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Chapter 83

Qin Feng and Zhou Hao had to struggle vehemently to finally get away from those people .

 They were not going to join any silly organization .

 The time was already past ten in the morning, it was no surprise that Zhou Hao too was late this time .

 When Qin Feng arrived at school, the second course for rune writing was already underway . Qin Feng knocked on the door and when Cheng Chao saw him, he was undoubtedly rather angry .

 “Go to the back and stand there for the rest of the class!” Cheng Chao said with a straight face .

 “Yes, Teacher,” Qin Feng nodded and stood where he was told without any complaints .

 He drew strange gazes from the others in class, some of admiration, some of contempt and there were even traces of concern among them .

 After all, Qin Feng’s achievements in the gunslinging course were as good as the teacher’s, in the end they were all students of the ability class . What they really wanted was to know how to control their abilities .

 Everyone knew each other’s power level, except for Qin Feng’s . Most people speculated that Qin Feng’s ability was not very powerful . In the future, he might be transferred to be a gunner . The most important point was that Qin Feng seemed like he really did not fit in!

 The class resumed immediately so they no longer lingered on Qin Feng as they continued to concentrate on class .

 Two hours into the class, after announcing that the class had ended, Qin Feng walked up to Cheng Chao’s side .

 Cheng Chao’s face bore a serious expression, no longer concerned whether there were students around as he directly said, “Qin Feng, what’s the matter? You’re not even bothered to take my class now?”

 “Teacher Cheng, I have something I want to talk about . ”

 Qin Feng avoided the question . If it were not for the fact that it was Cheng Chao’s class, he probably might not even be able to attend .

 “What is it? Do you have a reason? You better give me a good reason, otherwise, don’t even think about leaving today!”

 Cheng Chao looked very displeased, Qin Feng really was too unrestrained and did as he pleased .

 Yet Qin Feng still remained nonchalant . He had no traces of guilt nor fear .

 Cheng Chao had not seen such a student for many years .

 Qin Feng nodded and pulled out a palm-sized badge with a letter G used by the alliance engraved on it . “Teacher, now I can go out to help support the fight against the Corpse Corps!”

 Cheng Chao looked at the aptitude user badge and his mouth opened up into an ‘O’ shape!

 Those that were still in the class saw this and their eyes widened .

 “An aptitude user badge . Qin Feng, you’re already a certified ability user?”


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 “Lemme see!”

 At that moment, several people gathered around to gawk at Qin Feng’s badge .

 “That’s probably a fake!” One of them said with uncertainty, in his heart he knew that it could not be true . After all, Qin Feng was a student that did not take class seriously!

 At this point, Cheng Chao was also in disbelief . In fact, he was also unsure whether the badge was real or not, but based on his years of experience, he felt that the badge was not a fake!

 “Real or not, you’ll know after you verify it!” Qin Feng handed the aptitude badge to Cheng Chao .

 Cheng Chao took the badge and flipped open his communicator doubtfully to scan the independent code below . That was something that could not be forged by anyone . Immediately, Qin Feng’s information was displayed and it showed that his certification time was no more than just two hours ago .

 Cheng Chao inhaled sharply .

 For those who had recently awakened, reaching G-tier was not something surprising . For example, Cheng Chao knew that the Ancient Warrior class had a genius called Zhou Hao in it this year . Without any form of systematic training, he was able to punch out up to 500 points in one go .

 Having such strength and being a certified ability user were two completely different things altogether .

 After all, they had to kill two hundred monsters in three days’ time . However, Qin Feng was in class yesterday .

 “This . Wha-When did this happen? Why did you get your certification?” Cheng Chao did not know what to say . Qin Feng replied calmly, “Didn’t I ask you before? So long as someone has reached G-tier they can go help hold back the Corpse Corps . Teacher, you agreed to this before . ”

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 Cheng Chao was speechless for a while, when did he agree to it? However, if one were to become a G-tier ability user, the person did have the ability to help out with the Corpse Corps .

 “So you got certified in only two days’ time? When did you have the time to kill so many ultra beasts?” Cheng Chao asked in astonishment .

 “After school, all at night,” Qin Feng said casually, those hearing this would surely not think that it was something casual at all .

 The wilderness was extremely dangerous at night, and this was something everyone knew from the word going around, but now, Qin Feng did not just go out at night, he had also hunted down two hundred ultra beasts?

 “You’re a lunatic!” Cheng Chao was so shocked that he accidentally blurted out . He quickly came to and coughed politely to cover up his embarrassment . “Qin Feng, since you have a G-tier aptitude user badge, you can naturally go to the frontlines . However, Director Deng has already set off with the others, I’m afraid you won’t be able to catch up with his team!”

 Qin Feng took back the badge and nodded . “I own a car so I’ll go by myself . Teacher, you don’t need to worry . ”

 Cheng Chao could not help but feel worried deep down . However, he knew that there was no way he could stop Qin Feng .

 “Very well, I’ll authorize your school leave, but you must return after one month . That’s when the assessment is being held and you absolutely must attend!”

 After one month, it would be the Five District Assessment, thinking of Qin Feng’s strength made Cheng Chao feel a giddy sense of excitement .

 What a lunatic, and a genius at that!

 He had only been in school for a few days, yet he had reached G tier and even got himself an aptitude certification badge . When it was time to go to the Spring Hunting Ground, would he take down the four other sides and crush the other academies?

 Things would turn in Chengbei’s favor this time, no, it would overturn the outcome .

 “Yes, teacher!”

 Then, Qin Feng left the classroom, leaving the other students in complete shock . The news quickly spread throughout the school . A student from the first grade had become a certified ability user and went to the frontlines .

 But soon they discovered that Qin Feng did not do it alone . Zhou Hao from the Ancient Warrior class was also going as well, and some people were saying that Zhou Hao and Qin Feng were actually friends .

 Surely, the friend of a genius was also a genius!


 Since Qin Feng and Zhou Hao had fought for the whole night, they waited for each other to rest up before heading off into the wilderness .

 The Corpse Corps business had everyone up about in a state of panic . Two days later, people within the colony had also begun to display signs of decay .

 The overwhelming publicity had begun to shroud the entire colony, those with the ability to fight were all summoned and sent off to the field, and they were being paid a hefty sum for it .

 Six o’clock in the evening, Qin Feng and Zhou Hao’s cars that were going down the man-made road that had been opened up eventually reached the frontlines .

 When he saw the crater made by the Hellstone again, he could hardly believe his eyes .