Master of the End Times - Chapter 541

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Chapter 541: Pureblood Human

Chapter 541: Pureblood Human

However, such a being would not be enough to threaten Qin Feng .

Qin Feng triggered his internal force and put the wraith in its place . The skeleton wrapped by it could not stand the impact and scattered immediately as well .

The runic equipment was the only thing that remained and abruptly dropped to the ground .

‘Can’t believe this has D-tier silver equipment’s defense despite its level . This is good stuff . ’

The runic equipment was not wrapped in silver light probably because it was made differently . But its material was of top quality for sure .

Qin Feng put the item into his spatial equipment and marched on .

This was when he heard a humming sound . His ear traced the source and his consciousness instinctively focused to the side .

However, his conscious probe was unable to extend beyond a hundred meters .

‘This dimension not only has high gravitational pull but conscious power is also being highly restricted here!’

Qin Feng decided to approach the sound . When he was only about a hundred meters away from the source, Qin Feng held his breath subconsciously due to the peculiar scene unfolding in front of him .

In front of him, it was still the same ruin . There were collapsed buildings everywhere . The roads were mostly destroyed and covered by sand and dust . But in front of him, there was a corner of a sophisticated machine that clearly stood out from the surroundings .

Around the machine, there were a few odd-looking human-like creatures .

Qin Feng could hardly relate them to humans .

On one side, there were five in a group . These creatures had deep blue hair and were half-naked . Their lower body was wrapped with a type of silk fabric . It gave a false sense of transparency but Qin Feng was unable to see through it .

Opposite them was another group of buff creatures . They stood on two legs but their gums were lined with sharp fangs . There was even a tail with a different color on each of their backs .


One of the tailed creatures was shouting . It was probably just a meaningless taunt . The creatures on the other side were not daunted and glanced back coldly .

From the displayed emotion, Qin Feng immediately understood something .

‘They are an intelligent species!’

Soon, the conscious power between the two groups began to collide .

“The Sea Tribe still hasn’t given up on this land? Dream on if you wish to obtain the power of Sacred Armor using that frail body of yours . Your lot will probably be all dried up then . Hahaha!” The tailed creatures were obviously mocking the species with blue hair .

‘Sea Tribe? Are they an intelligent species from the sea?’ Qin Feng thought to himself .

Numerous species from all kinds of dimensions had visited Earth when spatial rifts began to appear on the planet . Qin Feng had seen a lot in his past life . Though the two types of creatures in front of him were indeed different, it was not the weirdest he had ever come across .

“Pfft, Dragon Tribe… What are you going to do with the armor? Open a hole in it so it could hold your disgusting tail?” One of the proud sea creatures replied sarcastically . The eyes of the Dragon Tribe creatures instantly boiled with anger .

“Let’s eat them alive!” A large-sized member of the Dragon Tribe dashed out first .

At the same time, one of the sea creatures flicked his finger and sent out a snowy pearl . It was not aimed at the closing in dragon-borne but on the machine .

The next moment, they could all sense that something had been woken up, including Qin Feng .

Several balls of energy accumulated rapidly and transformed into a few tens of wraiths . The wraiths then flocked the living figures around them .

“Run!” Those from the Sea Tribe shouted and summoned a wave under their feet . Carried by the waves, they got away by a few tens of meters instantly .

The dragon creatures were caught by surprise and trapped by the wraiths .

“Filthy fishes!” One of the dragon creatures chastised angrily .

“Stop ranting and kill the Shades!”

The dragon creatures spoke in their own language after the sea creatures were gone . Qin Feng could not understand what they were saying after that .

But he had comprehended enough judging by their conversation earlier .

These creatures from the Dragon and Sea Tribes must have come to this dimension with the same purpose . They were looking for something known as the Sacred Armor .

The wraith formed from an energy cluster was called Shades . It seemed that they would emerge whenever a valuable item was touched in this dimension .

‘Does this mean that the machine could be retrieved once these dragon-borne clear off the wraiths?’

Qin Feng thought about it and decided to look around for more treasure in this wasteland later .

Just as he turned around to leave, he heard an angry roar coming from his back .

Qin Feng did not need to turn back to know that he must have been discovered by the dragon-borne .

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The dragons stopped roaring and one of them sent him a message through telekinesis .

“Who are you? Show yourself now or I will crush you with my jaws!”

Qin Feng stopped moving and decided to see what they had to say .

He showed himself and that caught the dragons by surprise .

“Pureblood human?”

“Human means human . What do you mean by pureblood?” Qin Feng asked with a frown .

“Hahaha! I bet you are coming from a dimension where it has not been plundered yet . Now, why don’t you tell me your dimension locale and I will give you a reward in return?” The creature was enthused .

Qin Feng could tell that the Dragon Tribe had ill intent toward the human race . From their tone and how they had treated the Sea Tribe, Qin Feng was also sure that the Dragon Tribe was probably ravagers .

They were probably the same kind as those intelligent creatures that had invaded Earth before . As such, Qin Feng gave them a cold shoulder .

One of the Dragon Tribe creatures made a low voice as if it was saying something while fighting the Shades . The creature that was communicating with Qin Feng, on the other hand, had opened up his maw .

“Sorry . My mate is not a patient man like me . I have no choice but to capture you first and ask the question later . ” It lunged at Qin Feng before he finished talking .

Its limbs were well built and his punches came as fast as the wind .

The dragon-borne was tall and had considerable weight . It was not easy to move and punch so agilely at this dimension that had greater gravitational force than Earth . Qin Feng estimated that the creature was at least a C1-tier . He reacted promptly and countered the attack with his punch .

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A fist for a fist .


The energy dissipated as the two punches met and both fists came together . A crisp cracking sound was soon heard .

“Ah!!!” The creature shrieked in pain . It could not believe its fist had been completely mutilated after the collision .

Qin Feng confirmed his hunch after the encounter . His opponent was roughly a king-tier C1 . He was far superior as a C3-tier emperor .

He did not stop there and followed up the attack with both of his hands grabbing on the creature’s wrists . Qin Feng then crossed both hands and yielded another cracking sound .

The opponent’s shoulders were dislocated by Qin Feng easily in two swift motions .

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Qin Feng’s hands lashed out furiously fast and shattered the dragon-borne’s hands and shoulder blades in the blink of an eye .

He then returned a message through his consciousness .

“Now tell me, why are you calling me a pureblood human?”