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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:35:45 PM

Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Xiaobai’s Show of Force

Before he was reborn, Qin Feng was able to achieve A-tier as an Ancient Warrior . If not for his accidental death, his strength would have continued to soar thanks to his absorption ability .

However, when it came to abilities, he was all but a layman .

To date, he had destroyed the laboratory in the wilderness, and while it was best never to reveal one’s dark abilities, the Hell Stone gave him an idea .

He walked up to the special ability desk and was greeted by the student operating the booth . “Are you here to sign up for the special ability class? Are you sure your ability is awakened? Which category is it?”

Qin Feng snapped his fingers, and a small flame materialized at his fingertips . “Fire ability!”

Noticing the fluidity of Qin Feng’s movements, the senior was impressed, praising, “Incredible! You’ve only just awakened, and you’ve already gotten the flame rune! You’re even able to control it! You must be really talented!”

Qin Feng looked at the senior, speechless . It did not seem like he was lying .

Even if he wanted to hide his dark ability, it did not mean that he wanted to attract a lot of attention as a fire ability user . It never crossed his mind that the tiny gesture was to be considered an impressive feat .

Qin Feng hurriedly extinguished the flame on his palm, but it was too late . The people around him had already seen it .

“Ability user!”

“Lucky-ass guy! His ability is awakened!”

“That looks real, cool!”

The people who were lining up at the Ancient Warrior and Gunner booths all gawked at Qin Feng as if looking at a million pieces of gold . Even Li Yaoyao, who was busy managing the registration booth, paused and looked over . She was both surprised and excited to see him .

“Qin Feng!” Li Yaoyao called out, as she handed the registration form in her hands to a patron .

She had come here just to wait for Qin Feng, not knowing that he would be so late and signing up at the special ability booth! She had been busy working at the ancient warrior booth for quite a while now .

When she thought of how long she had been kept busy at the ancient warrior booth, her excitement turned into resentment .

Qin Feng greeted her back with a simple ‘hi’ before turning back to the form he was given and filling it up .

Li Yaoyao smiled sweetly at him . “Qin Feng, I’ll bring you to the testing area!”

“No need for that, thank you . I’m waiting for a friend!”

The student working at the special ability booth could not help but be left in awe – Qin Feng had just turned down a beautiful girl .

“Then let’s wait together!” Li Yaoyao bit her lip as she stood next to Qin Feng .

Already, many of the people present shot hostile looks at Qin Feng .

Qin Feng furrowed his brows . He never liked being stuck-up, but at the same time, disliked this kind of attention even more . He wondered if he should simply wait for Zhou Hao in the car instead . A resilient Li Yaoyao, however, would not let him go .

“Qin Feng, is this your pet? It’s so cute!!!” Li Yaoyao reached out to touch Xiaobai .

Qin Feng instinctively took a step backward, avoiding her . Xiaobai was already baring its fangs and claws .

Because Xiaobai was not inside the backpack, it was only natural to draw attention .

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As it turned out, Yaoyao was the second person to provoke Xiaobai today .

“Don’t touch it!” Qin Feng warned in a frosty tone .

Xiaobai was not some domesticated pet . It was a beast general .

Li Yaoyao withdrew her hands cautiously, feeling wronged, bewildered on why Qin Feng would not even allow her to touch his pet .

That very moment, someone got up and slammed the table with a loud thud!

“What’s wrong with touching your pet? Yaoyao was simply giving you face when she wanted to touch your pet! Don’t be daft!” shouted a guy in the same red uniform who was working next to Li Yaoyao at the ancient warrior registration booth . Just as he thought that they were making some headway, this bastard came and stole Li Yaoyao away .

That was unacceptable .

“Liu Rui! It’s alright . Don’t say that!” Li Yaoyao quickly tried to douse the flames, throwing panicked looks in Qin Feng’s direction . “That was my fault . Don’t be mad, Qin Feng!”

Qin Feng’s frown only deepened .

In a show of defiance, Liu Rui trudged over .

“That’s just a dog! Yaoyao, if you want, I’ll catch it for you!” Without thinking or courtesy, Liu Rui reached out to grab Xiaobai!

He was attempting to put on a show – the plan was to shoo Xiaobai away before hitting Qin Feng’s arm, incapacitating him first .

Ability users who were not learning their abilities systematically were useless . They would be no match for Ancient Warriors .

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So, Li Rui had nothing to worry about . He wanted to show Li Yaoyao how manly he was by vanquishing Qin Feng in front of her .

Qin Feng’s face darkened .

“Bite him!” Qin Feng ordered in his mind . As they both shared a bond, Xiaobai received the message directly .

If Qin Feng was not stopping him, then why hold back?

It was all about educating them on how awesome Xiaobai was . So long as Xiaobai’s space ability was not revealed, everything else did not matter .

Xiaobai was a beast general, and high-level aptitude users sensed that .

When Xiaobai heard the instruction, it did not attack with its mouth, as it would usually do . This person would not taste good!


Xiaobai raised its paw and swiped its claws, drawing a white shadow across the air .

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Liu Rui screamed, clumsily stumbling backward as he clutched his injured hand . A gash ran deep into his bone .

The people all around gasped in shock!

After enhancement, a human’s constitution would become very strong . Even a big dog, one that had not evolved, albeit a palm-sized one like Xiaobai, would not have been able to break through a human’s defenses without first transforming itself .

The crowd was in bewilderment as they witnessed a pet seriously injuring the arm of a senior in the advanced academy .

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“You… . you are not a pet!” Liu Rui roared in anguish .

Qin Feng sniffed . “You just knew, huh? Too bad, buddy… it’s too late . Xiaobai holds a grudge for a very long time . You better watch out when you walk in the night . The next time, that claw won’t be scratching your arm but your eyes!”

When the crowd heard this, they looked at Liu Rui’s arm, feeling the pain as well on behalf of him .

“That’s an ultra-beast!”

“Wow! It’s so strong, although it’s puny!”

“Wow! This person is seriously lucky! Not only has his ability awakened, he even booked an ultra-beast offspring! It’s going to be a huge help to its owner when it’s all grown up!”

Evidently, the incident that had just taken place had the crowd all envious .

Lui Rui’s face reddened . Demoralized and in great pain, he would have liked very much to kill Qin Feng!

Seeing that things had gotten way out of hand, Li Yaoyao quickly tried to placate Liu Rui . “Liu Rui, please… don’t be angry! Here, let me heal you . It’s just a small wound . ”

Li Yaoyao released some water runes, and little droplets of blue surrounded her, subsequently fusing into Liu Rui’s arm . The cut on his hand began to close up, and, five minutes later, not a single mark was left .

“Phew!” Li Yaoyao exhaled . Her consciousness was a little overdrawn .

“Those were water runes!”

“So, this pretty girl is a senior with a very special ability!”

“A goddess, she is! An angel in white!”