Master of the End Times - Chapter 531

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Chapter 531

Chapter 531: Honorary Mayor

At the moment, Shang Han could also be reducing the influence of the Cui family in Beihua City . However, despite knowing this, the Cuis did not dare to say anything about it .

On top of that, Shang Han even held a massive feast after the Far Woodland was found . And she had ensured that this feast would be held every year too . Every time there was a session of ultra beast wave, many warriors would die fighting these beasts . Thus, she needed an event to gather everyone to redistribute loot and authorities .

However, there could only be one winner this year—Qin Feng!

During the feast, everyone wore finely made suits and brought their beautiful girlfriends .

As they danced to the music, it would appear that no one remembered all the deaths and danger that were happening all around them in this post-apocalyptic world .

The ones who attended the feast were mostly B-tiers . There were a few C-tiers at the scene; however, most of them were merely underlings who tagged along with their B-tier superiors .

Other than that, there were also many photographers in the feast . They came from the Public Relation Department of Beihua City—it was their job to spread the word about the efforts of fighting off the ultra beast waves to the general public .

This was not just a duty of spreading news but also to reassure the citizens that danger had passed and they were in good hands .

Suddenly, a huge cheer could be heard from the entrance . The photographers sharply picked up on it and rushed to the main door with their cameras .

A couple walked through the door and into the main hall . Although they both had C-tier badges on their chests, they were the most good-looking couple in the scene .

The man was tall and handsome like a Greek god while the woman was stunning and exquisite like a goddess . As they stepped into the hall, their appearance seemed to have dulled everything around them .

“Look! It’s them! Quick, get a good shot of them!” An editor of the Public Relation Department urged .

The photographer was a commoner . It was quite hard to find someone who knew how to use these machines and gadgets . This young man had recently gotten his awakening last year but there was no unique power awakened in him .

“Editor, these two are just C-tiers . What’s the point? Because they’re good looking? Is that it?”

The editor smirked . “See? This is why you’re just a low-ranked schmuck and I’m an editor . How did you survive this long in the department by being so ignorant?!”

“Fine… Fine!”

Still not understanding what the deal was, the photographer raised his camera and pointed it at the C-tiers . However, all he did was just simply point it at them and did not make much effort to get a good picture of them .

Then, suddenly, he saw something that was beyond his comprehension .

A group of high-ranked B-tiers walked toward the C-tier couple to welcome them passionately .

“It’s CEO Qin!”

“Governor Qin! Ms Bai!”

“Oh, you’re here early! Come, take a seat! We have a lot to catch up on!”

In less than a minute, Qin Feng was led to a table and sat together with Beihua City’s top generals, nobles, and the renowned ancient warrior families .

The only one that left the table was Shang Han .

Shang Han walked to the stage of the hall and started reporting on the recent battle .

“In the recent Far Woodland ultra beast wave, we managed to slay 220,000 C-tier ultra beasts, 32,000 C-tier beast soldiers, 134 C-tier beast generals, 18 C-tier beast kings, 2 C-tier beast emperors, 20,000 B-tier ultra beasts…”

Slowly, she revealed the numbers .

It was obvious that the little photographer knew what these numbers meant . His eyes widened as he realized that the number of kills seemed to have doubled compared to last year .

In the past, it was not difficult to contain these ultra beasts in front of the rift . Many would wander out to the Far Woodland territory and start wreaking havoc in the area . This was why civilians were forbidden to enter it .

“So many slaughtered ultra beasts! I wonder what the casualties were like?”

It was then, Shang Han reported, “As for the casualties, we lost 381 Beihua City soldiers!”

This casualty happened during the time when Shang Han led the soldiers to contain the ultra beasts inside Far Woodland .

“What?! We only suffered one twentieth of casualties compared to last year! How?!”

The photographer was stunned when he heard this .

However, he got his answer almost instantly—Shang Han continued speaking to the microphone, “This great victory is all thanks to one man . He’s the main person who did all the work to contain this round of ultra beast wave!”

Then, a video was projected on a screen behind her .

It was the video of Qin Feng slaughtering the ultra beasts in Far Woodland . It featured how he annihilated the ultra beasts with various skills—including his Fire Wall!

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Not only that, the video also featured Qin Feng working together with Shang Han to take down the Pyric Wyvern .

It was a mere 30-second video . However, it featured all the best moments in the expedition .

All the horrifying ultra beasts were decimated almost instantly by Qin Feng .

Of course, the video did not show how Qin Feng reanimated the dead ultra beasts and took control of them to fight the remaining waves . It was quite difficult to ask the common, ignorant public to understand the dark ability . Besides, this was also Qin Feng’s trump card . As such, it was best to not reveal it to the public .

As the video ended, many C-tiers and commoners who did not get the news were shocked .

Then, Shang Han continued on with her report on Qin Feng’s achievements—he alone had slaughtered 8 waves of ultra beasts . Not only that, he was also the one who had slain the beast soldiers, beast kings and beast emperors .

“Thus, I hereby announce that Qin Feng is, from here on, the honorary Mayor of Beihua City!”

A loud, mix of cheer and gasp roared and echoed in the hall .

In fact, even Qin Feng was surprised to hear this .

However, it did not take long for him to calm down and understand why Shang Han did this .

The “Honorary Mayor” was just a title with no authority and responsibility to the city . It was a title as equivalent to the elders in the ancient warrior families . All the title gave him was additional income and some popularity . And the only responsibility the title would ask of him was to aid the city when it was in danger .

This title would do nothing to limit him from continuing to do his own thing; and it brought more honor and glory to him as a person!

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Hence, Qin Feng did not mind Shang Han’s spontaneous decision and walked to the stage to receive the honor .

Under the bright lights, it was clear as day that Qin Feng was a really young and youthful man .

To many, he seemed like someone who had walked out of a page of fairy tales .

Although he was made only an honorary mayor, this meant a lot to others . Beihua City was the heart of the northern region and Shang Han had always been the mayor of the city . The one below her—the Vice Mayor was the now deceased Cui Lian .

As such, with Qin Feng becoming the honorary mayor of the city, this meant that he was now considered a priceless asset to the city . He was now a noble amongst the nobles!

Many B-tiers were feeling sour from this decision but they still accepted it begrudgingly . How could they object to it? If they wanted to object, they would need to prove themselves more useful than Qin Feng . And as for now, not one of them could do it .

“Qin Feng, I would like to express the greatest gratitude from Beihua City!” Shang Han took out a special badge and handed it to Qin Feng, with everyone in the hall as witnesses .

He was now the Honorary Mayor of Beihua!

“I was merely fulfilling my duty as a member of the Human Alliance, Regent Shang . ”

As Qin Feng humbly accepted the badge, the people started to cheer for him .

It did not take long before the news spread to the public like wildfire, shocking the whole city .