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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:35:29 PM

Chapter 61

Chapter 61: A Loss of 600 Million!

“I’m betting on my victory, 5 million!” Qin Feng contacted Xiao Lian prior to transferring over 5 million .

Staring at the number on her communicator, Xiao Lian could not believe that she was holding such a huge sum of money in her hands .

This only stunned her for a moment, and she immediately shoved aside the greed that was creeping within her, not daring to look at it again . After all this was not her money .

However, at the time he was placing his bet, Xiao Lian was rather bewildered .

‘Is he so confident that he can win? He’s an orphan, shouldn’t he be short on money? Yet, he put 5 million on himself . ’

Xiao Lian looked at Qin Feng who was in the ring, and at that moment, she felt a surge of excitement .

‘Believe in him! He can win!’

Xiao Lian gritted her teeth and decided to add 50 thousand from her own savings .

As the 5 . 05 million on her communicator was automatically swept away, Xiao Lian’s heart began to thump rapidly in her chest .

Arm Breaker had just re-entered the ring .

With a crooked grin, he had already gotten the order to brutally beat the boy up, better yet, to tear him apart .

To a G8-tier Ancient Warrior, this would be a piece of cake .

He was only a little baby that had just recently awakened!

In the backstage, Jiang Shaoyang watched as more and more money was bet on Qin Feng and nodded in satisfaction .

Yes, he would be able to make tens of millions again today!

Tens of millions, even an F-Tier ability user would have to risk their lives for up to a week in order to make that kind of money . Jiang Shaoyang only had to open his mouth and a pile of money would land on his lap!

This gave him a sense of fulfillment .

Not only that, it also gave him a sense of control over people’s lives .

He was very pleased with himself .


As the barriers rose around the ring, the emcee’s voice rang out .

[The peak showdown begins now! Lets see if our Mad Fox can get a five match winning streak!]

With that said, the referee brought his hand down and the fight began .

Qin Feng did not bother waiting, he was the first one to launch a direct attack!

His strength was already at a G9-tier, 3 tiers higher than Arm Breaker’s, and Arm Breaker was barely able to react to Qin Feng’s sudden attack .

Grimm struck out and only after a few moves he managed to grab Arm Breaker’s arm before locking it behind his opponent .

“This arm . How many people’s arms did this arm break?”

“Roar! Let me go!” Arm Breaker roared and struggled only to find that the force that was holding him was too powerful to break free from .

“Let go? Sure!”

Qin Feng said, his hand jerked violently and in that moment he snapped one of Arm Breaker’s arms .


Before Arm Breaker could continue to cry out, Qin Feng went ahead and snapped the other arm .

Those who had seen the fight between Arm Breaker and Ruthless Tiger would have noticed that Qin Feng’s actions were an exact copy of Arm Breaker’s, minus the swagger and arrogance that the latter displayed .

Qin Feng kicked at Arm Breaker’s leg, knocking him down, and after two cracks sounded, he had snapped both of Arm Breaker’s legs .

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“You surrender now and I may be in a good enough mood to let you go,” Qin Feng’s voice casually floated over .

Arm Breaker quickly cried out, “I surrender, I surren-…duh!”

Qin Feng punched him in the abdomen, activating his Asteroid Assimilation!

Arm Breaker’s internal force felt as if it was bundled up for a moment, then all of it was absorbed . Arm Breaker knew that at that moment, all of his internal force had disappeared .

“You… What did you do to me?” Arm Breaker blubbered in panic .

Qin Feng let out a frosty laugh . “Surrender . In underground fights, there is no such thing as ‘surrender’!”

Qin Feng took Arm Breaker’s line from before and tossed it right back at him, word for word .

“You played me?” Arm Breaker glared at Qin Feng, now knowing that Qin Feng was merely pulling his leg earlier on .

“I said that if I was in a good mood I’d let you go . What a shame, because I’m not in a very good mood right now!”

Scumbags like these, Qin Feng would naturally not show any mercy . It was better if they died off one by one!

“You can’t kill me, I’m a member of the Eagle Club . If you kill me, you’re never leaving this platform!”

Qin Feng frostily laughed again, he would not be able to leave?

He did not believe that . It would just be him against some G6-tier opponents, and if the Eagle Club did send people after him, it would be after he had already left .

In fact, he could not wait for these people to come!

With a final blow, Qin Feng pressed down onto Arm Breaker’s neck and after a crunch, left his opponent with a twisted neck, and eyes rolled into the back of his head . The body collapsed as life ebbed from it .

The murderer, finally put to death!

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Qin Feng had used Arm Breaker’s own tactic to kill him, leaving the onlookers absolutely speechless, and also blood boiling in their veins .

This was truly a match that carried a grudge!

“Hahaha, I’ve won a million!”

“Upset, this is an upset!”

“Awesome, what a great day!”

“How the f*ck is Arm Breaker such garbage! This fight’s staged!”

“My money!”

The audience roared with excitement and some started cursing out loud . However, this scene could always be seen within the Eagle Clubhouse .

Everything had always been controlled by those behind the scene, but that was not the case today .

Both the referee and the emcee broke out in cold sweat, this was not the outcome that they thought would occur .

It was supposed to be Qin Feng dead on the ground and Arm Breaker emerging victorious . Yet, as if some kind of ironic twist of fate, Arm Breaker was the one lying lifeless .

Perhaps they were both stunned for too long, the audience began to get rowdy .

“Announce it! Announce it already!”

“Where are my winnings? Why haven’t you sent it yet?!”

All of a sudden, a sea of queries arose from the crowd, coming from all directions .

“Boss!” The referee shouted into his communicator, to Jiang Shaoyang who was on the other side .

“Boom!” was the huge blast of a sound that returned, it was clear that Jiang Shaoyang had flipped over his table in a fit of rage!

In this bet of 1:8, the bet he had collected was 80 million in total . In other words, he had just lost 600 million!

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Even for the F8-tier Jiang Shaoyang, something like this was a huge sum of money . His face was contorted with rage .

“Hoo!” Jiang Shaoyang deeply exhaled, “Announce! Convince him to come again tomorrow! He wants to play? Then we’ll play it big!”

“Yes, Manager!” The referee nodded and announced the results .

At the same time, everyone there was clamouring at their communicators .

Xiao Lian looked at the amount of money on her communicator and could hardly believe her eyes .

40 . 4 million Huaxia tokens!

A series of numbers that made her unable to open her eyes . “I’m rich! I’m rich!” Xiao Lian said incredulously .

Xiao Lian was so happy that she could not help herself . A seed of greed began to sprout in her heart, and at that moment she considered just taking the money and leaving .

It was just that moment Xiao Lian’s communicator vibrated .

“Got the money?”

It was Qin Feng .

Xiao Lian unwittingly looked at the ring, seeing Qin Feng standing there, indifferent and raising his sight from his communicator and looking directly at her .

She felt a shiver run down her spine as the recollection of Qin Feng killing Arm Breaker snapped her out of her daze .

“Sent! It’s sent! I’m transferring over to you right now!”

Xiao Lian hurriedly transferred 40 million over to Qin Feng as her heart fell .

“Beep! Beep!” She received a message on her communicator . Xiao Lian opened it and saw that it was a transfer of 1 million tokens .

Sent by Qin Feng .

She could hardly contain her excitement and at that moment it felt like she had the entire world .

When she looked up again, she realized that there was no sight of Qin Feng on the ring!