Master of the End Times - Chapter 533

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Chapter 533

Chapter 533: Doves Don’t Mate With Crows

Before experiencing rebirth, Qin Feng had been to Dragon Capital a few times .

This was indeed the center of the entire Huaxia’s government . It was more of a fortress than a city .

There were countless A-tiers in the city and most of them did not originate from Dragon Capital itself . When they were in the city, they were not able to acquire special treatments at all like they would outside of the city’s walls .

Qin Feng was a king amongst the mercenaries . He had come here to Dragon Capital back then because it could offer countless missions and contracts . When he first came here, Qin Feng too felt excited .

Now, this was all just some unique scenery to him .

Finally, their vehicles had arrived at the entrance—a fifty-meter tall gate . Looking from afar, this gate appeared to be just like the other massive scales of the dragons .

“Dragon Capital monitors everyone digitally who enters through the gate . So, all you have to do is flash out your identification and scan at the entrance . ” Shang Han informed everyone via the vehicles’ communicators .

As they got closer, the hover tanks lowered down to the ground and zipped into the gate . Shang Han’s vehicle was the first to enter . She rolled down her tank’s window and flashed out her silver card .

It was quite apparent that Shang Han’s card was different from the others—Qin Feng’s and the others’ were white in color .

As they scanned their identification, the gate let them through . The vehicles then drove through a passage after the gate . Everyone thought that there would be another long drive through in that fifty-meter wide passage again and be welcomed by artificial lights in the encased city . However, as their vehicles got in, their eyes widened in amazement .

The first thing they noticed was that there was sunlight . Despite the city’s turtled up structure, they could see the bright sky from inside the city .

Of course, Qin Feng knew this “sunlight” and “bright sky” were fake .

“What you see above is the result of the heights of artificial climate technology in Dragon Capital . The city could maintain artificial sunlight and rain via crystal cores . On top of that, the land here is brimming with heaven and earth spirit aura . When they install special runes and diagrams at great expense of crystal cores, everyone who is born inside the Dragon Capital has a 100% chance of being awakened with abilities!”


Everyone was shocked when they heard this .


When they recalled, the ones in Chengbei colony only had 15% rate of awakening .

Qin Feng continued with his explanation, “Amongst the awakened, 30% are aptitude users . And every one of them could awaken ancient warrior talents . This is why every single citizen of this city is a capable warrior!”

Zhou Hao and Jin Fei felt great pressure after hearing this .

Meanwhile, Bai Li looked around and said, “Oooh! The environment here seems cozy!”

Jin Fei mustered a bitter smile . “Not just the environment . The people here seem very happy . Look . Every child and elderly that our vehicle passed by were showing genuine smiles and laughter . ”

Jin Fei was from the City of Death .

Every single person in that city lived cautiously . They needed to be aware of their surroundings because every soul around them could mug or murder them for a penny . A joyful city like this was like a fairy tale for him .

“Yes, you are right . To many, this city is heaven . There is no danger whatsoever in here!”

As they were talking, clouds started to envelop the sky before a light drizzle started to shower the city . Under the artificial sunlight, an arc of rainbow formed above them as the drizzle continued to lightly shower on them .

The scenery was quite relaxing .

Thus, no one talked in the vehicle again as they continued to drive for another ten minutes before reaching a majestic hotel .

As their vehicles parked outside, they got down and walked into the hotel .

This hotel was, of course, where they would be staying .

As they were checking in, a man walked out of the lobby’s lift . He stopped and took a look at Qin Feng and the others .

“Oh? Shang Han? Is that you?”

Qin Feng instinctively looked at the lean, skinny man who was giving Shang Han a sly look .

Qin Feng frowned .

He did not know this man . However, he was sure this man was an A-tier .

This would mean that this man was already gone when Qin Feng ranked up to be an A-rank back then .

“Ah, it’s General Ge!” A glimpse of annoyance could be seen on Shang Han’s face before she forced up a smile to greet the man .

This man was Ge Lang—an ancient warrior from the west region of Huaxia . Needless to say, he was quite powerful too . In fact, he was as strong as Cui Lian .

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“Oh, you’re leading this group of kids yourself? Ah, yes . Of course . Cui Lian had recently passed away . And now you’re a widow, eh? Hahaha! Hey, how about I marry you? Perhaps then, I would aid you in managing the north for you, aye?” Ge Lang’s joke was sleazy and unfunny .

On top of that, it was very disrespectful .

Even though Shang Han and Cui Lian did not really love one another, he was still her husband . Instead of giving her some words of comfort, this sleazebag tried to take advantage of her .

Shang Han pulled up a long face after hearing this .

Not only her, the prodigies too were enraged by his words . However, they dared not to call him up on it because he had an A-tier badge pinned on his chest .

“Heh, is it General Ge? You know, I wonder if you’ve heard this saying before?” Qin Feng smirked .

“Oh? What saying?” Ge Lang instinctively looked at Qin Feng .

“Doves don’t mate with crows!”

After hearing Qin Feng’s roasting, the prodigies who were standing behind him started to laugh out loud . Even Bai Li could not help but to burst into laughter too .

Shang Han was now more relaxed as she nodded to Qin Feng, indicating that she appreciated him standing up for her .

She was a powerful regent . However, she was also a woman . No matter how strongly she protested, she would still not be treated seriously .

Ge Lang, on the other hand, glared at Qin Feng furiously—it felt as though his aura was going to explode in his face!

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“What a little brat! How dare you talk to me like that? Do you not know who I am?” Ge Lang barked out furiously as he unleashed a powerful wave of auric pressure on Qin Feng .


Seeing this, Shang Han too unleashed her own aura . In an instant, the two powerful auric waves clashed with one another .

“General Ge, I could say the same to you too . How dare you insult me like this? Do you not value your own life? You know, I could murder the sh*t out of you because of your insolence!”

Shang Han’s murderous intent was clear as day .

As the two powerful A-tiers were locking eyes with one another, freezing the air around them, everyone else in the lobby was so scared that they dared not make a sound . Even the receptionists were shaking profusely in fear .

It was then, another person walked into the lobby .

“What’s going on here, huh? Oh, it’s Regent Shang . C’mon now, the matches have not even started yet . It’s not nice to fight right now . ” A soft, warm voice rippled through the air and cut off the two tenacious auras .

It was a middle-aged, fair-skinned man with an elegant vibe .

This time, Qin Feng recognized who this was .

This man was, in the time before Qin Feng was reborn, one of the strongest men in the south—the A8-tier Nangong Shi .

However, with a quick glance at Nangong Shi’s chest, Qin Feng realized that he was still at A3-tier . Perhaps, this man was still climbing steadily to the A8-tier in the next nine years . He also noticed that Nangong Shi was a water-type aptitude user—the calming voice that cut off Shang Han and Ge Lang’s auras was a water-type aura .

Ge Lang and Shang Han retracted their auras; however, Ge Lang did not seem to have let Qin Feng go . He glared at Qin Feng . “Hehe, Shang Han . I’ll let you go this time . But! You’ll have to hand me this brat! I’ll discipline him for you personally!”