Master of the End Times - Chapter 548

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Chapter 548: Let’s Work Together for Now

Chapter 548: Let’s Work Together for Now

As everyone was worried for him, unsettling rumors about Qin Feng’s demise started to spread .

Of course, the ones who really worried for Qin Feng were not the A-tiers—it was Jin Fei, Zhou Hao and the employees of the Fengli Organization .

This was a trip into another dimension; as such, they could not reach Qin Feng’s communicator . With how massive the Fengli Organization was now, they had a lot of enemies inside and outside of their company .

During his training at Dragon Capital, Zhou Hao was pulling a long face as his intense aura splurged out of his body . His Golden Queen Ant was flapping its wings on his shoulder, ready to strike at any time .

“Get them all on a blacklist . When Qin Feng comes back, make sure to submit it to him . Let’s have these ungrateful bastards fired!” Zhou Hao was furious .

The one who was sitting opposite of him was Xue Xingfu .

Xue Xingfu sighed, “Although our dear chairman could come back with good results every time, this time he’s heading to the Secret Territory of Dragon Capital . No one knows just how dangerous the place is!”

“Xue Xingfu! Don’t tell me even you don’t have faith in him? He’s only been gone for a few days . Don’t give me this bullcrap!” Zhou Hao was getting more and more agitated as he heard what Xue Xingfu had to say .

Xue Xingfu shrugged . “No, I’m just worried for him . You know, it’s reassuring to have him around to cover for us when our company goes around making so many enemies . But now with him away, I feel so insecure!”

Xue Xingfu’s “power” was merely his wealth—he did not have much training despite having recently ascended to D-tier .

As for Zhou Hao, he had been steadily getting more powerful via training . His potential was rather limitless at this rate .

“Then I want you to stop this demotivating talk from now on . Bai Li is with Qin Feng right now . So, nothing wrong can happen . And since people think that we, the Fengli Organization, is a thorn on their sides, then we’ll downsize and make the organization limited to a small size with elites . We didn’t really have the thought of hiring so many goons in the first place . Now, go and fire those bastards!”

Although firing a lot of employees in one go could result in a huge scandal, Zhou Hao did not care much about it right now .

To him, it was these ungrateful bastards trying to stir sh*t up .

“Fine, I’ll do just that . ” Xue Xingfu nodded .

After they disconnected their communicators, Xue Xingfu continued dealing with the management in the Fengli Organization while Zhou Hao continued on with his training to make himself stronger .

If he was too weak, he would not be able to keep up with Qin Feng . If he could not keep up, he would not be able to help Qin Feng defend his empire .

As such, he had to work harder .

If he did not work harder, how was he any different than a useless trash?


Meanwhile, Qin Feng had ventured close to the Soul Tribe’s ruined city .

The center of this city was apparently the main place where most battles happened . He could find high-leveled and high-powered guns along the way on the road .

In this area, every enemy was at least around C3-tier . And every one of them was a King-tier!

Some of them were Emperor-tier too!

If it were not for Qin Feng’s powerful dantian and internal energy—ones that were even stronger than B-tiers, he would have definitely been defeated in no time .

“Bai Li, how’s our surroundings?” Qin Feng asked .

“Hmm, there are 123 people around . Their Shade levels are high too . Most of them are in stealth mode right now . ” Bai Li answered .

Qin Feng frowned upon hearing this .

One hundred twenty three enemies? There were simply too many of them!

Still, this was also expected . After all, almost every single loot that could be found here had huge research value or were highly-prized treasures .

Luckily, Qin Feng was no weakling . And he had Bai Li on his side too .

Unlike Qin Feng who had to kill and devour the ultra beasts actively, Bai Li could store crystal cores in her dimension and digest them passively . Hence, she was able to ascend much faster than he could .

Now, she was already a C6-tier beast emperor . She was the most powerful entity among all the creatures in the scene right now .

“Well, when the fight begins, it would not just be these 100-ish people . There could be more coming our way . After all, there are a lot of people aiming for the Sacred Armor!” Qin Feng calmly analyzed the situation at hand .

He saw something floating in the air from a distance—it was a silver glove .

He could sense that this thing was definitely an equipment with great power!

In just a week, Qin Feng was able to analyze and understand the area over here . These kinds of Sacred Armors were quite rare . In fact, the Soul Tribe only had twelve Second-grade Sacred Armors and one Top-grade Sacred Armor back then .

Even though this was a glove, there were already many prodigies crowding over, waiting to grab it .

Still, Qin Feng knew that there was a thirty-meter tall Shade roaming in the area . It was able to move swiftly and devour several prodigies’ souls last night .

Now, all everyone was doing was stare at the place, trying to suppress their overflowing desire for the treasure .

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Right now, no one dared to be the first to come out . Moving out early would only get themselves killed, which would then mean that they would not be able to nab the treasure back home alive .

Hence, right now there was a stalemate .

Suddenly, a silhouette walked out from the shadows .

It was the Celestial—Bai Yu!

There were also four other female Celestials tailing her too . Every one of them was emitting strong presence, showing proof that they were quite powerful too .

However, there were also other entities that were much more powerful than these five . For one, there was a C5-tier member from the Ironvein Tribe!

This guy was around five-meter-tall and had a full body seemingly formed with steel . Not only that, he was able to conceal his information by shift-shaping his body’s components into rocks . Despite his great size, no one dared to come out and confront him, allowing him to survive for this long .

Bai Yu knew that there were a lot of people hiding in the area . Her conscious energy perked up and rippled through the area with a message she wanted to inform everyone .

“Ladies and gentlemen, it would be a waste of time for us to keep on with this stalemate . How about we form an alliance? Let’s slay this Shade first . Then, we will start fighting for the Sacred Armor fair and square . ”

“Fair and square”? Right .

Everyone knew that at the very least they would not be able to win against that C5-tier Ironvein Tribe member .

Seeing that no one was stepping out to accept her invitation, Bai Yu continued persuading, “Besides, if we form an alliance here, we could also keep out other intruders that arrive later . If they did not participate in slaying this Shade, they have no right to fight for the Sacred Armor . I believe no one here wants the latecomers to come and nab the prize, right?”

“If you intend to not join me, then fine . Stay here and continue to waste your time! However, if you come out now and join me, perhaps we could form an alliance in the future too . This would mean we could do a lot more together, you know!”

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Still, this still meant that in the end the Sacred Armor would still belong to the one with more people on their side .

However, there were about twenty in total who walked out of their hiding places .

Seeing this, there were more and more coming out too .

Qin Feng took some time to think about it before saying, “Perhaps we should check it out!”


Bai Li nodded in agreement .

If it were nabbing the prize in a battle royale, there was no way she would chicken out from it! She was in fact a professional in doing so!

Qin Feng retracted his dark-type energy and walked out from his hiding with Bai Li .

Both of them were small in size and number but no one dared to look down on them .

Bai Yu too had noticed Qin Feng .

She had tried to extend an invitation to form an alliance to Qin Feng but he rejected her outright back then . As such, she had a bad impression of him .

“Huh, I thought this dude said he doesn’t want to work with weaklings? And yet, now he has stepped out and accepted it!”

Of course, she knew that Qin Feng stepping out to join her “alliance” right now was not for her sake .

The thought of him still not thinking highly of her made her even more agitated than before .