Master of the End Times - Chapter 516

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Chapter 516: The Greedy Vixen

Chapter 516: The Greedy Vixen

“Since this is a God Weapon that could manipulate dimensions, I wonder if… if this thing can seal this whole place up? If the rift in Far Woodland is gone, that would mean we’re all safe, right?” the Wood ability user asked .

As soon as everyone heard this, they all looked at Bai Li expectantly . Their hearts started to beat fast .

This ability user was right . In fact, his idea was even better than what Shang Han had in mind!

If they could seal up this rift, would that mean that they could also do the same to the other rifts too?

If this could be done, that would mean planet Earth could finally return to its former peaceful state and not be invaded by all kinds of dimensions .

As everyone was excited by the idea, Bai Li was communicating with Qin Feng using her consciousness .

“Should I tell them?”

“Do you think you can fix this place up when the dimensional energy is so volatile here? Can you seal it?”

“Yes, I can . But in doing so, there’s a huge price to pay . It would be much easier for me to just morph this place into something similar to the one in Northern Abyss . ”

“Alright, tell Shang Han that you can turn the place into one that is similar to Northern Abyss!”


Their communication was done very quickly—there was no need for speech as they were communicating telepathically . The whole conversation was done in the blink of an eye .

To the others, it seemed like all Bai Li did was glance around briefly before realizing something and looked back at them . Bai Li announced loudly in an exaggerated tone, “After I’ve acquired this God Weapon, I’ve spent a lot of time researching it . So, I am quite confident in my skills in regards to dimensions . In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that I’m now a Master of Dimensions!”

Hearing this, even Shang Han got excited . Ignoring her reputation as an A-tier aptitude user, her attitude toward Bai Li was now more humbling, “Indeed, Mistress Bai . We’ve seen what you could do earlier . We are so amazed!”

Bai Li was able to slay a B-tier beast king in less than a second . This was more than enough to prove to them that she was indeed incredibly capable in manipulating dimensions .

Bai Li nodded to Shang Han . “Far Woodland’s situation here is far more complicated than the others . In fact, the place is like a massive void… let’s say that Earth is a Secret Territory itself . Then, the whole place should be round in shape, right? However, in comparison, Far Woodland isn’t entirely round in shape . It has a massive whole that is knotted firmly with another whole dimension!”

“Even though the area inside the void is constantly fixing itself, the area outside is always tearing itself apart . That is why the size of the rift keeps changing in size!”

Everyone nodded their heads after hearing this . Although they too had some understanding behind the workings of dimensional runes, no one was entirely sure of how the whole thing worked . Thus, to them, Bai Li’s understanding of the art was rather uniquely fascinating to them .

“Then, is there a way to fix the void?” Shang Han asked in a concerned tone .

Bai Li answered, “I can fix the region and maintain it . However, we don’t have the dimensional rune for this place . The runes have been lost for a long time now . I’m not a dimensional aptitude user myself, so it’s quite impossible for me to seal the place up with the whip alone . ”

Bai Li completely denied that she could seal up the unknown region . Shang Han and the others did not doubt her at all .

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Even though they were a little disappointed in hearing this, they felt that this could not be helped . The task was too phenomenally difficult anyway . If Bai Li could indeed fix all the dimensional rifts, this would be astonishing news to the whole world! This would mean that she could save the entire human race!

This was also why Qin Feng did not want to expose Bai Li’s ability to anyone before she had a full grasp of her abilities .

Nonetheless, Qin Feng also did not intend to not do anything either .

After seeing everyone’s obvious disappointment, Bai Li beamed up with a sly smile, “However, I’ve been to the Northern Abyss . This whole place is maintained fairly well . I think I can morph Far Woodland into something similar to the Northern Abyss . However, this would mean that we’ll need to expand the Unknown Region to three times larger than what it is now . ”

Making the region larger would make it much easier for Bai Li .

After hearing this, Shang Han’s eyes widened with joy . “Mistress Bai, please go ahead and make it into an Unknown Region similar to the Northern Abyss . If you need anything, just say the word . The entire northern Human Alliance would do everything to support you!”

Bai Li nodded . “Alright, if that’s the case, I’d like to have 180 C-tier beast emperor crystal cores and 50 B-tier beast emperor crystal cores . Oh, and also I’d like an A-tier… hmff mmfffff!!”

Qin Feng quickly put a hand on Bai Li’s mouth to stop her from saying further .

Wow… this greedy little vixen… she had the guts to ask for so many things in return!

“Hahahaha! She’s just joking, guys . Don’t mind her!” Qin Feng laughed .

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Shang Han looked at them and said with a serious tone, “Stabilizing Far Woodland is for the good of Beihua City . Doing so can also ensure the safety of the entire north side of our country . So, this is no laughing matter . We don’t have that many C-tier beast emperor cores in our warehouses . But we could still part 50 cores for her . As for the B-tier beast emperor cores, I could hunt them myself . Still, we’ve got 10 of them in our warehouses . Would these be enough to satisfy her needs?”

Qin Feng was so speechless . He did not think Shang Han would agree to this seriously .

However, it did not take long for him to realize that Shang Han probably thought that Bai Li wanted to use the crystal cores to stabilize the dimensions—she did not know that Bai Li only wanted to snack on those .

Bai Li pulled Qin Feng’s hand away and rolled her eyes . “Well, this should be enough, I suppose!”

Shang Han let out a sigh of relief . Even though spending these would bring some red on Beihua City’s ledger, this small loss could not compare to the loss of many lives of aptitude users every year .

If she could make Far Woodland into an Unknown Region like the Northern Abyss, Beihua City could use this to gain more benefits in the future!

“Sure . I’ll get my men to get the items for you as soon I get back . Oh, do you need more manpower, Mistress Bai?”

Bai Li waved her hand and said, “Nah, there’s no need to call others for help . They’re all too weak . I only need Qin Feng with me . ”

It was quite obvious that Bai Li did not think too highly of the others, including Shang Han and the four B-tier aptitude users .

The four B-tier aptitude users were feeling quite awkward at the time . If Bai Li were to say this before entering Far Woodland, they would certainly be enraged by this . However, now that they had witnessed what Qin Feng and Bai Li could do, they could not say anything to protest her .

‘This Bai Li… no wonder she doesn’t seem to have a care in the world at all on the road . I thought she’s just a sweet little flower vase that Qin Feng decided to bring along! And I thought he wasn’t treating this seriously!’

‘Looks like Bai Li is already used to Qin Feng being so powerful . It’s understandable that she’s looking down on us…’

‘What a pair of powerful love birds!’

Everyone mumbled quietly in their heart .

Qin Feng opened his mouth tenderly, “It’ll be all on Bai Li in the next few days, no worries . I’ll guard the rift over here . You may send some men here to help with the guard duty 3 days later . ”

“Sure . But are you sure you could morph the whole place into an Unknown Region like the Northern Abyss?”

After all, there were a lot of ultra beasts in Far Woodland . Shang Han might need to send an army over to help keep the peace after these three days .

“Of course . We can begin at any time!”

The guard duty or peacekeeping in the new Far Woodland could be handled later . However, their expedition today was over .

Still, there was no way Qin Feng could allow Bai Li to stabilize the rift completely . If she did that, there was no way he could explain the need for the crystal cores Bai Li asked for earlier .