Master of the End Times - Chapter 508

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Chapter 508: Outrageous Bet

Chapter 508: Outrageous Bet

“So if I bet 1 trillion, I will get 64 trillion in return?! That’s insane! Anyway, since the bookmarker agency is directly under the regent, it’s better not to make such a huge bet . ”

“I don’t think the regent will mind if I bet 100 billion . ”

“I will bet 100 billion too . ”

One hundred billion might be considered a small bet for a B-tier . Most of them were rich and those who hunted regularly at the Northern Abyss knew Qin Feng was the real deal .

So when numerous B-tiers bet on Qin Feng at the same time, the money had snowballed into a total of 10 trillion . The bookmarker would need to pay out 640 trillion if Qin Feng did win the tournament in the end .

It was an amount not even Shang Han could afford .

The manager of the arena was baffled when he saw the outrageous betting amount . “This is weird . The ones who made a bet were all B-tiers . Do they know something that I don’t?” It’s not odd for a B-tier to bet that kind of money . But why on earth were they all betting on the same contestant?

“Check out this Qin Feng from the North Sea, now!”

However, the manager was unable to gather any relevant information after some B-tier users purposely shut down the news regarding Qin Feng within the network .

“Maybe it’s nothing . Or maybe it’s some sort of match manipulation . ” Either way, this was extremely abnormal .

‘Should I inform Regent Shang about this?’ The manager was contemplating but he quickly decided against the idea . The absence of Shang Han clearly showed that she had zero interest in a tournament involving only D-tiers and below .

‘There would be no issue as long as this person doesn’t emerge as the champion . ’ The manager made up his mind and quietly rearranged two names on the second-day contest .

Indeed, Shang Han did not show up for the rest of the day . She is a very busy ruler . There was no point in wasting her precious time watching some lowly D-tier battle that took place every year .

In terms of recruitment, she had entrusted the task to Yuan Hao . He was responsible to absorb new blood from the tournament with great potential .

Thus, Qin Feng’s true identity was not revealed on the first day . He did not stay at the venue after his match but went straight to the Northern Abyss .

He used the same method as the day before to hunt down another B-tier .

Yang Pi wondered whether Qin Feng would one day exterminate all the beasts inside the abyss .

Though it would be an encouraging development, Yang Pi was not entirely happy about it .

“At this rate, you would have enough crystal cores to reach B-tier in less than two days . ”

“Yea . It’s easier than I thought!” Bai Li replied .

“We have been through some hardships, after all . We are much stronger than before now . ” Qin Feng’s current power was on par with that of before he was reborn . He relied more on his Absorption Ability to devour high-tier beasts then, which made him an ordinary A-tier .

Now . he was a hero-class C-tier .

“You would have to come on your own tomorrow . The competition might last the entire day,” Qin Feng said .

“No problem . ” Bai Li was no longer the naïve fox that knew nothing about the human world . She could take care of herself now .

Qin Feng arrived at the arena early the next day . After the first day, three contestants from North Sea were eliminated while none from the Sun state had survived .

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Some were capable but did not have luck on their site .

More unlucky contestants would be kicked out on the second day .

The morning round would yield 40 winners, while half of them would then be sent home in the afternoon . The final day competition would then decide the ten finalists of the tournament .

Qin Feng’s first match of the day was against an E-tier . He sparred with his opponent for a while before putting him down for good . He did not wish to attract unwanted attention .

As the number of matches was reduced, only five battles were held at the same time in the afternoon . Qin Feng was once again drawn to fight in the first round of the last 40 .

“Oh? My opponent is Han Jun?” Qin Feng smiled . He was apparently pleased with the draw . Him meeting Han Jun here meant that Zhou Hao and Jin Fei would have one less fierce competitor on their path to the final ten .

Han Jun was one of the only three D-tier ability users in this tournament . He inevitably became the center of attention and many spectators turned their heads when he got on stage .

Qin Feng walked out from the opposite of the ring after him .

The force field ascended and shielded them from being disturbed by the crowd’s noise or external conscious power .

“It’s you! I thought that your name was Zhou Zhang?” Han Jun had of course recognized Qin Feng . He did not pay attention to the name after he figured his opponent was not Du Wa or Li Wangshen .

It surprised him when he saw Qin Feng on the stage .

“I don’t always go by that name . ” Qin Feng replied .

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Han Jun was curious but he did not say anything . It did not matter at this point .

No matter what his true name was, Han Jun believed he had foreseen his opponent’s fate .

The corner of Han Jun’s mouth rose with confidence .

“I had given you a chance to kneel before me previously and you refused . Now it’s time to beg for mercy . ” Han Jun was provoked by Qin Feng before and he was eager to get revenge .

Qin Feng returned the favor and mocked, “I returned to you what you deserved last time . Do you wish to experience it all over again and kneel before me, calling me papa instead?”

“Screw you! Do you know who my father is? How could you disrespect him?” Han Jun glared at Qin Feng coldly .

To Han Jun, Han Mou was not only his father but also his most reliable protector . Anyone who dared to disrespect his father’s name must be taught a lesson .

Qin Feng jeered, “Are you ten years old? Why do you always bring up your father’s name? Grow up, p*ssy . ”

“You!!!” Han Jun was infuriated . This was when the bell was rung .

The match had begun!

Han Jun was provoked and he immediately triggered runic power with his consciousness .

Suddenly, a gale began to howl inside the arena .

“I am going to kill you today, trash! Let’s see whether the dirty mouth of yours can still talk when you are dead!”

The gale collapsed into a tornado and the winds spun like high-speed blades that would churn your flesh and bone into pieces upon contact .

“Go! The Art of Tornado!”

Its power was almost the same level as Terraform Magma .

The audience exclaimed seeing the skill . It was no doubt an eye-catching technique that would dazzle the commoners .

But some were scared by it .

‘Isn’t this too much for a human opponent? Wouldn’t it tear the other guy into pieces?’

The manager of the arena was equally shocked . ‘That is a gruesome move even by Han Jun’s standard . What is he thinking? It would be my fault if this young kid were killed here . ’

The battle between Qin Feng and Han Jun was no coincidence . It was rigged by the manager to prevent Qin Feng from becoming the champion .

Han Jun was one of the most gifted prodigies in this tournament and he would be an ideal stumbling block .

However, it never crossed the manager’s mind that Han Jun would immediately use a killer move against Qin Feng .

That was going way overboard!