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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:34:47 PM

Chapter 80

After saying so, Bai Li disappeared in the blink of an eye .

 Zhou Hao knew that Xiao Bai was strong, and he was not exactly clear on how Xiao Bai had disappeared . He just thought that her speed could not be caught by the naked eye .

 In the next moment, Bai Li had already returned with a small bonsai-like tree in her hands . There were a small row of fruits on the tree, red through and through .

 Bai Li plucked one off and put it in her mouth before nodding in satisfaction .

 “Not bad . It’s quite delicious, sweet and sour . ”

 Bai Li had not found anything worth eating since she was born . It was not that she did not need to eat but because human food provided energy that was too mottled, and it was not as good as the energy she received from energy cores!

 However, she had eaten talent fruits before and nowadays there were more of those lying around, naturally that was a good thing .

 Qin Feng saw the fruit and instantly knew what it was .

 “Bludcatarrch fruit!”

 Speaking of which, the fruit was pretty disgusting . It was a spirit herb cultivated by vampire bats using their own phlegm . It was not exactly phlegm though as it was actually weak heart blood . The heart blood was a jelly with a fruit-like shape, hence the nickname ‘bludcatarrch’ fruit .

 While the fruit did not sound appetizing it had a strong physical growth ability, which was a thousand times stronger than the blood from a giant bat .

 This kind of treasure was not something a normal giant bat could produce .

 “Shoot!” Qin Feng’s face became pale .

 Zhou Hao had also just realized what it was, after all he had only gone through the course about Greenhill mines the day before . It was said that the place was giant bat territory, where there were ultra beasts such as vampire bats producing spirit herbs like nyxweed, sonicblooms and of course, bludcatarrch fruit .

 To think he would unexpectedly come across these today!

 It was just then that Teacher’s words came to mind, “As the blood of many bats are needed, the production of bludcatrrch fruits are overseen by higher rank ultra beasts, forcing the lower rank ultra beasts into cooperation to nurture them . As such, when this kind of fruit appears, we need to be aware of our surroundings . Powerful beast generals may be nearby, or even a beast king!”

 Thinking of this, Zhou Hao’s face also waned and beads of sweat formed on his brow .

 “Move!” Qin Feng shouted .

 Zhou Hao picked himself up and bolted after Qin Feng .

 Xiao Bai had no idea what was going on, but gracefully chased after the two . Despite wearing high heels, she had no problem keeping up with them .

 If one were to look carefully, the person would be able to see that her feet were not touching the ground at all .

 “Why are you running?”

 Bai Li was oblivious .

 Then there came a cacophony of noise, all the sound of flapping wings seemed so dense that there was no way to make out the number of bats causing the ruckus .

 Qin Feng’s face hardened .

 He took the opportunity to look behind him and, in the darkness, saw hundreds of bats flying over .

 If it were not for the cave not being very big, the numbers would be even more!

 “Xiao Bai, in front of me!” Qin Feng pushed Bai Li away and hysterically urged his consciousness to come forth .

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 The satellite near the crystal orb suddenly burst into a huge rune .

 Zhou Hao felt the light behind him shining brightly . Not knowing what was happening, he could not help himself but look behind him, he saw Qin Feng shrouded in a mysterious rune .

 The runes were all black and red, rising up from around him, and there looked to be thousands upon thousands of them .

 Qin Feng raised his hand and a fireball appeared in front of him . It was only about the size of a fist until hundreds of thousands of runes flooded toward the fireball, quickly making it grow in size .

 In the blink of an eye, the fireball turned into a huge ball of flame more than three meters tall that almost blocked the entire tunnel of the mine .


 Qin Feng pushed forward and the fireball thundered forth, charging toward the swarm .

 Like being burned to a crisp, the bats who were in hot pursuit were all burned by the flame . Even if they did not die immediately, they would have been knocked out . A fireball in this kind of channel would be able to kill anything in an instant .

 Zhou Hao stared on, dumbstruck and his jaw hanging .

 “Ability user! Is it really that powerful?” Zhou Hao murmured, the display of power was terrifying .

 “What are you doing? Run!”

 Qin Feng pushed Zhou Hao and the two started to run again .

 The fireball had disappeared and the sound of flapping wings could be heard in the distance . This time it sounded more frantic, as if it was gaining speed, as a sharp shriek came toward their direction .

 Zhou Hao felt a stinging sensation in his ears .

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 “It’s a beast soldier giant bat, G5 rank!” This was not good news for Zhou Hao . He had the ability to take down a bunch of ultra beasts but that did not mean that he could take on a beast soldier . That was well out of his capabilities .

 Fortunately, the tunnel exit was right ahead .

 “Qin Feng! That’s a bad idea! If we run out, they’ll keep chasing us! It’s dark out!” Zhou Hao frantically said .

 Qin Feng calmly replied, “Relax . ”

 Zhou Hao was suddenly full of questions, but after hearing Qin Feng say that he could only put more power into his legs and keep going forward . It was a good thing Qin Feng gave him the Obsidian Gale Leg ability or else the bats would have caught up by now!

 “Xiao Bai! Take out the box of bombs!” Qin Feng said .

 Xiao Bai raised her hand and instantly the box appeared . Even while running for their lives, she was dependable and stable .

 It was completely filled with bombs .

 Not just any bomb, but extremely powerful timed bombs .

 Qin Feng got them from He Li’s Space Rune equipment, massive destructive power, and was saving it for a future occasion . He did not expect having to waste it on a G5 rank giant bat .

 Qin Feng knew that not using it would be a bad idea, just like Zhou Hao being worried yesterday . There were an innumerable amount of giant bats within the Greenhill mines, now under the command of some unknown rank giant bat . If they were to rush out now, the consequences were unthinkable .

 “You go on first!” Qin Feng stopped fifty meters from the exit of the tunnel, opening the box directly and quickly planting the bombs on the wall . He was surrounded by twenty to thirty powerful timed explosives, enough to completely destroy the whole tunnel!

 “Qin Feng! Hurry up!” Zhou Hao called out from the tunnel exit .


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 Qin Feng commanded Bai Li to take him to the exit of the tunnel . Fifty meters was just the blink of an eye .

 As Zhou Hao saw the two appear, his heart was finally able to pace itself!

 At this moment, the violent flapping of wings could be heard again .

 “Have fun!” Qin Feng tossed the remote control to Zhou Hao, who immediately slammed onto the red button .


 The whole mountain was rocked by the explosion, rocks broke loose and started crumbling down, and sporadic ultra beasts fled in a panic!

 Zhou Hao stabilized himself before suddenly coughing .

 Smog had surrounded them, and under the moonlight, dust could be seen flying around in the air .

 “Qin Feng, next time, don’t try to entertain me when our lives are at stake! What are you trying to do, acting all cool like?” Zhoa Hao berated through his coughs .

 Qin Feng grinned but did not refute .

 “I don’t know if all the bats are crushed to death!”

 Qin Feng shook his head . “The bombs were only placed to collapse the tunnel, it probably crushed a few hundred, any more than that would be impossible . ”

 And it was that moment that the flapping of wings could be heard and a giant bat suddenly flew out of a cave .