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Master of the End Times - Chapter 545

Published at 13th of January 2021 07:04:16 PM

Chapter 545: Second Encounter of Wraith Devil

Chapter 545: Second Encounter of Wraith Devil

Before Qin Feng could observe more, he was already discovered by countless numbers of Shades, and all of them had converged into the building .

Qin Feng frowned as he was irritated by such troublesome situations .

“Should we leave?” Bai Li asked, with her spatial ability, it was impossible for the Shades to cause any harm to them .

“Alright, let’s leave!”

Qin Feng had the chance to kill all of the Shades, however, by killing them, Qin Feng could only gain himself energy and nothing else .

If so, it would be better to leave the place .

Bai Li held onto Qin Feng’s hand while both of them were shrouded by silver light and instantly disappeared from their spot .

After several glimmers, Bai Li had arrived at another building .

Qin Feng cleared the area with his conscious energy again and settled down .

His communicator was being set up as a drone while the surroundings were being concealed with dark ability, and Qin Feng had decided to only check on the surroundings the next day .

Qin Feng took out his sleeping bag from his spatial rune equipment and got himself some good rest . After all, since the Dragon Gate Tower, Qin Feng had not rested for more than thirty hours!

When compared to Qin Feng, the situation for the other talent classes were more pitiful as all of them were either too afraid to get some rest or constantly running away and hiding .

“This place is too scary!”

“But we have obtained too little, no way!”

“It would be great if Qin Feng was with us earlier!”

“He must be unwilling to be with us, look at us now, we are truly a burden!”

All of them were feeling hopeless, however, they could only conform to it as their capabilities were too weak!

Most of them had the capability of a C-tier talent class as they were all pureblood human beings from Dragon Capital, however, they were in great danger when preyed upon by other tribes .

Fortunately, they were at the outer part of the final battlefield of the Soul Tribe, although there were not many precious items around, it was a less dangerous location .

Hence, they were actually quite lucky .

A day passed by, clouds began to appear from the edge of the sky, Qin Feng opened his eyes and got up swiftly, he was already fully awake .

He walked to the window pane and looked toward the Shades that were slowly disappearing .

Qin Feng grabbed onto the communicator and selected the last recording and compared it to the first captured scene, as expected, he noticed that the routes that were taken by the massive Shades were almost the same .

Qin Feng had only been there for a day, yet, he had already obtained important information about the Soul Tribe at the City of Death .

Although the sky was still dark, it was obvious that someone was already moving around .

Bai Li was still sleeping, however, as soon as she felt Qin Feng closing in, she turned herself into a little fox .

Qin Feng carried Bai Li, zipped her in and jumped down from the window .

Meanwhile, several bizarre looking intelligent species creatures were also walking out from the ruined building .

As soon as they saw Qin Feng, they were all struck dumb and astonished by his presence .

Of course, they had seen Qin Feng jumping down from above, however, they had not sensed Qin Feng’s presence throughout the entire night, therefore, it would only prove that Qin Feng’s skill was way beyond their level .

All of them were irritated by Qin Feng’s presence .

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If Qin Feng were to have any bad intentions, he would have already succeeded with such a sly move!

However, they had remained vigilant throughout the night and Qin Feng did not intend to take any action either .

Both parties stared at each other as they crossed paths, and none of them had the intention to escalate the situation further!

Qin Feng ran out, soon, he had arrived in a ruined building .

The building was completely destroyed, it was like there was nothing left behind . However, Qin Feng a Shade with an intense aura the night before, and it was right there .

The Verdant Emperor Saber was drawn out and swiped upward!


Although the building was not built from concrete and steel, Qin Feng was still able to cut through it!

Qin Feng went deeper to discover the reason that had caused the collapse of the building, everything underneath his feet was unrecognizable, perhaps, it could be a bed from hundreds of years ago, or it could be a dining table .

However, it would most probably be skeletal structures .

Soon, an extremely rigid Shade appeared!

It was about the size of a human body, and it also had facial features as well as limbs with horrifying flexibility .


A shadow dashed across quickly with a speed that one could barely react to .

“Impacting Flame!”

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Qin Feng identified the shadow and immediately predicted the location of its next appearance, a ring-shaped flame ability was instantly formed and blasted toward the direction .

The next moment, the shadow was hit, the white glowing light flickered and screaming from the soul was heard .

“I do not accept this…”

The message was sent across via conscious energy, although the Soul Tribe was dead, however, it seemed like its conscious energy had remained .

However, it should be considered dead already .

With the limited space of the surroundings, Qin Feng was still able to keep up his speed, and it was even more threatening to the Shade .

Surprisingly, the Shade activated its wind ability and travelled at lightspeed .

Both sides were trapped in a dazzling and confusing battle .

The powerful Shade had suffered the attacks from Qin Feng and its glow began to dim down .

“Poof!” Qin Feng landed a final slash and annihilated the Shade .

Meanwhile, an item that was wrapped around by the Shade had finally fallen on the ground, Qin Feng did not expect to see a piece of special-looking metal .

It was only about the size of a palm; how could it host such a great amount of energy?

Furthermore, Qin Feng sensed the presence of wind runes from the metal .

“Wait a minute, could this be…” Qin Feng gathered his thoughts and injected his conscious energy into the metal, a buzzing sound was heard from the metal as it floated into the air, Qin Feng’s conscious energy had then entered into a scene of howling gales .

It was not Qin Feng’s first encounter of such a situation as it was similar to the existence of the Godwill Atlas .

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Unexpectedly, it was a technique for practising!

Of course, it was a conscious energy practice technique for wind runes .


Qin Feng was amazed and immediately inserted the metal piece into his space, then, he walked out from the building and headed toward another place .

The entire city was already under broad daylight, and countless numbers of intelligent species tribes were searching among the ruins .

Qin Feng went ahead and moved toward another place, surprisingly, someone was already there!

It was a Shade that was even more horrifying with its intimidating energy presence, it was five meters in height and two meters in width, and surprisingly, it was surrounded by three wraith devils .

However, all three of the wraith devils only had the capabilities of a C1-tier emperor, and it was difficult for them to sustain in facing against the Shade that was much stronger .

“This is not working, let’s retreat!”

“Damn it, this Shade definitely has something great inside, at least, he would have three different techniques and also the Soul Tribe overcast!”

“Only if we can survive to obtain it, similar to us, the Soul Tribe also practices their souls, and our skills will not work very well against the Shades, why not…”

“Let’s go!”

The first wraith devil shouted and the remaining two followed and escaped quickly, the giant Shade was left behind and fell back into the rift of a building .

Qin Feng gave a cold stare and sneered, he then turned around and walked away .