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Chapter 86

“Put on your clothes!” Qin Feng was rather frustrated as he said .

 “The weather is not bad today, I shall wear this dress!” Bai Li was being picky with her choices as she finally took out a dress and put it on .

 Qin Feng did have a lot to ask Bai Li but he did not ask earlier on as Zhou Hao and Xiao Jing were around .

 “Xiao Bai, you dealt with the beast whose arm you broke, what is the probability of his appearance?”

 Although Qin Feng knew that it would be difficult for powerful races to get into the area, he was still a little worried .

 At the end of the day, it was an S-tier presence after all .

 Bai Li shook her head . ” It is impossible, the ability of the person is too powerful and there would be space restriction, which was why it was only able to extend one of its hands, and it was easily crushed by me!”

 “That’s great!” Qin Feng felt relieved .

 Bai Li pouted and felt upset . “Master, I do think that you should not be here, the zombies and the broken arm giant beast share a similar aura, they are definitely here to capture you!”

 Qin Feng had the same assumption and it became even more valid as it was brought up by Bai Li .

 “This will prove that my assumption is right, the Dark-Robed Ripper works for the broken arm giant beast, along with the Emperor Knight, there might be chances of winning if both of us were to face against them!”

 Qin Feng, being an extraordinary F-tier now, had an internal strength compression amount that was higher than normal human beings, combined with his physical strength, Qin Feng believed that he would be able to go up against a normal beast king by himself .

 It was because he himself was also a beast king in the human form!

 However, Bai Li did not show mercy as she said, “Master, you can’t beat them . ”

 Qin Feng pinched Bai Li’s little nose .

 “Why do you not have faith in me!”

 “Master, you are still weak, but, it is okay, I can protect you, and help you escape!”

 Bai Li did not mention defeating the both of them by herself, as she also lacked such powerful capabilities .

 Qin Feng was speechless . “Let’s go, you shall not act this time, and there will be no energy core for you!”

 Qin Feng drew out his Verdant Emperor Saber and was ready for combat .

 Bai Li could not understand why Qin Feng would deprive her of food but the energy cores from zombies were not that powerful, and she was not fond of them!

 However, she still had the responsibility to remind her puny master .

 “Master, stop heading in that direction, they must have received orders from that person to capture you, as soon as they have you, they will kill you and extract your ability core, and the Hell Stone will return to its owner, you must not seek your own death!”

 “Can’t you just have even the slightest faith in me?” Qin Feng was annoyed .

 “The television taught us to be practical and realistic!”

 Qin Feng was speechless once more, what had Bai Li been watching recently!

 She needed more guidance!

 However, Qin Feng had a sudden mischievous idea in his head .

 “Xiao Bai, you shall address me as hubby from now on, and not master, as human beings would not address each other this way!” Qin Feng grinned as he said .

 ‘Since you don’t believe in me, I’m going to take advantage of you!’

 “Oh . Alright, Master… eh, Hubby!” Bai Li nodded and suddenly her eyes widened . “Be careful!”

 All of a sudden, a zombie appeared in the dark and came out from behind a giant tree while it roared and pounced toward Qin Feng .

 Qin Feng waved the Verdant Emperor Saber in hand and slashed the zombie as if he was cutting a watermelon, the zombie that was about G5-tier was immediately slashed down by Qin Feng’s saber .

 When faced against such a zombie, it would only take one slash from Qin Feng to take it down .

 “Alright, time to get serious, since I am still weak, I should be getting stronger, and not fall back, it’s not like I have anywhere else to escape to . ”

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 Qin Feng became serious and was focused on killing the zombies .

 Before he was reborn, Qin Feng had been through difficult times to battle his way through before he made it as an A-tier aptitude user .

 Since things had become much smoother now, how could he be fearful of such a small hindrance .

 If so, he would not be the Qin Feng that had survived through difficult times!

 The zombie fell on the ground and Qin Feng continued to rush forward and cut off its skull with his saber, an energy core appeared from within .


 The energy core shrunk in high speed and its energy disappeared within a split second .

 “There is not much energy from these zombies!”

 Qin Feng kicked away the zombie skull, and he blended in with the dark and continued to move forward .

 Zombies that were lower-tier would roam around the outer areas, and as they moved to the inner part of the Dazi Mountain, the zombies would be of higher-tiers; soon, they would be able to see the mother mountain from afar behind the Dazi mountain .

 Qin Feng knew that the Emperor Knight and the Dark-Robed Ripper were preying on the top of the mother mountain .

 “No matter what, I will kill both of you!”

 Qin Feng put on an austere expression .

 Now that he had come out from the barrier of darkness and revealed himself, he was surrounded by F-tier zombies that had also felt the presence of a human being, and they immediately rushed toward Qin Feng without any hesitation .


 They could even hear the blood flowing within his veins and they could not wait to feast on their dinner .

 “You shall die!”

 The Verdant Emperor Saber was waved, while icy cold lights were reflected under the moonlight that shone upon it .

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 A zombie skull flew up high as it was decapitated from a direct hit .

 There were more zombies that came after it as Qin Feng landed a kick onto one of it and flipped over to slash two other zombies that were beside it .


 A zombie let out a roar and waved its palm toward Qin Feng’s back .

 Qin Feng turned around and waved his saber!

 Poof poof poof poof!

 All the four zombies that flanked Qin Feng were all decapitated .

 In a split second, a total of seven F-tier zombies were hunted down by Qin Feng .

 Qin Feng immediately felt a pleasant feeling throughout his body after cleaving the skulls and absorbing the energy cores from within .

 It was the feeling of physical transformation .


 Qin Feng felt a huge transformation take place within his physical body .

 “In my previous life, I was only able to achieve such physical capabilities by achieving E-tier, this shows that absorbing abilities has allowed my physical body to have the strength equivalent to ancient warriors that have gone through intensive parallel-training!”

 With this thought in mind, Qin Feng could not resist the burning fire in his heart!


 All of a sudden, a black shadow dashed toward him at great speed!

 Qin Feng reacted and swiftly ducked out of the way .

 The shadow of the attacker blended into the dark surroundings .


 It was obviously an elite among the zombies .

 The size of the beast soldier was slightly smaller than ordinary zombies, it had dull and dark coloured flesh that covered its dry bones, as if blood was burnt out from its body all of a sudden, and without any decayed parts on its body, it could move around at high speed .

 Also, Qin Feng could clearly feel the black runes that were on its body .

 Obviously, it was an assassin in the dark .

 “This might work well with others but it has no effect on me!”

 The army-tier dried corpse took advantage of the dark to hide itself, and it could be difficult for others to notice it . However, being a dark ability user himself, how could these tricks work on Qin Feng?


 Qin Feng pursued further at great speed .

 Once again, the army-tier dried corpse dodged and hid behind Qin Feng, thinking that he did not notice its actions, it raised up its dried palm and revealed its black sharp piercing nails .


 As its claw landed, the result was not as expected, where the enemy would die and become its food .


 The Verdant Emperor Saber clashed with the black nails and flashing lights immediately sparked from the impact .


 Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber became swift and illusory as he slashed three consecutive times at incredible speed .

 Triple slash!

 Martial skill!


 The nails of the army-tier dried corpse cracked and broke off, while another slash that followed landed directly on its neck .