Master of the End Times - Chapter 522

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Chapter 522: 522

Chapter 522: Taking The Initiative

The fresh blood had attracted a large number of ultra beasts .

It was like a rolling snowball that continued to get bigger as it rolled downhill, gathering until there would be no snow and in this case no ultra beasts left .

But such a thing was improbable .

As long as there were ultra beasts pouring out from the rift, the situation would only snowball out of control .

Below the wall, countless numbers of ancient warriors were engaged in combat .

An ultra beast burst out from the multitude of monsters and tried to bite down on a C-tier .

When the C-tier saw the ultra beast appear, his internal force instantly erupted and made his body sturdier .

“Bastard, I’ll kill you!”

His axe glowed with an intense light as it chopped into the ultra beast’s body .

A swing that would have originally caused severe damage only just managed to make a gouge that was half a meter long .

For this ultra beast, it was hardly considered as a serious injury . Instead, it managed to enrage the creature .


The ultra beast rushed forward at a horrifying speed!


The ancient warrior wanted to retreat but he knew that his speed was no match against this ultra beast .

“Ah, a beast soldier! A mutant ultra beast! Someone help…”

Just as those words left his mouth, the ultra beast whooshed up to him and crunched down on the C-tier ancient warrior’s mid section with its large jaws .

There was a sound like breaking glass as his internal force shield shattered into pieces .

Following that was a sickening crunch of bones snapping, a right proper C-tier had unceremoniously died at the jaws of an ultra beast .

This scene was constantly replaying itself throughout the wide battlefield below the walls .

Qin Feng knew that there was nothing he could do .

Even before his rebirth, such a scene would happen again and again whenever there was a massive beast wave .

Humanity would lose hundreds of thousands of its own just to hold back the ultra beasts!

The people who have died in front of Qin Feng’s eyes may have reached tens of thousands, if not then thousands at least .

Such a scene tinged his vision with red and himself seething with rage .

Before his rebirth, when he was still weak enough to fear the attack of a beast soldier from a pack of ultra beasts, Qin Feng had no time to feel compassion for the fellows around him during the times of crisis .

And now, he believed that he had the ultimate power to do something about it!

He let out a frustrated cry before saying, “It can’t go on like this! I’ll seal the crack in the Far Woodland, everyone stay back and hold them off for as long as you can!”

As soon as he finished speaking he started to charge forward .

Whatever ultra beast that came in his way fell like wheat to a scythe .

He was rushing straight toward the Far Woodland .

The defending B-tiers and C-tiers, along with the soldiers on the walls were stunned by this act .

They could not understand how there would be anyone bold enough to take the initiative of running straight into something as terrifying as an incoming beast wave

Would not a move like that be basically an uglier suicide?

“What is he doing? Is he crazy?”

“Get back here!”

“Who is that guy? He sure talks big, talking about going into the Far Woodland like that!”

Those people loudly exclaimed .

However, some B-tiers had a bright glimmer in their eyes .

“Qin Feng, if it’s him then… it’s possible!”

A B-tier muttered to himself .

There was a group of slightly younger people, about in their thirties, behind him . They had reached C-tier and had become an exceptional team . When one of them saw how their boss was staring at Qin Feng his heart beat rose and he felt a twinge of jealousy .

“Who does that guy think he is? He’s going to that rift in the forest? What a joke, more like he’s just afraid of the ultra beasts and has deserted, right?”

As he said this, the others around him also started to have doubts .

The B-tier in front of them frowned and turned to face them angrily . “Shut up . If Qin Feng says he can do it then it can be done . None of you are qualified to criticize him!”

“Huh?” The C-tier who spoke up before was confused, but looking at how serious his boss was told him that it was not a good time to be joking . “Yes Boss, but… who is that guy?”

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Who was he?

This B-tier did not even know how to introduce Qin Feng .

The governor of some backwater state? Guang Wei’s killer? A kid genius? Or the powerful person that could enter the depths of the Northern Abyss and come out earning ten thousand points per day?

Such a person really was amazing .

Just as he was about to start talking again, the sky abruptly changed colors a few thousand meters away .


There was a deafening explosion before flames burst into the sky

The Far Woodland had plenty of trees, with the tallest ones reaching up to twenty meters . These flames that soared into the air were much higher than those, reaching up to thirty meters tall and spreading up to one hundred meters wide .

There was a permeating sense of dread that filled the atmosphere .

Some B-tier ability users, especially the fire ones, suddenly exclaimed when they saw the scene .

“Fire Wall! It’s a Fire Wall!”

At this time, Qin Feng was a kilometer away .

He thought about taking the initiative to attack but he did not expect another incoming beast wave to appear a kilometer away .

These ultra beasts were incredibly fast and powerful, they even had the ability to shroud themselves with dark runes and avoid detection .

If these beasts were allowed to reach the border, Qin Feng believed the line might collapse .

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Not only that, once these Shadow Leopards crossed the border and reached Beihua City, the combination of heavy traffic and sprawling buildings would mean they had plenty of hiding places . That would mean that thousands of people would wind up as these creatures’ dinner .

That was why Qin Feng did not hesitate in diverting his course and crashing down among them from the sky .

He almost parted this pack of Shadow Leopards .

After that, massive fire runes began to appear around his body .

In an instant, a Fire Wall that reached up to several hundred meters exploded from his body and covered the Shadow Leopards .

Thousands of Shadow Leopards were engulfed by Qin Feng’s attack .

The flames rocketed into the air, reaching up to thirty meters in height and the ground turned into magma . Magma pillars erupted from the boiling ground and many fire dragons swam through the lava .

The Fire Wall was not just a simple barrier, it could be combined with a number of other abilities .

That was why the more runes someone possessed, the stronger this attack would become .

The whole army of Shadow Leopards was destroyed in an instant .

A bunch of C-tier ultra beasts could not possibly be a match for a C-tier beast emperor, and right now Qin Feng had the power of a beast emperor .

Once every ultra beast around him had been destroyed, only then did he call back the Fire Wall .

Calling upon the Blue Flame Peacock Wings once more, Qin Feng quickly ascended and returned back on track .

Meanwhile, back at the border, the B-tier finally said, “Who is he? All you need to know is that he’s someone destined to be one of the strongest in the future!”

The originally jealous C-tier sullenly watched the distant Fire Wall disappear and Qin Feng who was flying further and further away . His face felt hot, like someone had recently just given him slaps on his cheeks, hot with pain!