Master of the End Times - Chapter 547

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Chapter 547: 547

Chapter 547: The Weak Work for the Powerful

Qin Feng sat on a bed in the lotus position . With the aid of dimensional runes, carrying a huge bed with him was hardly an issue at all .

Of course, Qin Feng had already detected the presence of these people when they approached him . Still, they were also quite cautious when approaching Qin Feng, trying to pose as little threat as possible as they got closer .

“Hello! My name is Bai Yu . I’m a Celestial! We’re quite similar to your species in terms of genetics!”

The one who approached first was a C1-tier .

She had an Eastern Asian face but long, golden silky hair . Her entire person seemed to be radiating warm light as she beamed up a friendly smile .

There was a pair of energy wings, formed using light-type runes, on her back .

A frown was pinched on Qin Feng’s brows as he shot a cold look at her . “If I remember correctly, Celestials can retract their wings at will . Don’t you know that I’m a dark-type aptitude user? You’re coming in here flaunting your light-type energy so nonchalantly… aren’t you worried that I could be offended by it?”

Bai Yu was surprised when she heard this . She quickly retracted her wings, fearing that Qin Feng might turn hostile immediately .

Then, she looked at Qin Feng curiously . The Celestials were revered by the human race—they even called them “Celestials”, implying that these winged people were a race that stood above them . The radiance that was showered from their wings was considered most exquisite by most humans .

Nonetheless, Qin Feng was a dark-type aptitude user; hence, this way of showing friendliness had no effect on him at all .

“My apologies . I’m used to having my wings out . Of course, we could use them for battle too!” Bai Yu said softly .

Qin Feng let out a cold smirk . It was already night time . This girl was showing her wings openly like an airhead . What was she thinking? Hoping to attract Shades over?

“What’s your business here? Shoot!”

Bai Yu smiled warmly . “We both belong to the humanoid species . Now that this land that once belonged to the Soul Tribe had opened up, there are countless Prodigies coming here to fight for the Sacred Armor . I thought you and I could work together…”

However, before Bai Yu was able to finish, Qin Feng rejected her without hesitation .

“Not interested!”

His conscious energy too was displaying a determined rejection to her .

“Err…” Bai Yu was stumped after hearing this . Come on now! She had not even told him about her proposal!

“Look, please don’t reject this so quickly . You should know… there are many more enemies lying ahead . There are the wraith devils, the Devil Tribe, dragon-borne, blood-borne… they are all nasty adversaries, you know!”

These were not just the ones in this place . In fact, there were a lot more of the intelligent species present here . And they were quite powerful too . If one wanted to pull this through, forming an alliance with one another was a safe way . Many who fought alone were either quickly left behind or killed .

“I only work together with the strong . I might meet more people in the future that are a lot stronger . So, for now, I intend to do this solo!” Qin Feng responded coldly .

“Are you saying we’re not strong?”

Bai Yu’s face instantly turned grim . The warm friendliness was now gone; now, there was a snobbish demeanor cloaked on her face .

She was a Celestial, the race that was revered by many . If it were not because Qin Feng looked strong, she would not talk to him so warmly .

“Oh, and you’re saying you are?” Qin Feng smirked . He saw through her fake friendliness from the start; thus, he decided to reject her outright . He was not interested in becoming a pawn for her .

“Alright then . I’ll be expecting you at the depths of this wretched land . Now, try to stay alive before the actual fight for the Sacred Armor!”

After exchanging heated words, Bai Yu turned and walked away .

Qin Feng did not even spare her another look . After putting down his communicator to record the surrounding areas, Qin Feng lay down to rest .

Fortunately, the Celestials like Bai Yu did not seem to have any intention of giving him any trouble for now despite him rejecting their invitation to team up .


Meanwhile, at the Dragon Capital… The Prodigies that ventured here had all acquired a lot of prizes and were allowed to train in the city’s training grounds .

Jin Fei and Zhou Hao did quite well . As such, they got to train there too . As for the A-tiers, their attention was mostly directed to the ones who were at the top of the Dragon Gate Tower .

In less than eighteen hours, there was already someone coming out from there . And it was not just one, but two people stepping out .

And these two were Ai Duo and Pang Ruo .

These two were still rather weak so they could only venture around the edge of the tower . When night came, the place got even more perilous . As such, they left the tower in less than twenty four hours .

Pang Ruo’s family came to pick him up . The items that were in his hands were, of course, digested by now .

As for Ai Duo’s items, those were already booked by Ge Lang .

If it were not for that, these people would not have invested so much in raising the prodigies .

“Ai Duo, hand over the stuff . We can appraise and see how much we could give you when we see it . If there is any Secret Technique Scroll from the Soul Tribe, we could sell them on the net for you . Don’t worry, we’ll net you a good price!”

Ai Duo did not know just how valuable these items were; hence, he handed them over . And yet, the money he got from those was so much that he felt dizzy when seeing the number . These things were worth a few trillions of power credits!

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Ge Lang did not hesitate at all when making the transaction . He had promised to aid Ai Duo after all . Also, he also wanted to ensure that Ai Duo had plenty of money so he would not be financially disadvantaged .

Ai Duo was, of course, overjoyed for receiving this gigantic paycheck .

The onlookers were looking at them with envy .

After Ai Duo left, the other A-tiers approached Ge Lang to congratulate him .

“Generael Ge, nice haul today, huh?”

Ge Lang laughed out joyously before settling down, “No no, please . These belong to the West Region Human Alliance . These are not mine . ”

“Yeah, I suppose . However, since it belongs to the alliance, that means we all get to share!”

“If you find anything good in the future, be sure to give us a discount, yea?”

“Right! Perhaps your discovery this year would help us a lot!”

As they were chatting away to kiss Ge Lang’s ass, these Soul Tribe members found that most of the items were machineries . Some of them were even enchanted with runes . As such, these could certainly improve humans’ lives .

However, there was no way that Ai Duo could finish researching these alone . And he got to earn a lot of cash by selling these out in one go too .

Of course, the ones who really benefited from these was not him . It was never him .

Real powerful people did not need to lift a finger—they always acted behind the scenes, like a puppeteer .

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On the third day, Long Gan and the others were also back . Naturally, their haul was even bigger .

They had three members after all . As such, they could aid one another in killing, slaughtering and raiding in there . If it were not for them being surrounded by other species, they could get even more loot than this .

All three of them were affiliated to their own families . As such, they gave their loot to their families .

The only one who had not come out yet was Qin Feng!

“Qin Feng ascended at the last minute . He is a C3-tier now . With that strength, he could get even more loot than these guys!”

“Yeah, when he comes out, Shang Han could buy these loot from Qin Feng if she wants to!”

“Yeah, but who knows how long he can last in there?”

The A-tiers speculated as they looked at the tower, hoping to see any signs of Qin Feng’s return .

However, the fourth day came and went… the fifth day… sixth…

And yet, Qin Feng did not return .

Even Shang Han was worried after seeing this .

“Qin Feng is strong indeed . He probably ventured to much more dangerous areas… could he have been slain by the other intelligent species?”