Master of the End Times - Chapter 515

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Chapter 515: 515

Chapter 515: The Power of Dimension

Although the dimensional rift at Far Woodland was not as big as the one at the Northern Abyss, the former’s stability was much more volatile than the latter .

The rest of the journey was not as smooth as Shang Han expected . There were more and more ultra beasts coming their way the further they ventured .

Luckily, Qin Feng was able to tear open a huge path along the way, like a tracker opening up its way on a snowfield .

“I’m grateful that you’re here, Governor Qin . If it were not for you, we would not be able to reach here so quickly . If it were only me and the others, we would need to fight our way non-stop for 3 days to reach here . ”

“Yeah, Governor Qin is so strong . I’m a B-tier and yet he’s stronger than me . I’m feeling so ashamed of myself!”

“It’s been 8 hours . I suppose we’re really close to our destination now!”

Everyone was overjoyed when they looked at their progress . Usually, if they were to venture into the Far Woodland non-stop for 8 hours, they would all be totally worn out . However, this time they were able to zip through the place with Qin Feng’s aid . As for those materials and points… they did not think much of it—they now value their lives and progress more than those material things .

The only one who would feel the pain of it was Shang Han .

“We’re close!”

Hearing this, Shang Han let out a sigh of relief .

Qin Feng’s undead army had expanded to a vast number in the span of 8 hours . Right now, Qin Feng did not even need to attack himself because the undead army would slaughter anything that came their way . As of this moment, most ultra beasts that were slain were all B-tiers . Thus, Qin Feng’s points skyrocketed within a short period of time, reaching nearly 40,000 points!

If Shang Han knew about Qin Feng’s daily kill count, she might need to worry about whether Beihua City would have enough prizes to reward him .

“We’re here!” A B-tier gunner cried out loudly when he saw the detector in his hand starting to beep .

Shang Han quickly pulled out her lighting equipment .

In an instant, their surroundings were now lit up .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng’s communicator too was sounding its alarm . However, what he saw with his own eyes was much more shocking than the sounds of his alarm .

There was a massive rift, about a few hundred meters wide, in this underground cave . It was like a massive entrance to the infinite abyss below . If they did not light up the place to check their surroundings, they might have fallen straight into it .

Suddenly, a silver beam glared from the depths of the rift before a red, monstrous head poked out and leered at them .

“It’s a Pyric Wyvern!”

This ultra beast had a powerful aura, one that was as strong as a B-tier . And not only that, it was also a beast king!

“Be careful!” Shang Han cried out loudly .

As soon as the wyvern saw Shang Han and her crew, it immediately widened its jaw and breathed a fume of fire at them . The fire breath was so powerful that it instantly vaporized the hundreds of monster corpses that Qin Feng was controlling earlier .

However, thanks to the sacrifice of these undead creatures, Shang Han and the B-tier aptitude users were able to leap backward to evade the attack!

The Pyric Wyvern extended its head further out of the rift, showing its long, massive neck . Its body that was still behind that rift was probably extremely gigantic!

“We can’t let it out!” Shang Han’s voice trembled as she barked out her order . As soon as she evaded the fire breath, Shang Han immediately dashed forward to the gigantic beast .

She must slay this Pyric Wyvern, no matter what it took!

Still, if she were to enter the rift… who knew what other threats could be waiting for her on the other side of the rift?

And it was then, a silhouette zipped past Shang Han like a strike of lightning .


A loud whip landed on the gigantic rift and sparked a bloom of silver flares!

Then, several layers of dimensional runes appeared around the rift and forced it to close—like an extremely sharp knife slashing through the rift .

The huge wyvern head that was posing a great deal of threat suddenly stopped moving!

It was Bai Li! She had used her dimensional abilities to cut the wyvern’s head off!

The area was brimming with dimensional energy . As such, Bai Li was like a God in this area!

In fact, Bai Li was able to use her dimensional powers that were as small as her fist to tear out an S-tier’s arm when she was in her growing state . Now, she had grown much stronger than that .


The wyvern head dropped to the ground, with its eyes still wide open .


Qin Feng ordered the Vajra Ape that he had tamed with his conscious energy . The ape quickly rushed forward and grabbed the wyvern’s horns . After struggling for a few seconds, the ape carried the massive wyvern head over its head with its strong arms .


Blood was still spraying out of the wyvern head’s neck .

Qin Feng took out a large water tank, as huge as two meters wide, and filled it up with the wyvern’s blood .

In an instant, a vigorous energy gushed out and spread through the area!

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“It’s… it’s the blood of the Pyric Wyvern!” Shang Han’s eyes widened with joy as she saw this .

The blood of the Pyric Wyvern was a highly-prized treasure!

Qin Feng too did not expect to acquire such a treasure and slaughter a B-tier Beast king in this trip .

Not only that, Qin Feng knew that there would be a crystal core hidden inside this B-tier beast king’s head .

A B-tier beast king core could net him 200 billion in one go!

As such, it was quite expected for the other B-tiers to look at him in envy now—all these prized materials would not go to their pockets because the one who did the work was Bai Li .

“Dear Governor Qin, I would like to purchase that blood of the Pyric Wyvern from you, is that alright? I’ve recently gotten stuck in my training progress and this would definitely help me to smooth it out . Don’t worry about the money . I can totally afford the price!”

“Governor Qin, I want to buy some from you too!”

“Me too! Me too!”

Two ancient warriors and a gunner pleaded to Qin Feng excitedly .

Qin Feng said, “I can only sell you a total of 2000 milliliters . I need it for other uses myself!”

Two thousand milliliters could fill only a kettle . Yet, to most people, that was already more than enough . However, this was a B-tier wyvern blood after all . Qin Feng did not want these people to re-sell it to others, which could complicate matters for him .

It was common for one to get into trouble if the public knew that he was keeping a prized treasure to himself . Qin Feng had run into various kinds of trouble due to keeping those D-tier Deca Turtles . This one was a B-tier, which would make the matter worse for him .

“Yes, this is enough!”

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“Yes . We know the rules . This is more than enough for me!”

Qin Feng traded the blood with them on the spot . By selling these to them, each kettle of wyvern blood netted him a few trillion .

The B-tier beast king was a prized treasure indeed .

After handling the crew’s greed for the wyvern blood, Qin Feng asked Bai Li to put the rest of the wyvern blood and the wyvern head into her pocket dimension .

It was then the crew started to observe Bai Li .

“I didn’t know Ms Bai was so strong!” Shang Han said curiously . She took a good look at Bai Li with a keen interest .

In response, Bai Li beamed up an exquisite smile at her .

“Oh, it’s nothing . I have a God Weapon with me . That schmuck Guang Wei chased me and Qin Feng out because of this baby!”

Bai Li presented Shang Han her spatial whip . The weapon had a silver glow on it, showing its qualities in dimension manipulation .

Even though she had read about it from Yuan Hao’s report, this was the first time Shang Han got to witness the whip’s powers . She could now finally understand why Guang Wei did what he did .

Thus, to her ears, Shang Han felt that Bai Li’s words had a thread of cautious hostility, seemingly testing to see if she would be a threat to her and Qin Feng .

However, unbeknownst to Shang Han, Bai Li was merely trying to shift Shang Han’s attention away from her by presenting the weapon .

And in a way, she was successful in doing so .

As for the others, they had all heard of Qin Feng’s fame and reputation . Yet now, they saw that he also had a girlfriend who was as beautiful as a goddess, making them even more envious of him .