Master of the End Times - Chapter 534

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Chapter 534

Chapter 534: I’ll Teach Him A Lesson For You

“Before you teach any lessons at all, I suggest you go wash that vulgar mouth of yours!”

Shang Han raising her brows meant that she was about to take action .

Obviously, Qin Feng required her protection .

At this time, a young man with a prideful look on his face who stood behind Ge Lang suddenly said, “General, you can stay your hand . Wouldn’t this person happen to be a contestant in the Prodigy Tournament? It just so happens that everyone needs to go and train, we could swap pointers with each other!”

The young man stared at Qin Feng with a challenging gaze, feeling delight in his heart as he believed that this was his moment .

That was because he saw how Shang Han was defending Qin Feng due to him helping her speak .

As for himself, so long as he helped Ge Lang take down Qin Feng then he would naturally gain Ge Lang’s trust and be treated favorably .

There were other youths behind Ge Lang who started to talk as if in a rush, afraid that they might fall behind .

“That’s right General Ge, you can stay your hand because I’ll do it!”

“Kid, don’t be arrogant! How dare you speak to an A-tier that way, I’ll teach you how to behave!”

The North Sea prodigies on Qin Feng’s side gave the West Region strangers weird looks .

Nan Gongshi quickly said, “Don’t be like this! Why is everyone so fired up!”

Just as he finished speaking, he heard two people say in unison, “Fine!”

These two were actually Shang Han and Ge Lang .

Ge Lang let out a shoulder-shaking laugh, “Shang Han, it’s your words . If you lose, then you’ll admit you’re a widow! By then you’ll be marrying me!”

Shang Han’s eyes glinted with a piercing icy stare . “And if you lose, you’ll admit you’re a toad and leap one round around the Dragon Capital just like a toad!”

Qin Feng thought that Shang Han’s bet was not ruthless enough, the other person was basically being a bully while she was being merciful .

However, it did not seem like a huge bet, everyone knew that this was about the matter of keeping face and whoever lost would have a hard time .

Of course, the stares between these two were full of hatred .

Obviously the grudges between them were only getting bigger!

The North Sea prodigies had only just gone through formalities and had not even checked into their hotel yet, but they all walked out together .

Along with Nan Gongshi, who just shook his head and followed after the rest .

After all, this was the best way to witness the strength between the two teams .

Everyone in the Dragon Capital practiced martial arts, there were all kinds of martial arts based venues located almost everywhere . They were also the most welcoming places . They did not have to walk very far, as there was a large martial arts hall just fifty meters away .

The hall was a huge building and was defended by several E-tier security guards .

The moment the staff saw a group of people, they instantly knew that Ge Lang was the one leading them .

After all, the hall had been booked by Ge Lang for the next three days .

“General Ge Lang is here . Ahem, for these other two sirs, are you training together? I’ll make the arrangements immediately!”

When the staff saw Shang Han and Nan Gongshi, their eyes drifted to the A-tier badges on their chest .

“No need, they won’t be training here . Just arrange a combat ring for me!”

It turned out to be a competition!

“Okay, okay, I’ll arrange that immediately! Distinguished guests! This way please!”

Having said that, the staff led the crowd to an elevator before taking them down underground . There was an area that was a hundred by a hundred meters . It had a function that allowed it to project holographic images . While the projections had no physical effects, it could be used to simulate different kinds of environments .

For example, a large tree could be generated to block someone’s line of sight or be used as an ambush spot .

But these were all used to train E-tier aptitude users . Qin Feng and the rest were at least D-tier, they all had stable internal force and had no need for this kind of training .

Without a backdrop, it was only a large combat ring with a circle of seats around it . That was where everyone sat down .

Qin Feng stepped into the ring .

Ge Lang glanced over to the prodigies beside him and picked someone out . “You’re up!”

This person did not say anything about fighting before, but he definitely looked like the strongest one .

“Don’t hold back and fight like your life depended on it . Just don’t kill him!”

Ge Lang used his internal force to transmit the message, the conversation between these two would not have been heard by anyone else .

His chosen fighter was unruly and rebellious . While he respected Ge Lang he was no sycophant, he was obviously a young man with absolute strength .

“Just leave it to me General Ge Lang . There’s three days left before the competition, so I’ll put him out for three whole months!”

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Ge Lang was in a good mood after those words and added, “Once it’s done, you’ll be rewarded handsomely . ”

“Oh, then congratulations in advance for marrying a lovely wife, General Ge Lang!”

“Hmph, that old lady? A lovely wife? When I take her down, she’ll know just how powerful I am!” There was a trace of nefariousness in Ge Lang’s eyes . Shang Han was not a very beautiful woman, but her status was too high . He wanted to humiliate her .

After that, the young man did not dare say anything else . He understood that Shang Han was an A-tier and he had to be very careful when speaking about such things .

Soon, he stepped into the ring and stood in front of Qin Feng .

“West Region’s Yangzhang state’s Ai Duo! A D3 ancient warrior, a pleasure!”

Ai Duo was obviously one of the strongest prodigies from the West Region .

In the North Region, even their strongest, Han Jun, could only reach D1 tier after a month of cultivation and ranking up . The others had only just entered D-tier .

But a D3-tier had actually appeared in the West Region, no wonder Ge Lang was so confident this time .

However, they would have never imagined that a freak like Qin Feng would appear in the North Region .

“North Region’s North Sea state, Qin Feng!”

Qin Feng replied, but did not announce his tier .

He still was not wearing his aptitude user badge, and that was the scary thing about him .

Ai Duo frowned, realizing that Qin Feng did not announce his tier but he decided to not ask .

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After all, in his mind, no matter how strong his opponent was they could not be stronger than him .

The West Region was rich with spirit herbs . Ai Duo accidentally ate a powerful spirit grass that was ranked as S-tier, it stunted his talents but its power still remained inside his dantian, the cultivation of it yet to be completed .

But the energy this herb provided improved his power by leaps and bounds .

He felt that he would not be any less powerful than Qin Feng .

“Make your move!”

Ai Duo went into a stance that put him on guard against Qin Feng . If his opponent was an ability user, then he would also be ready .

Qin Feng raised his hands . He felt that it was meaningless for him to step into a ring like this, but he did not want Shang Han to get humiliated, which was why he was not too fierce in his attack .

He clenched his right hand into a fist and burst out with a punch . The internal force surrounding him seemed to condense into a solid substance .

The shadow of a fist rushed toward Ai Duo’s face .

“What?!” Ai Duo’s eyes widened, seeing that this shadowy fist was coming in at an incredibly high speed .

He knew that this was not any kind of martial art move, but an outburst of internal force, even then the internal force in this punch was too much!

“Aaahhh! Block it!”

Ai Duo’s internal force erupted, injecting his arms with internal force before bracing them together for the incoming impact .