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Chapter 87


 A skull was tossed high up in the air .

 The body of the army-tier dried corpse slightly trembled before it fell onto the ground and died completely!

 Qin Feng drew up his Verdant Emperor Saber and halved the skull of the dried corpse, revealing the energy core that was within, it was double the size of the energy cores from the zombies that Qin Feng had encountered earlier on .

 “Not bad!”

 Qin Feng was very satisfied and quickly absorbed the energy core .

 Then, Qin Feng continued the intensive slaughter, without him realizing it, time passed by quickly and it was already 3 o’ clock early in the morning, and Qin Feng had managed to take down two hundred F-tier zombies!

 With the progress that Qin Feng had, he could eliminate all of the zombies in the surroundings within a day .

 It was impossible for any of the F-tier aptitude users to achieve this as they did not have the endless supply of physical energy, not to mention the limited amount of internal strength, it was only Qin Feng that had such a valiant capability .

 However, when Qin Feng was about to continue on, a flow of horrifying energy rose from the ground .

 Qin Feng immediately turned his head toward the direction from where it came!

 He was actually already at the foot of the mother mountain, at such a close distance, he could clearly see through the dark, there was a channelling light that was darker than the surroundings rising up from the ground .

 The dark light was projected upward and it was connected to the sky, forcefully destroying a section of the sky, and the intersection point had torn the space apart .

 Powerful energy gushed toward the direction of the intersection and formed into a passage .

 The silvery edge of the passage was clearly seen in the dark night .

 It was a spatial rune that was being forcefully opened up .

 “Dark-Robed Ripper!”

 Qin Feng knew that the Dark-Robed Ripper had started taking action!

 “Beep beep beep beep, alert! Alert…”

 Qin Feng received a hasty alert from his communicator .

 It was probably not only Qin Feng, everyone else that was close to the area would have received the alert .

 However, Qin Feng was the closest in terms of distance .

 Qin Feng noticed that after the main black beam had risen up, three of the surrounding black beams were missing . Also, the rift was slightly smaller than the one that was seen in the afternoon .

 The smaller sized light beams might not be from the Dark-Robed Ripper, it was most probably its subordinates from the Corpse Corps that had been assisting him, where three of them were eliminated by the E-tier gunner .

 However, the giant black beam along with five other accompanying smaller ones had still created a rift that should not be belittled .

 Soon, batches of zombies rushed out from the passage, and most of them were black corpses, while some of them were bright red in color, as if their bones were ignited with fire .

 General-tier fire corpse!

 Qin Feng’s face darkened as his effort throughout the night was not only wasted, it had even triggered a replenishment of an army that was even more powerful .

 It was truly infuriating!

 It was at that moment, a wild roar was heard from the horizons!


 The roar was like a sudden clap of thunder, and a bomb then zipped across the sky .

 Vroom vroom vroom!

 From the attack, Qin Feng knew that it was Lu Heng, the E-tier gunner from Dongling colony!

 However, the Corpse Corps seemed to be prepared as a steel spear was launched from the dark!

 “Emperor Knight!”

 Qin Feng was shocked as he looked up, he saw that the Emperor Knight was situated halfway up the slope, and the knight was only five hundred meters away from his position .

 Qin Feng’s face contorted .


 Qin Feng immediately hid himself within the shadows and hoped that the Emperor Knight had not noticed him .

 The long spear was aimed at the two bombs that were in the air, and the bombs exploded immediately .

 “Change of course!”

 Another roar was heard from a far-off distance and without any signs, a strong flow of will energy transmitted through and the bombs that were in the air changed their direction and were redirected back toward the black beams that were on top of the mountain .

 The Emperor Knight not only had its spear, it was also equipped with a shield .

 The war horse that it was riding on was like a spectre formed by black runes as it travelled at ghost speed and went faster than the bombs, even intersecting at a path up ahead that was along the course of the bombs .


 Suddenly, a strong explosion was heard and the spark had illuminated the entire mountain top!

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 The Emperor Knight that was protected by the powerful shield was not harmed at all .

 “Damn! Let’s see if you can take this!”

 Lu Heng was extremely furious and started pelting bombs around the area but the Emperor Knight intersected every attempt of the bombings and his effort was all in vain .

 Lu Heng would not be able to succeed in blocking on his own!

 Qin Feng had already retreated to the foot of the mother mountain, he was near to the centre of the triangular positioned mountains, and the location was in a valley .

 It was at that moment, a whistle was heard from afar, then, another silenced echo was heard from hundreds of meters away .

 Qin Feng immediately stopped in his tracks and turned around, running at high speed!

 After a hundred meters of running, he was able to see something on the ground .

 It was the spear of the Emperor Knight .

 The body of the spear was black while the head was a dull-blue color, it was shining with lights that were similar to stars in the sky; obviously, it was not any other ordinary equipment .

 “It is star steel!”

 Qin Feng had gained widespread knowledge before he was reborn but there were some things that he knew of but were not attainable by him!

 Star steel was one of them .

 “Xiao Bai, get that for me!” Qin Feng commanded immediately .

 Xiao Bai hesitated and blinked, she said, “Mast… hubby, you will never get to use it even if you can get away with this spear because it has been bonded with the Emperor Knight!”

 Therefore, upon being summoned by the Emperor Knight, it would immediately return to the hands of the knight .

 However, he did not summon the spear when he was in battle with Lu Heng .

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 “Weapon spirit bond?” Qin Feng knew about such a special weapon but he did not expect an F-tier emperor to own such a precious weapon . “Well, can this bond travel through space?”

 Weapon spirit bonds could be categorised into levels as well .

 “It would be impossible for it to travel through my space!” Bai Li said confidently .

 “Well that’s good enough, take it, even though I might not be able to use it now . If I have to, I will break off one of its limbs, or maybe kill it, then I might be able to use it in the future!” Qin Feng replied .

 Bai Li did not reject him this time and nodded, feeling that her master could be smart at certain times!

 As soon as she raised her hand, the Emperor Spear was placed in her space, and the Emperor Knight immediately sensed it .


 The Emperor Knight let out a furious roar and gave up in protecting the Dark-Robed Ripper, he immediately rushed toward the location where Qin Feng was at .

 “Xiao Bai! Run!”

 Bai Li immediately disappeared along with Qin Feng and left no traces behind .

 At the same time, Lu Heng that was at another end felt overjoyed at the unexpected turn of events .

 Although it was uncertain why the Emperor Knight left, it was a once-in-a-blue-moon moment that he had been waiting for .

 “Now die!”

 Lu Heng let out a roar in anger, and triggered a series of bombings; without the presence of Liu Ba, Lu Heng was less apprehensive and went ahead in releasing firepower that tripled from those that were released in the afternoon .

 Boom boom boom boom boom!

 Loud explosions were constantly heard as the mountain top was almost levelled by all the destruction .

 The space passage was interrupted by the bombings and disconnected once again, while many of the Corpse Corps were ripped apart .

 Corpse Corps that had just entered were being bombarded and heavily wounded by Lu Heng, however, the rift lasted for quite some time and some of the zombies had spread across to other areas .