Master of the End Times - Chapter 535

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Chapter 535

Chapter 535: Defeated In The Blink Of An Eye

This powerful wave of internal force eventually reached Ai Duo .


There was a clear popping sound as the internal force protecting Ai Duo shattered instantly .

The fist-shaped internal force attack collided with his body .


He was sent flying from the blow .

The massive surge of energy sent him tumbling fifty meters away before he crashed into the edge of the ring

The hall did not turn on its energy field, which meant that the internal-force-shattered Ai Duo crashed into a pillar that stood at the edge .


The blasting sound rang out again and this time it was the sound of the pillar behind Ai Duo shattering .

He got up and patted himself down, only to find out that he had sustained no damage at all .

But did that mean that Qin Feng’s attack was not strong?

No, it was the opposite . Qin Feng’s attack was so strong that he could even do it with ease .

It instantly smashed through Ai Duo’s internal force like a freight train, destroying the pillar behind his opponent and sending him flying out of the ring .

That all happened in the span of three seconds .

Meanwhile, Ge Lang’s taunting smirk still had not left his lips, still looking at Shang Han with an impish look on his face . By the time he turned his head to watch, there was a loud noise and Ai Duo was sprawled on the ground outside of the ring!

“You lost!” Qin Feng said .

There was a bitter taste in Ai Duo’s mouth as he stared at Qin Feng with a cross of shock and amazement in his heart . Not only did he lose, but he had inexplicably lost .

He was a D3 ancient warrior, just how powerful was this guy? Not even a D4 or a D5 ancient warrior was that strong!

“Haha, General Ge, I look forward to seeing you hop around the Dragon Capital . Don’t forget to take a video for me to enjoy!” Shang Han snickered .

“What just happened?” Ge Lang had yet to process what was happening in front of him .

“General, Ai Duo was defeated!”

“Defeated? What a joke, how long was that? Didn’t I just turn my head for a second? He lost? They call this a genius? A prodigy? What absolute garbage!”

Those who originally wanted to get in Ge Lang’s good books all cowered and did not dare speak . He was absolutely enraged at this point .

“General Ge, accept the loss in this bet you’ve made, unless it’s something you can’t afford to lose!” Shang Han sneered .

Ge Lang’s expression shifted into a grim look . “Who said that I can’t afford to lose! It’s just hopping, so what? You think I won’t do it?”

With a kick of his legs he bolted away, from the looks of it he really was toad hopping about . Then again, it was at the speed of an A-tier ancient warrior, so who could really see it?

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This scene could only be properly tracked by Shang Han and Nan Gongshi, even Qin Feng and Bai Li could only vaguely make out a blurry shape .

Shang Han expected Ge Lang to be dishonest in this bet, but he did not even blow the issue out of proportion . After all, he was going to get this bad mood out of him!

“Qin Feng, thank you . Today, I owe you a favor!” Shang Han said .

Qin Feng’s expression remained neutral as usual . “If all things that require such little effort could be swapped for favors then the favor of an A-Tier is too cheap!”

Shang Han had developed a more trusting attitude toward Qin Feng by now . After all, she was moved when he came forward to help her .

After that, she did not leave the martial arts hall . On the contrary, she stayed and rented the ring . Everyone, including Qin Feng, was listening to her instructions .

“In the Prodigy Tournament, the finals aren’t battles against other people but it’s a competition to slay ultra beasts!” Shang Han explained .

Everyone knew this part, this was the kind of tournament that was aired to a massive audience each year .

“Those who want to slaughter these beasts need to enter the Dragon Gate Tower of the Dragon Capital each year . In fact, the Dragon Gate Tower is a secret realm in the center of the Dragon Capital . In addition to other prodigies, there are other people who willingly climb the Tower as long as they pay a fee . The Tower naturally flourishes each year!”

As the others nodded, Shang Han continued, “The truth is that all the ultra beasts you’ve seen the prodigies face before are all fake . The Dragon Gate Tower is made by technology, the ultra beasts you kill won’t be real ultra beasts, but energy projections . What they use is exactly like the holograms they have here . Now you need to train yourselves to be familiarised with these projections . Three days should be enough for that!”

After that, Shang Han activated the hologram projectors and the hundred meter wide arena suddenly manifested the wilderness, with trees and rocks as well as a pack of ultra beasts .

In the next moment, this pack of beasts suddenly charged forward .

The prodigies were all caught off guard and immediately activated their abilities or internal force to resist this incoming wave, seeing the images shimmer as their attacks only hit thin air .

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The projections flashed red from the impact .

“Beep . Insufficient force used to repel attack!”

The ultra beast then pounced forward and a projection bit down onto the neck of a prodigy .

The prodigy let out a yelp but when he touched his neck he realized that there were no wounds .

Then a voice rang out again .

“Beep . Clearance failed . Eliminated!”

Shang Han turned off the projections and said, “It’ll be just like this, now, let the training commence!”

Now that the prodigies could expect what was coming, they immediately passed their next encounter .

Even Qin Feng started to experiment .

When an ultra beast charged at Qin Feng, he slashed at it with the Verdant Emperor Saber . With just one attack he managed to destroy the projection .

He seemed to be extremely relaxed, his attacks were strong, regardless of speed or strength .

It was not so easy for the others however .

The projection was not real so they could not control the intensity of their attacks . If it were too low, then they could not repel an attack, if it were too high then it would be a waste . After only one hour of training, they could feel their energy draining away extremely quickly!

“Right now you need to control the amount of power you put into your attacks, the Dragon Gate Tower isn’t any different from this . If you want to scale the Dragon Gate Tower you’ll need more power! So learn to control it!”

Shang Han was instructing from a distance .

Everyone gave it their all in their training .

Except Qin Feng, who stopped training and bade Shang Han goodbye before deciding to explore the Dragon Capital .

After one month of intense combat, Qin Feng’s murderous aura was still very strong and he needed to find a soothing environment to relax in .

As such, with Bai Li at his side, he wandered around the Dragon Capital to do some shopping and even picked up some street food during their adventure . There was a sense of peace that washed over his heart .

Of course, this kind of leisure only lasted for one afternoon . After that, Qin Feng retreated back to the hotel and shut himself in .

Countless crystal cores were absorbed and turned into his energy .

As one got stronger, it became harder to strengthen the physical body . Fortunately, the kind of empowerment that Qin Feng experienced was different from the usual, suffice to say he was basically a humanoid ultra beast .

Three days went by in the blink of an eye and Qin Feng’s physical strength was almost about to reach C3 tier .

It needed just a little bit more to advance, but the Prodigy Tournament was about to begin!