Master of the End Times - Chapter 505

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Chapter 505: Meeting With Shang Han

Chapter 505: Meeting With Shang Han

Returning to Beihua City did not take much time, and Qin Feng retreated back to the hotel so that he could wash off the stink of rotting corpses that clung onto him .

No matter how much he cleaned, the continuous killing had naturally caused a stink of blood in the air that lingered around him .

The amount of ultra beasts he had killed recently was just too much .

“You should wait here, I’ll go meet Shang Han . She’s an A-tier aptitude user, I’m afraid she might know what you are!” Qin Feng said to Bai Li .

“Then go, I’ll stay in the hotel and practice!” Once Bai Li had her hands on a C-tier beast emperor core, it was difficult to keep her away from it .

“Okay, wait for my return!”


After saying goodbye, Qin Feng headed toward the city’s center and arrived at the Human Alliance’s office lobby .

When he reported himself to the front desk, he was told to go up to the 66th floor .

Soon, Qin Feng was face to face with Shang Han .

Shang Han was a woman in her forties, but due to her practice of ancient martial arts her internal force was extremely pure and the pools in her dantian had reached a point where it could be compared to the sea .

As such, Shang Han had the appearance of a woman in her twenties . She had an ordinary appearance but the air about her was definitely one of the most extraordinary things Qin Feng had ever felt, other than Bai Li’s of course .

After all, it was an A-tier aptitude user!

“Greetings, Governor Qin!”

“Hello, Regent Shang!”

The two politely shook hands before Qin Feng was directed to sit down .

Shang Han had a grim look on her face, the best she gave Qin Feng was a slight twitch at the corner of her mouth that could have passed as a smile .

“I’ve heard the news . What the hell happened, what happened with Guang Wei?” Shang Han wasted no time in her questioning

Qin Feng replied, “Since you have already received the news, then you ought to know what happened then Regent Shang . I don’t have anything new to explain!”

Shang Han naturally understood what happened, she had already sought out and gotten her answers from Liu Yue .

Liu Yue would not dare lie to Shang Han! He even told Shang Han about Guang Wei’s murderous plans .

The subject about Guang Wei was truly irrelevant .

“With your strength, Guang Wei was no match for you . So what if you killed two people from the Dark Coalition, but what’s the deal with killing Guang Wei?”

“Guang Wei was the one who wanted to kill me, should I not be fighting back? If he wants to kill me, then naturally I’ll kill him in self defense! Regent Shang, I’ve already gone to the Dark Coalition before . Does the Human Alliance intend on making me do it again?”

“Can’t you see the bigger picture?”

“Oh? At this point, you can always try having a chat with Guang Wei’s ghost!”

Shang Han learned that Qin Feng did not intend on being cowed, nor would he feel as if he had done something wrong .

After all, Qin Feng had already told the situation about Guang Wei and the Dark Coalition to the rest of the world!

Besides, dead men told no tales .

“Fine, I won’t ask about Guang Wei’s death anymore . Let’s talk about something else!” Shang Han said with a serious tone .

“Sure!” This was the original reason why Shang Han asked for Qin Feng, but he had no idea what Shang Han intended to do with him .

“Guang Wei was a general and naturally had his own army . There are at least 20 C-tiers and 500 D-tiers under his command . A strong force that now has no one to lead them after Guang Wei’s death . Since you’ve proven that you’re strong enough to take down Guang Wei, then you should be able to deal with these people . They are in your hands now!”

Qin Feng frowned, his brows furrowing .

He was not keen on taking on more subordinates, especially not those whose loyalties might still lie with the man who tried to kill him .

Then he had another idea . If he could subjugate these people, then he could still stay in Mingguang City and throw caution into the wind!

As for whether or not these troops would leave, that would be up to them . It had nothing to do with Qin Feng!


“The legion used to be called the Guang Wei Legion . You can change that name later if you wish, but once this legion has been handed to you the industrial portions of it would be taken back by the Human Alliance . This is something that you can’t refute!”

Legions and industries went hand in hand . It would be impossible if it were only the Human Alliance that was supporting the legions .

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“That shouldn’t be a problem!” Qin Feng did not need the money, not to mention he had already drained Guang Wei of all his assets after that compensation of 4 trillion!

All of the properties the legion might have had would have been mortgaged long ago!

“There’s more . It is predicted that a beast wave is going to happen in about a week from now, in the distant forest that’s west of Beihua City where spatial rifts frequently occur . This task was originally Guang Wei’s but it’s yours now!”

“Alright!” Qin Feng agreed again . When he came to Beihua City, he never once experienced an incoming beast wave . If it were something to be worried about then it would be a terrifying enough beast wave that he could devour more energy from .

Shang Han was taken aback when she heard Qin Feng’s blunt answers . She expected him to shirk these duties!

To think about it, Qin Feng probably did not care if he brought Guang Wei’s Legion into that forest . He was not under any threat, that meant that he would not care .

Shang Han then added, “And remember to control the amount of casualties!”

Qin Feng was stunned but he did not make any excuses and promptly responded .

Other than Qin Feng’s difficult attitude at the beginning, the rest of the talk went smoothly and Shang Han found herself pleased with his attitude .

Geniuses were always rebellious, but that kind of pettiness could be used . She did not care much about it .

Shang Han’s time was precious . She let Qin Feng go as soon as their meeting was over . Qin Feng did not stick around and immediately returned to the hotel .

Unexpectedly, he ran into a person he had previously met before . Han Jun .

Han Jun glared at Qin Feng with contempt . Previously Qin Feng had said some words to him that stopped him from backing down, which meant that he did not want to see him!

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“Governor was it? The competition is tomorrow, I hope you end up drawing me . Then I can show you who truly is the strong one!”

Qin Feng glanced at him and said, “We’ll see . ”

“Hmph!” Han Jun sneered and turned away to leave .

When Qin Feng returned to his room, he called Zhou Hao and Jin Fei to him .

“So, what’s the recent progress on you two ranking up?” Qin Feng asked .

Zhou Hao spoke up with excitement, “My dantian has doubled and the rate of my internal force absorption is much faster . The most important thing is that after my dantian has been enlarged, I can contain more energy . If I reach E9 tier then I should be able to hold up to 20 pockets of gaseous internal force, so it’d be easier to condense that into a more liquid state!”

“How many layers now?”

“Seven!” Seven layers were the equivalent of an E7 ancient warrior, not bad .

“What about Jin Fei?”

“I have nine layers!” Jin Fei said .

“Very good! So long as you don’t meet a D-tier during the competition, you should be fine with nine layers!”

Before Qin Feng’s rebirth, Jin Fei was a genius . Now, he left the City of Death, spending a few years less there and had the resources to cultivate his skills .

His future potential was huge!

Jin Fei had more natural talent that Zhou Hao did .

“I will definitely get a place!” Jin Fei immediately said .