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Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Three Punches

The couple was very mushy and intimate . The man was nearly in his forties, muscular and around 185cm tall, with slightly fierce-looking features . Meanwhile, the woman seemed to be about only eighteen with long hair that had been bleached blond and thick makeup . She was dressed scantily, her impressions only worsened by the large and small shopping bags that filled her hands . They had indeed purchased an entire warehouse of stuff .

Had the woman not addressed the man as her husband, Qin Feng would have mistaken them for father and daughter!

“Whatever you want, just say the word, bitch! Serve me well, and I will buy you everything you ever dreamed of . This is nothing to me!” The man was both presumptuous and vulgar as he haughtily gloated to the female .

“You’re the best, hubby!” The woman embraced the man, brushing a full pair of breasts against his arm . Even though she said this with a smile, there was a look of disgust concealed within her eyes .

While the pair shopped, Qin Feng looked up information about the man in his communicator . The facts and figures found here about any criminal were laid out in a very detailed fashion .

After confirmation that he had the right guy by comparing the man in the store to the one in the criminal profile, he looked up the man’s offenses .

Li Hai was not from Chengyang but was actually from faraway Haining .

[Assaulted 1 and killed 13 young women; murdered 91 innocent civilians]

[Resisted arrest by patrol team, caused the deaths of 31 patrol team ability users]

[Devised a bomb that destroyed public buildings, killing 132]

Qin Feng looked at the bounty offered at the bottom of Li Hai’s profile page . It was not a lot, only about 2 million yuan, but there was also a reward of 500 bounty points .


All of a sudden, Qin Feng had this bloodthirsty look in his eyes .

Li Hao appeared to be unaware that he had been targeted . Even if someone like him found out about the bounty hunter network, he wouldn’t be spooked . His chosen as a hideout was one of the safest . Chengbei colony was an inferior place in Chenyang, where the strongest person was at most at E-tier . Why would anybody go through all that trouble to hunt him?

That seemed to be impossible, of course, which was why he was so brazen .

Soon, the shop assistant who tended to Qin Feng returned .

“Sir, I’ve consulted my superior, and it appears that we can sell this pet wedding dress to you . It goes for 36,000 yuan . We can also make custom make outfits for your pet . You just need to give us its measurements!”

Qin Feng was not about to make a move in the shop, so he nodded, hoping to linger around his target a little longer . “Alright . But we’ll take this one first!”

After he had paid for the wedding dress, Qin Feng helped Xiaobai into it .

“That looks very pretty, really…” Qin Feng cooed affectionately .

Xiaobai was very flattered, puffing its chest and raising its chin, eager for all to see it in its new dress and sing its praises!

“Oh my! This little puppy is so cute! Hubby! I want one too!” The woman with Li Hai purred when she overhead Qin Feng .

Xiaobai suddenly stiffened, glaring at the woman with its dark eyes .

“Who are you calling a dog? You want to die?’

In Xiaobai’s inherited memory, human beings were frail creatures . Except for the person whom it had a confirmed bond, it would never mince its words with anyone else . In fact, when it was all grown up, humans would simply be one of its many foods . Hmm… what did they taste like anyway?

Li Hai was a grade-F ancient warrior, but because Xiaobai did not reveal its aura, he could not tell that the ‘puppy’ was actually an ultra-beast . “Hey kid, I’m buying your dog . How much do you want for it? Give me a price!” the man barked without the slightest sense of courtesy .

Qin Feng’s warm smile froze on his lips . He stood up and looked at Li Hai . “It is not for sale!”

Not expecting to be rejected, Li Hai frowned, looking very unhappy .

“Hubby…” the woman purred .

That only fuelled Li Hai’s anger . Who the hell was this kid, turning him down and embarrassing him in front of his woman .

“Hey kid, even if you’re not selling today, you still have to sell!” Li Hai reached out a palm towards Qin Feng’s shoulder . This move alone could shatter a person’s bones .

Instantly, Qin Feng released Xiaobai’s leash .

Forget all that buying he was supposed to do, this was the perfect time to make a move .

Qin Feng was prepared, so he swung out a fist to meet Li Hai’s hand!


Qin Feng’s fist slammed into Li Hai’s palm, sending a powerful force up his arm .


With a loud, unnatural sound, Li Hai’s wrist was twisted in a weird angle; its bone broken into two places!

“Arghhhhhhhhh!” He screamed, stumbling backward while clutching his arm until he hit the display behind him .

Clothes fell to the ground, and a vase shattered . The woman standing next to him fell to the ground on her bottom at the sudden move, but Li Hai ignored her .

“Hey, kid! You have a deathwish?!” Li Hai roared in pain and fury .

Qin Feng had unleashed the punch at full force while meanwhile inadvertently exposing his real strength . Li Hai now knew that Qin Feng was merely a G-tier Ancient Warrior who only managed to injure him because he was unprepared

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Li Hai could squash this kid with a finger if he wanted to . One could only imagine how pissed he was to have his wrist snapped in two by a boy half his size .

That kid had to die!

Without holding back, Li Hai raised his fist and jumped at Qin Feng!

“Ahhhh!” The store assistant and Li Hai’s woman screamed, running away to take cover as far away as they could .

“Die, kid!” Li Hai grinned .

Qin Feng looked bored . He raised his left arm and grabbed Li Hai’s swinging arm!

“You!” Li Hai’s eyes widened when he realized that he had fallen into a quagmire .

Qin Feng’s fist struck at Li Hai’s dantian!

“Star absorption!”

Li Hai’s dense inner force, much larger than that of the people Qin Feng had previously killed, rushed relentlessly towards Qin Feng .

Li Hai stared in disbelief!

When Qin Feng killed He Li, he was only at G7 tier . Today, his physical body had reached G8, and combined with the star absorbing skill, the inner force he used must have become extremely powerful . He simply went easy on Li Hai just now .


That punch immediately crushed Li Hai’s dantian!

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Li Hai’s body trembled . He that he could not launch any more attacks!

Qin Feng threw another punch in Li Hai’s direction without pausing .


One hard hit to the chest and it shattered his rib cage before snowballing into the heart!

Li Hai was dead!

His body slammed onto the ground, dead as a doornail .

Qin Feng took out his communicator immediately, snapped a few pictures of the now-deceased Li Hai, and submitted them .

“Ahh! You! You’re a killer!” The woman who was with Li Hai screamed, pointing incriminatingly at Qin Feng .

Qin Feng chuckled . “The thing I just killed is a criminal on the loose . Did you know that he is wanted all over? What is your relationship with him? Are you his accomplice?”

“Huh!” The woman looked at Li Hai’s motionless corpse, then back at Qin Feng . “No, no, no! I don’t know . I don’t know anything . I thought he was just a rich guy looking to hook up with me!”

Qin Feng gave her a look of disgust . “Get yourself out of here before the authorities do . At least you won’t have to live in a cell!”

“Yes, yes . . thank you, thank you!” The woman gathered all her shopping bags and ran for her life without looking back .