Master of the End Times - Chapter 549

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Chapter 549: A Coordinated Hunt

Chapter 549: A Coordinated Hunt

Moreover, when Bai Yu saw Bai Li she felt even more furious than before .

Oh, so he did not want to work with her because he wanted to find someone more beautiful than her?!

“This b*tch! She must be just another weak flower vase!”

Bai Yu had no good impression of Bai Li at all .

However, right now every single person who stepped out was agreeing to her public call for alliance earlier, so there was no way she could refuse working with Qin Feng .

Not only that, Qin Feng had become something of a celebrity in the last few days . As such, after seeing that even Qin Feng had seemingly agreed to this alliance, many felt that this alliance was a plausible solution to their problem at hand .

At the very least, they did not want to be Qin Feng’s enemy right now .

And with him in the alliance to deter the latecomers, there was no way they would have the chance to fight for the Sacred Armor after the Shade had been slain .

Thus, more and more were stepping out of the shadows . There were now more than hundreds coming out to join Bai Yu .

After waiting for about five minutes, seeing that no one else was coming out to join her, Bai Yu opened her mouth again, “From now on, everyone here now is a member of our temporary alliance . Even though this alliance would be dissolved after we defeat that Shade, if there are any latecomers that want to grab the Sacred Armor or attack one of us here, we should all work together again to fight them off!”

Of course, she did not mention what should happen after the Shade was dead . Everyone knew what should happen anyway .

“Certainly . ”

“Okay, you have my word!”

“We are all prodigies here! As such, you can trust all of us here! We will keep our promise!”

Thus, the alliance was formed .

The first to dash forward was the C5-tier Ironvein Tribe creature . He dragged his massive stone hammer on the ground, accumulating momentum, before tossing it straight at the silver glove .


Before the stone hammer was able to hit the silver glove, a powerful energy appeared instantly next to the equipment, sending a terrifying shockwave rippling across the ruins .

Then, a huge Shade appeared before everyone .

It was about a hundred meters in height and thirty meters wide .

Its feet alone were about thirteen to fourteen meters wide .

To add on, most Shades did not retain their current form for a long time . Thus, if it wanted, it might be able to grow even larger than this .


The Shade raised its arm and slapped down its gigantic palm onto the prodigies! Qin Feng was one of them too .

“Internal force shield!”

Qin Feng quickly rowed up his internal energy to form a sturdy barrier around him while stabbing his Verdant Emperor Saber upward .


Five Prodigies around Qin Feng were covered and completely crushed by the gigantic palm

“Pfff!!” A prodigy spewed blood before slumping down .

This Shade was too powerful!

“Argghh!!” A prodigy perked up his energy and stabbed it straight at the massive palm

Feeling his and Qin Feng’s attacks, the Shade let out a furious roar and raised its palm up again .

The prodigies’ attacks on the Shade were like a human hitting on the ground . Sure, the ground’s soil might have been flattened by the human hand; however, there could be stones on the ground too .

This meant that the prodigies could have been hurt by this attack while doing very little damage on the Shade .

The attacks did not hurt much . However, it provoked the Shade .

Shades were simple, emotional-reactive creatures . Their attack patterns were mainly reactive too .

Hence, in the next instant, another wave of terrifying energy rushed straight at them .

“Dragon Steps!”

Qin Feng knew he could block this attack forcefully . As such, he quickly moved away from the spot, evading the attack . A prodigy was not able to move away in time . In an excruciating cry, he was enveloped in that powerful energy wave!

Thankfully, he had several powerful, sturdy equipment on him, allowing him to survive the attack!

Nonetheless, this also meant that he had revealed his trump card . Not only that, he had now endured great damage and could be potentially retaining grave wounds .

Thus, without hesitation, he quickly waved out a dimensional portal and fled the scene .

Several people noticed this . However, no one stopped him from fleeing .

After all, with him gone, this meant that they would have one less competitor to fight against later on!

As the prodigies attacked the Shade again and again, they started to struggle against the enormous monstrosity .

Booom! Boooom!


“Gosh, that hurts!”


With the noises of battle rocking and echoing in the ruins, more and more powerful attacks and skills were being used .

Having activated his Fiery Peacock Wings, Qin Feng darted straight to the sky as he charged up his dark-type energy .

“Light of Death!”

In an instant, the Shade’s shoulder was enveloped by Qin Feng’s dark runes . As its shoulder started to disintegrate, Qin Feng was able to absorb a significant amount of its energy .

The Shade roared painfully as it grew an additional arm on its back and hurled a slap toward Qin Feng .

“Fire Dragon Style!”

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In an instant, a massive Fire Dragon appeared before the Shade and entangled the massive arm, allowing Qin Feng to fly away .

Thus, with the combined strength of the prodigies, the gigantic Shade became weaker and weaker!

“Good! This darn monster is about to die!”

“I better get ready then!”

“Heh, no way! I’ll kill all of you! The Sacred Armor is mine!”

Unlike their careful attitude earlier, the prodigies had now started to become agitated .

This Sacred Armor was something much more powerful than the other God Equipment . As such, it was quite natural for them to be excited over it .

Thus, they began to strike at the Shade with stronger attacks .

Qin Feng too was not letting up . His eyes were fuming with fire as he leered at the Shade’s sheer body .

“Blazing Sky!”

A potent energy gushed out of his Verdant Emperor Saber!


Thus, the Shade was completely destroyed by Qin Feng’s attack .

The Shade’s body began to disintegrate into countless light particles and dissipate into the air .

Qin Feng, of course, started to absorb them into his body, further strengthening himself .

His conscious energy instantly rose up as he felt a surge of energy flowing in his body .

His consciousness had now ascended to C4-tier .

In an instant, Qin Feng was able to extend his consciousness to scan a larger area around him and realized that there were about five hundred prodigies coming their way .

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Suddenly, a pillar of silver light beamed up to the sky as soon as the Shade died .

This silver light was even brighter and wider than that of the Shade, almost a hundred meters wide . Not only that the Shades that were hiding in the area too were lured to them by the silver light .

The prodigies were too occupied with the thought of fighting for the Sacred Armor and did not notice this glaring phenomenon .


Countless Shades dashed to their location in the next moment .

What a terrifying sight!

The Prodigies were shocked when they saw this!

“Qui… Quick! We have to run!”

With hundreds and hundreds of Shades coming their way, these prodigies did not dare to stay and fight . If they stayed, the only thing that awaited them was the never-ending waves of Shades’ attacks .

“No!!! No, I can’t leave! I must have the Sacred Armor!”

“The armor… If I can get the Sacred Armor, I could flee away via my dimensional portal! Yes, it’s possible to do that!”

Many prodigies had this idea . Hence, the prodigies who were about five hundred meters away quickly dashed forward into the light .

In an instant, the whole place was as chaotic as hell .

Within this blinding silver light, no one was able to see and detect exactly where this silver glove was . As such, all they could do was fly around in the light to search for it .

The silver light pillar was not really huge too . As such, everyone started to fight among themselves as they rammed into one another!

It was then, a terrifying dimensional energy rained down from the sky and devoured the silver light—Bai Li had finally shown her hand!