Master of the End Times - Chapter 510

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Chapter 510: Direct Qualification

Chapter 510: Direct Qualification

The figure was side-facing Shang Han as well . His position had not changed since the beginning of the match . This was intended to give those on the grandstand a good view of him .

Shang Han immediately recognized the person opposite Han Jun .

“Qin Feng!” Shang Han’s eyes almost popped out .

“Why is he on the stage?” Shang Han asked subconsciously .

Yuan Hao had no answer for her .

A figure ran up and stumbled into the room . He was bathed in sweat and looked about to weep .

“Regent! It’s catastrophic!”

Shang Han was startled . She had rarely heard the word “catastrophic” ever since she had become a regent .

“What’s the matter?” Shang Han turned to the man and realized it was the manager of the arena .

The manager immediately uttered, “Regent, the contestant who is fighting against Han Jun on the third arena has 10 trillion betted on him to become the champion . The odd… the odd is…” The manager almost cried and could not muster another word .

Shang Han had a bad feeling about it . “Just say it . What’s the odd?”

“Six… sixty-four!”

Shang Han almost fainted .

“How dumb are you to place such a high betting odd on Qin Feng?” Shang Han scolded .

“Regent, I didn’t… I didn’t know that he is that strong! The North Sea team always sat at the bottom in previous years . No matter how good he is, there’s no way I could imagine him beating a D-tier!”

Who would have thought that even Han Jun was no match for Qin Feng?

‘Are we really going to have to pay out such a large amount to the betters?”

Shang Han was beyond mad . “You are one hell of a moron! Don’t you know that the newly appointed governor of the North Sea has the exact same name, Qin Feng? Get out of my sight! You are fired!” Shang Han wished she could just tear the idiot in front of her into half .

The manager was bewildered . Not only him but those B-tiers inside the room were not aware too . Everyone was stunned by the revelation .

‘Qin Feng? Governor? So it means he is at least a C-tier?’

At the same time, Han Jun was exhausted on the stage . His face was pale and he had emptied all of his conscious energy .

Regardless, Qin Feng remained untouched . He did not even lose a single bit of his internal strength .

“Too bad, times up…” Qin Feng smirked .

Han Jun was trembling out of rage but he was too exhausted to retort .

“My turn!” Qin Feng said and raised his hand slightly .

Everyone now had their eyes fixed on Qin Feng . His internal force shield was no doubt sturdy . But they were not convinced just yet . They were waiting for him to showcase his attack .

Doubt and anxiousness began to seep into Han Jun’s angry mind . Judging by Qin Feng’s unbreakable internal force shield, Han Jun knew that his opponent possessed enormous internal strength . He would not last a single attack .

Han Jun slightly regretted his actions now .


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Han Jun executed the two abilities to enhance his speed and attack .

Qin Feng merely flicked his finger . The tiny moment resulted in outward energy waves . The waves behaved like rippled water and spread rapidly right toward Han Jun .

The energy waves finally hit on its target’s shield .


The Wind-shield sank inward like it was just pounded by a heavy attack .

It was just a wave!


The Wind-shield shattered instantly and the wave hit right on Han Jun’s body .


Han Jun was immediately sent flying and collided with the light shield surrounding the arena . A large ripple rippled through the light shield, indicating how powerful the attack was .


“No way!!”

“That’s crazy!”

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Numerous audiences exclaimed in disbelief .

It was too easy for Qin Feng!”

“I understand now . It wasn’t any particular ability but rather pure internal force!”

“Though I have heard that D-tiers could liquefy their internal strength and materialize it, this is the first time I am seeing it with my own eyes!”

“What the hell!”

The umpire was rooted too .

“Hey, start the countdown now,” Qin Feng reminded him .

“Oh, that’s right! 10, 9, 8, …”

It was not actually necessary . Han Jun would not be conscious after such a brutal attack .

Though the attack seemed fierce, Qin Feng had controlled his attack precisely so that most of his internal force was transferred to the light shield when Han Jun hit the barrier . The latter was not heavily injured but he would not be able to continue in this tournament anymore .

The result of the match was a surprise to most people .

This was when a voice came out from the grandstand . Everyone in the arena could hear it clearly .

It was coming from Shang Han . “Be quiet, I have something to announce!”


Everyone got up from their seats and bowed to Shang Han . It was a voluntary gesture of respect . It was largely owing to Shang Han that they got to live without worry inside the city .

Shang Han waited until everyone quieted down . Other than Han Jun on the ground, every person inside the arena including Qin Feng were looking at her . She was rather displeased with what was going to be said next but she had no choice . Shang Han almost fainted when she thought about the booker money that she might need to fork out in case Qin Feng became champion .

She was forced to cheat her way out of this .

“Let me introduce you to the contestant on the third stage . His name is Qin Feng . At age 17, he is the brightest prodigy from the Northern region!”

The silent audience once again fell into an uproar .

‘The guy who beat Han Jun effortlessly is only 17 years old? Which means, he was only awakened last year!’

‘Perhaps he is a genius that began his training under a legendary ancient warrior family since three years old? That would explain his otherworldly prowess!’

The audience began to construct their own hypothesis .

Qin Feng was baffled and did not understand Shang Han’s purpose .

Shang Han continued, “Moreover, Qin Feng is now the governor of the North Sea . He is a certified C-tier aptitude user!”

The news sent a shock right through the crowd . People were rendered speechless by the bombshell .

“Governor Qin has proven his worth in this match and I believe he will be exceptional in the Huaxia Prodigy Tournament this coming November!”

“He is no doubt the strongest prodigy in the Northern region now . His skill is simply far too superior to other contestants in this tournament . To protect other seeded contestants, I hereby announce that Qin Feng is directly qualified for the final ten . Is there any objection?”

Nobody would object to that . It was a no-brainer for Qin Feng to be selected into the top ten based on his tier . It was not like anyone in this tournament could put up a fight against him .

“It seems that everyone is okay with the decision . Congratulations Qin Feng, you are in the final ten now!”