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Chapter 89

However, that confidence he had was not enough to persuade Li Yaoyao and Lu Meng .

 “Qin Feng, you’re going to Zone F? It’s too dangerous out there!” Li Yaoyao tried to talk him out of going . Even if Qin Feng were powerful, there was now way he could be that great .

 Lu Meng was obviously skeptical as well .

 “Qin Feng, do you really plan on going? Maybe I can give you a laser cannon or something!” said Lu Meng .

 Qin Feng smiled gently .

 “Thanks, but that won’t be necessary!” Qin Feng knocked on the car door . “Xiao… Li, come out now!”

 Bai Li did not turn back to her own self last night, and Li Yaoyao had only seen her in her fox form . She knew that it was called Xiao Bai, so Qin Feng had to change his way of addressing her as caution .

 Pa-tak! The hover car door opened up . A long-haired girl walked out from the car .

 The girl had long, silky smooth hair that glittered in a silvery hue . Her face was refined and petite, about the size of a palm . Her foxy eyes could hook a soul, yet they carried a hint of innocence . She had a tiny nose . Her cherry-red lips were supple .

 She was wearing a colorful bohemian dress and a sunhat . She looked more like a tourist than someone who was going to war .

 As soon as she stepped out of the car, she locked onto Qin Feng . She greeted him with a smile .

 “Hubby, do you think I look good in this dress?”

 Qin Feng turned stiff . At this moment, he regretted playing the prank on her yesterday .

 Zhou Hao looked at Qin Feng in disbelief . His eyes were filled with accusations . “Madman, you animal! How could you do this to Xiao Bai . ”

 Li Yaoyao and Lu Meng were both in shock as well .

 “Alright, let’s go!” Qin Feng quickly grabbed her and took her away .

 He could not care less about how other people looked at him, but Zhou Hao’s eyes made him flustered and red in the face .

 He felt guilty, like a man who had kidnapped a young girl!

 To think about it, Xiao Bai was only born about a month ago, she was technically still a baby!

 “Come on!” Bai Li went to Qin Feng’s side . She puckered her lips in protest . “My shoes are uncomfortable, why don’t you carry me!”

 Qin Feng was helpless . He had always carried her on his shoulder so she did not walk much, and she had become lazier . She knew that she was going to the battlefield but she was not allowed to fight . She would rather Qin Feng carry her .

 “Come on!” Qin Feng had to squat down . Bai Li wrapped her hands around Qin Feng’s neck before he carried her into the wilderness .

 At this moment, Qin Feng had already attracted quite a crowd, especially since he was carrying a beautiful young lady around .

 “Qin Feng!” Li Yaoyao went ahead to chase after him but he was too fast . He appeared to be using his internal force . Li, as a water-elemental aptitude user, was unable to catch up to him .

 For a moment, there was a sense of jealousy within Li Yaoyao’s disappointment . She was in a bad mood .

 She had no place to vent her frustrations and saw Zhou Hao, who was still looking at Qin Feng . His face was filled with disapproval . She could not help but chided, “Junior Zhou, are you just going to leave him be? It’s dangerous enough for him to go into the wilderness, but to take a girl along with him, don’t you think it would be more dangerous?”

 Zhou Hao waved his hands hastily . “They’re not in danger!”

 She was a powerful beast king! She could take away the bat king’s Bloodcatarrh Fruit single-handedly . That was how powerful she was .

 Li Yaoyao protested,” Look at how she is dressed . The girl probably doesn’t know how to battle . Wouldn’t she just tie Qin Feng down?”

 Zhou Hao’s eyes went blank . Now, he realized that Li Yaoyao was not concerned about Bai Li . She was more concerned about Qin Feng .

 “Why do I smell jealousy?”

 Lu Meng elbowed Zhou Hao in the gut . “Watch your mouth, Junior Zhou . Don’t say anything that you’re not supposed to!”

 Lu Meng gave Zhou Hao a warning look .

 Li Yaoyao felt embarrassed . Her eyes went red for a moment .

 Right at this time, a person approached them and saw Li Yaoyao and Lu Meng .

 “We’re going to restructure our teams soon . I heard that your previous team got disbanded, why don’t you join us?” A gentle voice sounded .

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 Their eyes lit up when they looked at the approaching man .

 He was a six-footer that did not appear to be exceptionally strong but he was gentle and elegant . A pair of gold-framed spectacles made him look scholarly .

 “Senior Gao! I… I can?” Li Yaoyao was nervous .

 The man in front of them was the male idol of Chengbei University . He was the most powerful one amongst the Year 3 students, Gao Lingfeng .

 He was a wind-elemental aptitude user with astounding capabilities . Although he was still studying in the campus, it was said that his abilities had reached F-tier . If he were to agree to it he might become a teacher there .

 “Of course, that’s why we’re here!” Gao Lingfeng revealed a gentle smile .

 Li Yaoyao was very excited .

 Gao Lingfeng possessed very powerful capabilities . If she were to fight alongside him, she would surely reap a high reward, be it in the loots or her contribution to the battle .

 “But…” Li Yaoyao glanced at Lu Meng beside her .

 The teams were formed by grouping the students according to their years so that they could look out for each other in the wilderness . At first, Li Yaoyao and Lu Meng were on the same team as Wang Kai, Jiang Wenxuan, and Yuhai .

 But a month ago, the five-man team disbanded after they had encountered some trouble in the wilderness .

 Now that there was a new mission assignment, Lu Meng would be left alone if Li Yaoyao were to quit the party .

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 “Yaoyao, what are you still waiting for, go now! It’s a great opportunity and you’d regret it if you don’t join!” Lu Meng immediately whispered . Gao Lingfeng could actually hear her . There was still a gentle smile on the corner of his lips, but his eyes had traces of a scheming mind .

 “Lu Meng can also come with us!”

 She quickly waved her hands . “Oh no, I’ve still got matters to attend to . You guys better get moving!”

 Gao Lingfeng’s smile turned stiff .

 “Alright then, you be careful now, Mengmeng . ” Li Yaoyao made up her mind and went toward Gao Lingfeng .

 She accepted Gao’s invitation because she herself was rejected by Qin Feng . Li Yaoyao felt a smug release now that Gao Lingfeng came to invite her personally .

 “Hmph, that ungrateful Qin Feng, I’ll ignore him from now on!”

 1There were words hanging by Gao’s lips, but after seeing Li Yaoyao’s expression and Lu Meng’s ‘go for it!’ hand gesture, he gave up inviting her again and left with Li Yaoyao .

 Only Lu Meng and Zhou Hao were left .

 “Junior Zhou, why don’t you come with me . I’ll protect you! Or the zombies will surely eat up your tiny frame!” Lu Meng boasted .

 Zhou Hao was speechless . “I wonder who they will really eat up! Forget it, since you’re pretty cute, I’ll lend you a hand!”

 Zhou Hao did not know anyone else so he formed a group with Lu Meng .

 Qin Feng had no idea what happened as he had brought Bai Li away from the gaze of the crowd and had once again stepped into the battlefield .

 The dead trees provided cover for them to vanish from the eyes of the public .

 Amidst the great mountains, the tiny human beings appeared non-existent