Master of the End Times - Chapter 511

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Chapter 511: Meeting

Chapter 511: Meeting

Shang Han was the first to applaud and the audience followed suit . They were cheering the C-tier aptitude user, who may win it all at Dragon Capital . After all, the other contestants, no matter how powerful they might be, would just be D-tier at max .

The crowd was in ecstasy . They were honored to have a C-tier prodigy representing them this year .

“Besides that, since Han Jun has performed well in the face of an overpowering opponent, he will be automatically qualified too . ”

The audience reckoned that it was a just decision . Han Jun had done well . It was not his fault to lose the match when his opponent was one tier above him .

“To give other prodigies a fair chance, Han Jun and Qin Feng’s qualification will be considered as an exception . The tournament will proceed as usual and the other ten qualifiers will be decided from the remaining contestants . The twelve of them will then be sent to Beihua training camp to decide who are the final ten representatives that will join the tournament in Dragon Capital . ”

The audience thought it was a reasonable arrangement but B-tiers who had betted could only laugh bitterly .

Though Qin Feng had qualified, he would not be crowned champion as Shang Han had made it clear that he was an exception .

Shang Han then ordered, “Resume the matches!”

Actually, other matches did not stop because contestants inside the shield had no idea about the drastic turn of events that had just taken place . Those who had just completed their matches exited the stage in a haze .

The paramedics went up the stage immediately and carried Han Jun down on a stretcher . Qin Feng also descended the stage quickly .

Shang Han was relieved after the matter was dealt with . But she was still a little embarrassed that it had to go this way .

“Return all the bets by the B-tiers on Qin Feng! Bunch of trouble makers!”

Yuan Hao was amazed by Shang Han’s flexibility and quick thinking . The regent had cleverly avoided the need to pay a huge sum of money convincingly . Of course, he was going to deliver the regent’s message to those B-tiers who had caused a fuss .

“Qin Feng, to the grandstand . ” She directly messaged Qin Feng .

“Okay!” Qin Feng was not surprised to receive the message and directly went up to the grandstand . He was ushered by Yuan Hao at the door .

‘This man here is the biggest trouble maker of them all . He killed Guang Wei and now he is here in the Prodigy Tournament . Why is a man of his caliber interested in a tournament for the kids? He would have no use of the tournament rewards anyway . ’

“Have a seat . ” Shang Han pointed to the seat beside her .

Qin Feng sat as told .

“Why did you join the Prodigy Tournament?” Shang Han questioned .

“I came as a contestant . I want to represent Beihua . That’s the rule, right?” Qin Feng’s answer caught Shang Han off guard .

Shang Han thought that Qin Feng came to Bei Hua to expand his influence and business . She was even more certain when Qin Feng killed Guang Wei . She saw it as a premeditated move by Qin Feng to eliminate a competitor at Beihua .

But Qin Feng now claimed he was here wholeheartedly for the competition .

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“What’s the point of you participating in this tournament? You are just putting yourself in the center of attention . ” Shang Han said .

At first, Qin Feng’s purpose here was to see whether there would be any potential prodigies that he could recruit under his wing .

He did not mind which position he ended up in the tournament .

But now that Shang Han had questioned him, Qin Feng felt that he should be gunning for the top spot . He now remembered that the winner of the Dragon Capital Tournament would be given the ticket to enter a secret dimension .

“I am an ambitious teenager who can’t wait to make a name for myself!” Qin Feng said half-jokingly .

Shang Han had never viewed Qin Feng as a teenager . Both his prowess and future development had shown that he was a rising elect .

Perhaps he was already one of them .

“Then it seems I have somehow done that for you today?” Shang Han said mockingly .

“Should I thank you, then?”

“Please stop messing around . Don’t you know the B-tiers could have seen through your true strength easily? They even collectively betted ten trillion on your head!”

Qin Feng finally understood why Shang Han said those words in public just now . “So that’s why . ”

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No wonder Shang Han praised and directly qualified him in the open . She simply did not want him to continue in the tournament .

Otherwise, Shang Han would go bankrupt losing those bets .

“These people are truly inconsiderate . How could they take advantage of Regent Shang?!” Qin Feng said .

Shang Han was still fuming, “This will not happen if you didn’t join the tournament in the first place . You are nothing but trouble!”

This prodigy was such a despicable trouble maker .

Qin Feng laughed and replied, “But I helped you to wipe out the Northern Abyss . I believe this contribution alone surpasses thousands of B-tiers combined?”

He was not wrong in that sense . Shang Han’s expression finally relaxed a little .

Qin Feng, despite his unruly actions, was no doubt a great help to Shang Han .

“Don’t waste your time here tomorrow . Follow me to Far Woodland . A beast horde is looming . I am going there to investigate tomorrow,” Shang Han ordered .

“Yes, Regent . ” Qin Feng obeyed .

Far Woodland was an extremely dangerous location . Asking an incompetent ability user to enter the place was no different from murder .

Shang Han had always scouted the place alone in the past .

After they arranged the meeting time, Shang Han promptly left the room and Qin Feng returned to the arena . The final match took place in the afternoon and he chose not to go to the Northern Abyss that day .

There were only 18 contestants left after the second day of the competition . Other than Jin Fei and Zhou Hao, everyone from the North Sea team had been eliminated .

Without any suspense, those teams that were usually at the lower end of the ranking had all their contestants eliminated from the tournament . The North Sea was the unexpected underdog this year .

Qin Feng took a look at the other 16 contestants . If they were lucky and avoided the two D-tiers, then Jin Fei and Zhou Hao would have a high chance to qualify for the tournament .

The next morning, Qin Feng did not stop by the arena and went straight to the rendezvous point .

Inside the hovercar, Qin Feng said to Bai Li, “If Shang Han figures out your true identity, I will immediately tell her the truth . We will leave at once if she wants to harm you . ”

“Is it okay?” Bai Li hesitated . Qin Feng worked so hard to finally return to the Human Alliance . If they were to flee again, Bai Li felt that there’s too much for Qin Feng to give up .

“It’s nothing . Don’t worry too much . We will decide after seeing Shang Han’s response . ”

Bai Li gave it a thought and nodded . “Okay . We will not back down if she is being aggressive . I might be a beast but I am a kind-hearted one!” The mutated beast also came in all sorts of forms . Not all beasts were malicious and savage .

Bai Li’s dependence on Qin Feng was totally understandable because there were simply too few spatial beasts out there . More so, most of them lived in solitary . Qin Feng was her only family . She would not mind how others viewed her, be it another human or her own kind .