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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:35:21 PM

Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Beast King Xiao Bai

“Now the little forebear shouldn’t be angry anymore!” Qin Feng took the package down from the roof, walked to the second floor bedroom and knocked on the door .

“Xiao Bai, I brought you a present, do you want it or not?” Qin Feng asked .

No movement from within .

“It’s an energy core . Your favorite food!” Qin Feng insisted .

This time, there was finally movement from behind the door, and with a click, the door was opened .

Qin Feng entered the bedroom and saw that Xiao Bai was back to curling up on its pillow after opening the door, coldly disregarding his presence .

“I promise they’ll taste very good . They are very powerful energy cores . I’m trying to apologize, alright?”

Qin Feng coaxed the fox as if he was trying to coax his daughter .

Xiao Bai had not been growing this entire time . The only thing was its fur that was getting fluffier, and it was hardly the size of two palms . How could someone not pity this small creature?

Qin Feng had already killed a number of people but he would not ever touch a fur on Xiao Bai .

This far exceeded the gratitude toward Xiao Bai’s saving grace . Maybe it was because of the contract . Maybe it was the days of getting along and fighting side by side .

Qin Feng knew that Xiao Bai would never really disregard its own existence .

“Hmph!” Xiao Bai harrumphed and finally snatched the gift away from Qin Feng’s hands, at the same time giving Qin Feng a glare .

Yet, Qin Feng knew that Xiao Bai had forgiven him by now .

Xiao Bai hugged the gift and with a swift swipe of its paws it opened up the box to see the five energy cores lying inside, all of which varied in sizes .

Xiao Bai chose the smallest one and crunched down onto it . However, instead of falling into a deep sleep, all of the fur on its body stood up on their ends and Xiao Bai let out a whimpering sound .

Qin Feng, who was trying to fall asleep, immediately sat up and looked at Xiao Bai . “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with the crystal core?”

Qin Feng’s first thought was that someone had poisoned the crystal cores but he felt that he was not thinking rationally .

The aura exuding from Xiao Bai’s body violently rose, this kind of aura seemed like a promotion . Not only that, the fur on its long tail was growing at a rate visible to the naked eye, almost forming a fan of some kind .

Xiao Bai’s strength was quickly rising as well .

The different crystals Qin Feng had obtained from hunting ultra beasts were all given to Xiao Bai . Although it had only been born for a short period of time, within a month, Xiao Bai had not only evolved into a beast general, but its strength should be around G8 tier .

Now, after eating the beast king energy core, it did not go to sleep, which meant that the power change had to be something huge .

Xiao Bai’s energy aura changed from that of a beast general to that of a beast king . Upon seeing this, Qin Feng was naturally very happy .

A beast king contractual ultra beast . That was something most beastmasters would find impossible to have .

Xiao Bai’s potential really was immense .

In an instant, a crystal core was gone, there was a slight drop in Xiao Bai’s aura so Qin Feng hurriedly handed a crystal over to Xiao Bai, which it immediately slurped up .

Perhaps it also realized that it had reached an important key moment .

After a short while, Xiao Bai’s power continued to rise, and its previously small-as-two-palms size grew to that of half a meter . In reality, Xiao Bai was not really that small, but because it was easier for Qin Feng to carry it around it maintained that appearance . To highly intelligent ultra beasts such as Xiao Bai, shapeshifting was almost a necessary ability .

Xiao Bai continued to devour the crystal cores . The third one, fourth one, fifth one!

Xiao Bai’s aura violently burst forth, unleashing a startling, monarch-like majesty from its body .

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The whole Qinghu area, even the villa area next to it could feel this sudden surge in power . It would never be known just how many people were jolted from their dreams, so startled that they were ready for a fight-or-flight situation .

“Xiao Bai! Quickly reabsorb your aura!” Qin Feng immediately shouted .

Xiao Bai quickly got its aura under control, but its appearance had changed greatly . Its tail had grown from the length of two palms to half a meter, but the fluffy tail had split right down the center and become two .

A twin-tailed fox demon .

Xiao Bai had risen to F tier, not only that, it was at the beast king tier .

Unexpectedly, Xiao Bai managed to reach F tier before Qin Feng did!

This new look for Xiao Bai made it look quite powerful and had this kingly majesty to it but…

“Xiao Bai, you’ve become like this in just an instant . How am I supposed to take you to school today?”

Xiao Bai had already made its appearance in school before .

Upon hearing Qin Feng say that, its crystal bright eyes widened and already it seemed like it was judging Qin Feng .


Xiao Bai was fuming once again . It was going to be locked in the house again even after the promise that something would change, what a liar .

Those other two-legged beasts could be seen walking around with their masters .

With that thought, Xiao Bai suddenly thought of an idea .

The next moment, Qin Feng noticed that the fur on Xiao Bai’s body and tail had begun to quickly fade away, and the silver fur on its head was growing longer and thicker .

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Its body began to elongate, and the bald pink skin it had developed to resemble human skin .

Its ears became round, the tip of its mouth and nose contracted, and its chin became more prominent, becoming more solid .

White-colored eyebrows, a pair of crystal fox-like eyes, a small nose and lips tender and delicate .

Qin Feng was beyond shocked!



Xiao Bai spoke with a crisp voice, the exact voice that Qin Feng heard when communicating by invoking the contract .

However, at this moment, Xiao Bai was no longer a fox, but an actual person .

White long hair that was emanating a silvery glow reached its waist, an alluring face that did not seem mortal came up to Qin Feng and asked in an extremely arrogant tone, “How’s this? Can I go with you now? You humans are so troublesome!”

Qin Feng . “…”

He only felt his nose getting hot, something warm was dribbling out and he quickly covered his nose!

“Xiao Bai! Put some clothes on first!”

For the first time after his rebirth, Qin Feng felt the meaning of being in a state of frenzy .

Xiao Bai had transformed but it bore no human instincts whatsoever, it was completely bare with no intention of covering itself up .

Despite having transformed, Xiao Bai was as flat as an airport and looked the equivalent of thirteen to fourteen years of age . Yet, Qin Feng was unable to stop his mind from briefly rocketing off into fantasy, especially with Xiao Bai’s crisp call of ‘Master’ .

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He felt like he was going to have a heart attack .

“I can’t wear my clothes now can I!”

Xiao Bai picked up some of the scraps on the ground in distress, looking at the small wedding dress that had been torn after elevating into beast king tier .

She only had this one set of clothing right now, the others were still being tailor made .

Qin Feng hurriedly got up and said, “Wear mine first!”

He took out a shirt and put it on Xiao Bai, it looked like a big long dress .

An especially translucent dress .

She became even more alluring and seductive than when she was not wearing anything!

Qin Feng remembered that before the extinction of humanity there had been books written about fox spirits that could transform into women, charming the world around them . That was apparently not an exaggeration .

“Come! Let’s go buy clothes!”

Qin Feng put several shirts over Xiao Bai in quick succession before buckling a belt around her waist, it was barely considered a dress but it would have to do for the time being .

After feeling more secure about her appearance, Qin Feng grabbed Xiao Bai and quickly left the house!

As for school?

To hell with it, he was skipping class!

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