on the call and promptly hung up, but Qin Feng was not aware that Yuan Hao called Shang Han’s number right after the call ended to report his findings .

“Regent, Qin Feng is still in the Northern Abyss . I’ve just contacted him, and during our call I saw that he might have been fighting the beast emperors in the deeper parts of the Northern Abyss!”


Shang Han’s voice suddenly rose up, unable to control her surprise .

While a D-tier beast emperor could be killed by a hunting party led by a C-tier, such a thing was impossible in the Northern Abyss . It was not a place where weapons of mass destruction could be used and there was no way to ambush the ultra beasts . If one wanted to hunt down a C-tier beast emperor, they would need a team of more than five B-tiers to do so .

Even then, lives would still be at stake and the more people that went, the less profitable the turnout would be .

That was why the beast emperors of the Northern Abyss would be taken on by the A-tiers instead .

Where there was a C-tier beast emperor, there would be B-tier ultra beasts . That was how Shang Han’s father died deep in the abyss .

She did not expect Qin Feng to be so bold and powerful .

After going through the original content of the negotiation, she decided that she would have to change it .

Qin Feng was not someone that would yield to force!


In the Northern Abyss, Qin Feng loaded the massive carcass of the ultra beast into his spatial rune equipment .

“This place is close to the B-tier ultra beast territories . I’ve never been here before my rebirth . ”

After all, Qin Feng would have been stationed at the international border at this time .

“Let’s have a look!”

Qin Feng expanded his dantian and his consciousness, his internal force was strong and that meant that he had all the more reason to feel confident about himself .

B-tier ultra beasts gradually began to appear and Qin Feng started to approach with caution .

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“Dark Ray!”

A bolt of darkness crashed into the body of an incoming B-tier ultra beast, making it lethargic . Qin Feng could feel that there was an even greater energy transfer than before .

This was several times stronger than a C-tier ultra beast .

Upon realizing this, he heartily charged into battle with relentless attacks . Within ten minutes, the beast had died in his hands .

The speed obviously did not satisfy him .

Thinking for a moment, his consciousness was mobilized .

Some special runes fell onto the ultra beast’s body that was on the ground .

In an instant, the B-tier ultra beast shuddered and came back to life .

A Corpse Puppet .

Qin Feng always had the ability to control corpses, but he had never used it before . After all, he could kill most ultra beasts with his own hands .

However, in order to explore the deeper parts of the Northern Abyss, only A-tiers could have been able to take on the B-tier ultra beasts here . Qin Feng being able to come here on his own was already a powerful feat .

It was still a good way to go to look for a few things to turn into puppets, just in case!

Soon, Qin Feng set out to complete the task he gave himself and started fighting B-tier ultra beasts with the intention of turning them into Corpse Puppets .

His army gradually expanded, going from single digits to eventually double digits .

B-tier ultra beasts were not small . Even twenty of them could have been considered as a massive team!

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“Hahwooo!” A B-tier wolf-like ultra beast appeared . When it saw the rotting ultra beast corpses, it lunged forward, mouth slobbering at the ripe scent of rotting flesh .

Only now, the tables had turned .

Qin Feng manipulated the bodies to surround the wolf-like ultra beast . The creatures that advanced did not fear death and knew no pain . Rushing forward all fangs and claws, biting and scratching .

The wolf-like ultra beast let out a yelp as its flesh was torn and its blood misted the air . In the blink of an eye, it had been eaten by the other ultra beasts!

Qin Feng’s dark ability shrouded the wolf-like ultra beast and added it to his army of puppets .

The time spent had been greatly reduced!

After absorbing the energy from the ultra beast, Qin Feng felt that his physical form had grown in power again .

“Carry on!”

The way Qin Feng controlled these ultra beasts was far beyond the skills of even the most talented beastmasters . As his numbers grew, he found himself having to almost walk sideways through the Northern Abyss .

A few hours later, when he checked the time, he learned that it was almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon!

“I think I’ll stop here for today!” Qin Feng thought, then killed the rotting ultra beasts and pulled out the energy cores . It was a shame that the flesh and blood of these ultra beasts were too rotten to be salvageable!

However, they still gave him energy on their second death . At this moment, Qin Feng’s strength skyrocketed again!


It had only been seven days since Qin Feng came to the Northern Abyss, such a rate of growth was indeed very fast!

Once he was satisfied, he called Bai Li via his consciousness .

“I’m ready to go back!”

“On my way!” As soon as Bai Li’s consciousness responded back, she was already by his side . The two then reappeared outside of the gate . Without waiting for other people to enter, Qin Feng contacted Yang Bei .

“Wow, why are you so early today Mr . Qin?”

The news about Qin Feng killing Guang Wei had not reached Yang Bei yet, neither did he know that Qin Feng was summoned by Shang Han .

“Well, something happened!” Qin Feng said but did not explain any further as he handed the bronze lantern to Yang Bei .

Yang Bei had recorded down Qin Feng’s numbers before . He would not be phased by Qin Feng’s daily points, but today, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets!

There were extra words on the label in addition to the points that he had seen before . The numbers marked on it were the amount of B-tier ultra beasts that he had hunted .

Qin Feng had actually started hunting B-tier ultra beasts!

The numbers were not as much as his previous kills, but it definitely was not something to overlook when the numbers were around 300!

A B-tier ultra beast gave points that were a hundred times more than a C-tier ultra beast’s!

Qin Feng’s points today were the same as the points he got yesterday .

Not only that, Bai Li handed in her own lantern and also gained up to 10 thousand points . The way that they were gaining their wealth was terrifying to behold .

Qin Feng did not have any family or any kind of background . He was not burdened by anything and that meant that the rewards he received were exclusively for himself .

After earning 60 million points today, Qin Feng exchanged them for six C-tier beast emperor crystal cores!

It was a shame that he had to participate in the competition tomorrow, that meant that he could not come back . For Qin Feng the rank-up addict, that was basically a slow burning torture!