Master of the End Times - Chapter 543

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Chapter 543: The Perished Land of Soul Tribe

Chapter 543: The Perished Land of Soul Tribe

However, Qin Feng now knew that S-tier was far from enough .

Another memory jolted back into Qin Feng’s mind . He estimated that three years from now, another human tribe from a different dimension would arrive on Earth and offer protection .

Qin Feng was only a B-tier at that time and was not a member of the Human Alliance’s management . He heard that the Human Alliance had gone through a long discussion for this and finally accepted the offer . But after signing the treaty, a lot of commoners had mysteriously gone missing following that .

The Dark Coalition took the blame in the end .

Thinking back now, Qin Feng suspected that perhaps the elects from Human Alliance were the ones that had sold the commoners in exchange for protection?

Pureblood humans seemed to be very valuable to other species . They were useful slaves and experimental subjects .

Qin Feng’s mood could not be any gloomier .

He continued to question, “How do you guys discover and travel to an unknown dimension? Besides, I believe your dimension is prone to invasion too . How do you prevent others from targeting your world?”

The dragon-borne was a prodigy in his own world, one that was much more advanced than Earth . Qin Feng’s question was just textbook knowledge to the creature .

“Each dimension exists solitarily from others unless the world is undergoing drastic transformation . This will sync the world with other dimensions that share a similar spatial frequency, which creates a window of instability in that world . This is when spatial travelers could find and probe it . ”

Qin Feng immediately linked this to the Grans’ invasion . They must have come to his world this way .

The dragon-borne did not stop there . “You mentioned invasion, but this is usually done very, very carefully . Any world undergoing transformation would not be short of horrible creatures . If your dimension has such a powerful human like yourself at its early stage of transformation, then there’s nothing to be worried about . ” The creature flattered Qin Feng in the end, hoping that he would spare his life for being cooperative .

Qin Feng smirked and posed some other questions, including what a Shade was and where it came from . The dragon-borne could not answer most of the questions when it came to this dimension .

In the end, the dragon-borne could not escape his ultimate fate .


Qin Feng twisted the creature’s neck and ended its life .

There was no way Qin Feng would let it walk . The dragon-borne knew that he was a pureblood and the Dragon Tribe seemed pretty strong . It would be disastrous if he brought this message back to his world, then Earth would be in jeopardy .

‘Long Gan and others are pureblood too . It would be calamitous if they were to be seen . ’

‘Then again, they have ample of beacons with them so it would not be a problem to get away safely . Besides, they are born in Dragon Capital so they must have known a lot more than I do . As for Ai Duo, he is with another Dragon Capital prodigy so they should be fine too . ’

Qin Feng believed they would be fine and had another far more pressing concern filling his mind .

After the Grans army was exterminated by him, he had been paying close attention as he was worried that his action might invite more Grans onto Earth, even though Bai Li had erased the spatial tunnel connecting the two worlds .

The dragon-borne might have indirectly provided an answer . The reason that the Grans might not be coming again anytime soon could be because they had given up infiltrating such a high-risk dimension after the humiliating defeat .

But since Earth was currently undergoing spatial transformation, could it mean that more threatening species would emerge on Earth in the future?

This was unquestionable . Qin Feng had heard about a lot of stories in his past lives . He now knew most of those folklores were probably real .

“Immortal . Our dimension is lacking an immortal!” Qin Feng murmured . ‘Could I become one then?’

Qin Feng did not want to be a superhero . But he did not want to see his friends and people from his city being used as experimental subjects either .

Just like how he loathed the existence of Z Organization .

Qin Feng took a deep breath and calmed himself down . ‘No matter what, this doesn’t sway from what I have been working to achieve all this while . I will just continue on this path that I have paved . ’

He ceased his wild yet meaningless thought and landed his sight on the machine fought over by the Sea and Dragon Tribe earlier . Qin Feng flicked his finger to send out a tiny wave of internal force that hit on it .

Energy burst out from the machine and materialized into Shades .

There were at least a few dozens of them before but only eight remained now thanks to the dragon-borne creatures . Qin Feng used his fire ability to diminish them all at once .

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According to the dragon-borne, these Shades were remnants of a once-powerful tribe .

There was a highly-advanced civilization in this dimension in the distant past . The tribe that ruled this civilization was called the Soul Tribe .

The Soul Tribe excelled in honing soul power, which was equivalent to consciousness in today’s term . However, they had frail physique so they invented all types of rune equipment to protect themselves . Their technology had developed rapidly thanks to their powerful consciousness .

Nonetheless, they could not prevent extinction in the end . This ruin here was probably their capital in the past .

Everything around here was destroyed, but the souls of the tribe had persisted . They lingered around here endlessly, forming a special dimension that only opened at a certain time under certain circumstances .

The technology, bio advancement, and consciousness training method of this place were being heavily sought after . The most precious item would probably be the Sacred Armor the Dragon and Sea Tribe had mentioned during their argument .

‘I wonder why the Sacred Armor matters so much . But that’s probably not something I can get my hands on . Let’s focus on available resources at hand . ’

Not many would benefit from ancient martial arts or consciousness development . In contrast, technology could change a lot of things at so many different levels .

At the very least, Qin Feng was currently the president of the Fengli Organization so he valued technology, gun, and artillery development .

He would have no trouble selling new technology to everyone but the same could not be said for secret arts .

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The latter involved too many hidden agendas and it might aggravate the upper echelon .

Qin Feng patrolled around the machine and surveyed it . He then grabbed one corner of it and pulled the machine out forcefully .

The machine was more than ten meters long and it looked like an oval public transport . It was clearly broken in half .

‘This is probably a vehicle . ’ Qin Feng asked Bai Li to store the machine in her space .

After they were done, Qin Feng glanced at a corner of a deserted building . He did not say anything and walked on .

The few figures in the corner were petrified as they met Qin Feng’s eyes .

“The human, he saw us right?”

“No doubt . He definitely did . He didn’t even break a sweat taking care of so many dragon-borne at once . Are all elects from the human race this powerful?”

“Luckily he didn’t have any interest in us!”

“We should keep a distance the next time we see him!”