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Master of the End Times - Chapter 546

Published at 13th of January 2021 07:04:14 PM

Chapter 546: Plotting

Chapter 546: Plotting

However, Qin Feng had only taken several steps and the wraith devils that had escaped earlier were back, instantly surrounding Qin Feng .

Obviously, they did not leave, and had even concealed their presence by using dark runes .

However, it was definitely an unrefined trick to pull in front of Qin Feng, a person that had already obtained the Hell Stone .

“Huh, surprisingly, a human tribe is not tricked by this!”

The eyes of a wraith devil were flushed with blood-red color as they did not require human genes for their reproduction, they would only recognize humans as their meal to strengthen themselves .

Hence, three of the wraith devils had already prepared themselves for battle as soon as they saw Qin Feng .

However, they were planning to trick Qin Feng into battling the Shade to drain out both of their capabilities, surprisingly, Qin Feng did not fall for it and their plan did not succeed .

“Will anyone ever fall for such an inferior trick? Are all of you still at the intelligence level of a three-year-old?”

Qin Feng sneered .

All three wraith devils were enraged and they were consumed by their intensified bloodlust .


Without much nonsense, three of the wraith devils launched their attacks separately with their claws embedded with dark presence, and they pounced toward Qin Feng .

Qin Feng swirled with his Verdant Emperor Saber on hand and faced against all three of them .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

Unidentified amounts of realistic fuchsia glare sparked and exploded .

One of the wraith devils could barely dodge the horrifying glare and got scratched, the unbearable pain had it instantly react with a miserable shriek .


The wraith devil let out an infuriated roar, however, without any available physical body for them to take over, they could only launch their attacks from their actual forms .

One of the wraith devils hid in the ground and intended to launch its attacks toward Qin Feng from beneath .

However, Qin Feng had too many skills up his sleeves!


Qin Feng instantly turned the ground into molten magma, the hidden wraith devil was instantly exposed and shrouded by fire energy magma, and a continuous blood-curdling screech was heard .

“Kill him! Quick!”

Massive amount of dark energy exploded and surrounded Qin Feng, it was about to corrode into Qin Feng’s body and even tried to block his vision .

However, all of those were actually useless against Qin Feng .


Qin Feng swung his saber behind him and launched a series of horrifying battle skills .

“Blazing Sky!”

Within a split second, blazing flames were channeled up to the sky and slammed onto the wraith devil that was releasing dark energy .

The wraith devil did not expect Qin Feng to be able to trace him down, and it could only go all out in defending against the horrifying battle skills that were approaching .

A gigantic and intense spiral was formed before him, and it was actually the devourer of dark energy .

However, there was a limited capacity for such an energy devourer .

Within seconds, Qin Feng’s blazing sky skill had already pierced through the energy devouring black spiral, it was crushed and exploded into a fuchsia glow that slammed onto the body of the wraith devil .


The wraith devil was tossed far away and slammed onto a tall building .

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Surprisingly, the wraith devil did not pierce through the building that was built by the Soul Tribe and had only left a giant pit onto it .

However, the soul of the wraith devil had already been tremendously drained out, and it fell into the tall building .

Qin Feng ignored the wraith devil as he rotated his Verdant Emperor Saber and forced a stab onto the ground, the blade of the saber was submerged into the magma .

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

A wraith devil let out a wild roar while a conscious energy wave fluctuated and dispersed into waves that echoed to the radius of a hundred meters away .

However, Qin Feng who stood at the center point was not affected by it at all!

His conscious energy was much more powerful than the wraith devil’s .


Qin Feng slightly shifted his Verdant Emperor Saber and blasted out a strong energy force .

It halted the conscious energy fluctuations of the wraith devil .

One down!

Dark mist continued to linger in the surroundings while the remaining wraith devil was still undecided whether or not to continue the attacks toward Qin Feng .

After all, one out of the other two partners had already died while the other one was heavily wounded!

However, Qin Feng did not intend to show any mercy, he sprinted forward in light speed as he waved his Verdant Emperor Saber continuously .

The wraith devil immediately reacted and defended against it .


Dong dong!

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Both of them were caught up in the intense battle, despite the desperate attempt at defending itself, the wraith devil had no chance to escape from Qin Feng’s assassination .


Qin Feng had at least pierced his saber into the wraith devil’s body hundreds of times .

Qin Feng had already improved from years ago, and he was no longer confined by his options of skills!

The Verdant Emperor Saber was embedded with a horrifying amount of energy .

“Ah ah ah ah!”

The wraith devil was forced into a dire and desperate state, and since escaping was not an option anymore, it turned around and pounced toward Qin Feng .

Qin Feng immediately stabbed his saber through the body of the wraith devil, and the pitch-black body faded even further .

However, the wraith devil had already gotten close to Qin Feng, it was right before Qin Feng and was in the midst of pouncing toward him .


The wraith devil released a great amount of energy .

Meanwhile, as the wraith devil got closer to Qin Feng, a translucent and glossy barrier was already formed a meter away from him .

Internal strength shield .


The shield reacted with a repulsive energy that instantly disseminated the internal strength that was released by the wraith devil!

The wraith devil instantly disintegrated like a moth that had flown into the flames .

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A soul pearl was congealed and formed, and it was the ultimate essence from the wraith devil .

Qin Feng raised his hand and grabbed onto it, while another soul pearl flew out from the magma ground, the magma had since then diminished and the charred black ground was left exposed .

Qin Feng shifted his focus toward the tall building, within the short moment of delay, the wraith devil that had barely survived had managed to escape!

“The conscious energy radius is too small, so troublesome!”

Being categorized under the soul system as an intelligent species, the wraith devil was obviously unaffected by the horrifying gravitational force of the region, hence, he was able to escape at such a high speed, he had already escaped to more than five hundred meters away and Qin Feng had no chance of catching up with him .

“Forget about it!”

Qin Feng had no interest in going after the leftover victim, he returned to the rift and threw a flame into it to agitate the Shade that was still hiding inside .

The Shade was able to react violently under the siege of the wraith devils, however, it was unable to withstand Qin Feng’s fire ability and it was immediately annihilated .

Qin Feng obtained some metal plates again, as mentioned by the wraith devils, it was the Soul Tribe overcast .

Then, Qin Feng continued to sweep across the surroundings, and every giant Shade that had appeared during the recordings were all targeted by Qin Feng’s raid!

Amidst the raid, there were also other unwelcoming tribes that had launched their attacks toward Qin Feng, however, they were all slaughtered by Qin Feng .

Qin Feng had a fruitful harvest throughout the day, and his capability was exposed to many in the surroundings .

After all, noises from battles were disruptive to the surroundings and would eventually draw attention from the others, despite the limited mental strength radius of five hundred meters, some of the others were still able to sense Qin Feng’s presence .

Qin Feng was always the winner .

Nightfall had descended once again .

Qin Feng had already found a suitable spot for himself, however, within a short moment, he was alerted by the appearance of another group of people that had come to the same building .

Furthermore, they were there for him .