Master of the End Times - Chapter 540

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Chapter 540: Ruin in an Unknown Dimension

Chapter 540: Ruin in an Unknown Dimension

It was not at all easy to conquer the ten levels, even for these prodigies . Two hours later, another prodigy from Dragon Capital called Pang Ruo emerged through the tunnel . He was only at D4-tier and obviously not on the same level as Long Gan . Nonetheless, he was no less one of the outstanding prodigies around here and left nothing behind to reach the top .

One could only work harder when coming up short in talent .

Another person emerged after another three hours . It was the aptitude user from the Western Region—Ai Duo!

Ai Duo rushed toward them and was equally baffled when he saw the badge on Qin Feng’s chest .

The tower guardian peeked at Ai Duo and said, “There’s only one hour left . Get rested quickly . ”

Ai Duo did not understand the meaning behind it . He was only an average talent and Ge Lang would not have told him much .

Despite having doubts, Ai Duo complied too and quickly entered meditation to restore his stamina .

Another hour passed and no one else stepped onto the tenth level after Ai Duo .

Though Zhou Hao and Jin Fei were pretty good, they did not cut it in the end . They still had a lot to improve on and would perhaps fare better next year .

Other notable candidates from the Northern region that had been placed with high expectations such as Han Jun, Du Wa, and Li Wangshen were also still stuck at level 8 . It would not be possible to overcome the last two levels in such a short time .

“So there are six candidates this year . Not too bad!”

“There’s even a C2-tier among you . This year is going to be interesting . ”

“I agree . Let’s see their performances in the next stage . ”

The top brasses were paying close attention to the competition .

When the time was up, the tower guardian opened his eyes and said, “This is called the Tower of Dragon Gate because it symbolizes your first test before you get to leap through the gate and evolve . ”

“Every year this time, a special dimension would be opened here . The qualified prodigies, like you all, are allowed to enter and explore it . ”

“But once you face insurmountable danger, please immediately return through the waymark . All of you are the future pillars of the Human Alliance . Your life is too precious to be thrown away this young . Always remember this, there is nothing compared to your future and your value to the people who need your protection . ”

The tower guardian lectured them solemnly . Six of them listened attentively and nodded gravely in response . They were then given not one but three beacons as an extra precaution .

After that, the tower guardian was seen pressing a button . Abruptly, they realized that the space above them had opened up like a blossoming flower .

A strong gale thrusted violently through the opening . Normal people would have been blown away by the wind . Even the air in the surroundings had become thinner . The clouds had seemingly gotten a lot closer to the ground as well .

Qin Feng felt a sudden gush of energy plummeting down from the sky . He looked up and saw silver radiance gushing downward gradually like a waterfall captured in slow motion .

Powerful energy was constantly being emanated from the spatial rift . The energy was so great that it immediately flooded the entire tower .

Qin Feng could visualize the energy as if it were being poured into the Dragon Capital . He finally understood why the Dragon Capital architecture looked like the shape of a giant bowl . It was designed in such a way so that the outpouring energy from the rift could all be retained within the city .

Qin Feng wasted no time and activated his ability .


Instantly, the still swirling energy was being forcefully pulled toward Qin Feng and assimilated by him .

Qin Feng’s physique became even stronger .

His skin, muscles, bones, and internal organs were absorbing the natural essence greedily .


Qin Feng directly broke through into the next stage under such a tremendous source of energy .

C3-tier! He could hardly hide his bursting aura .

Apparently, Qin Feng was not the only one that had been promoted .

Long Gan, Zhuang Sen, and others might not have been absorbing as much energy as Qin Feng but their strength had improved substantially too .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three of them had successfully made the leap and attained D7-tier . It was marvelous how they managed to reach the D-tier threshold to C-tier at such a young age .

Prodigies were always given the best opportunity to succeed .

Nonetheless, they did not get to enjoy the moment for long . In the blink of an eye, a spatial tunnel in the shape of an oval plane formed on top of their heads .

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“Get in now!” The tower guardian shouted .

Ai Duo and Pang Ruo had benefited greatly from the energy flux too . They had reached D5 and D4 tiers respectively . All six of them could not wait to gain another tier . They jumped straight toward the tunnel without any hesitation .

As soon as Qin Feng entered the dimension, he could sense the horrifying turbulence around them in this unknown dimension . The others must have sensed it too as their faces contorted into grimaces after passing through .

They were unable to talk in here but there was no hindrance to communicating using their conscious power .

“Let’s hold onto each other . We need to work together!” Long Gan shouted in his mind and grabbed Ji Ran, who in turn took Zhuang Sen . Others were too far from them, as Ai Duo and Pang Ruo clung together and formed another group .

Qin Feng was the lone corner that formed a triangle with the other two groups . He floated freely inside the whirlpool of energy and observed the others quietly . He realized that he was the only one that was not being dragged around involuntarily by the turbulent whirlpool inside this strange dimension .

Rather than joining forces with others, Qin Feng preferred to stay alone . As such, he pretended that he was trapped too and approached neither group .

A few seconds later, they fell into total darkness and the surroundings had drastically changed when they opened their eyes again .

A great gravitational force fell on Qin Feng . This place was obviously not earth . A non-aptitude user would have been crushed in such a place .

Qin Feng moved his hands and feet around and quickly adapted to the heavier downforce .

He looked around and saw a ruin not very far away .

A gust of wind passed through and a faint blinking light underneath the sands caught Qin Feng’s attention .

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Qin Feng walked toward it and the outline of the item quickly appeared in his consciousness realm .

‘It’s a rune equipment!’

Qin Feng was enthused . The equipment was completely different from those made by a human’s hand . It was far more exquisite . Under the equipment laid an eerie skeleton .

This was when a force emerged out of nowhere and was wrapped around the runic equipment . It then took the appearance of a wraith that was roughly three meters tall .


The wraith suddenly lunged at Qin Feng without any warning . Swords formed through supernatural power might be as deadly as a real sword .

Qin Feng frowned and raised his hand .


His internal strength was released and hit right on the wraith’s sword .


Qin Feng had only used one percent of his full strength but that was already equivalent to the force of a normal C1-tier attack . However, that only managed to shatter the wraith’s sword .

The flimsy-looking wraith was actually as strong as a D5-tier beast general .