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Chapter 92

However, there were too many people there, and Qin Feng was gaining attention . To kill him now would obviously be impractical . Old man Dengnian was now considered Qin Feng’s ally .

 Lin Zheng had to put his thoughts on hold .


 Qin Feng did not realize that someone was plotting to murder him . He had been killing zombies until his hands were numb .

 A day’s worth of work only turned up to be about five hundred dead zombies . For the zombies’ population that had multiplied by two, his effort was only enough to slow them down . Unless the Dark-Robed Ripper was unable to open up the spatial passage again .

 But then again, that was only an unreasonable hope of the human beings .

 When evening came, the dark-robed entities once again stood on top of the mountain peak and opened up the spatial passage .

 Nobody knew what would happen when the rift was opened . Therefore, Qin Feng did not stay around to find out .

 Since there were more reinforcements coming into Chengyang city, the Dark-Robed Ripper was forced to close down the spatial passage after being encircled by the E-tier elites . The number of Corpse Corps that was released was not that much .

 As night fell, Qin Feng no longer did anything that would attract the attention of others . He went back to base .

 They were tallying up the results of the battle in the middle of the newly established base .

 First place: Zhao Yu Xin (Team), Results: 1238 points, Accumulated Total: 5189

 Second place: Hou Rui (Team), Results: 1134 points, Accumulated Total: 4811

 Third place: Gao Lingfeng (Team), Results: 1089 points, Accumulated Total: 4790

 Fourth place: …

 Interestingly enough, these hall of famers were the pride and joy of the universities . They were teams made up of young prodigies .

 “Today we’ve earned more than a thousand points in contribution . Yang Zhaofa gets two hundred while the rest of the team members get a hundred . Any disputes?” asked Gao Lingfeng .

 Yang Zhaofa was the team’s ancient warrior . His battle skill was only second to Gao Lingfeng . No one would disagree if he were to get more points .



 “Senior, there’s no need to give me points . I don’t think I’ve contributed much!” Li Yaoyao was a bit embarrassed .

 “Why not, your water-elemental healing ability was pretty useful, else I wouldn’t be able to sustain such a long combat today!” Yang interjected .

 Although Li Yaoyao was not the strongest among the Year 2 students, she specialized in healing abilities . That was why Gao Lingfeng decided to pull her in .

 “That’s right, do you want your senior to go back on his words?”

 “I didn’t mean to, Senior!” Li Yaoyao was slightly abashed . She could not reject Gao .

 Later on, they exchanged some items with their battle points . Li Yaoyao exchanged her points for a water-elemental ability core that could not only absorb runes with machinery, but it could also be used to refresh her skills in critical moments .

 A hundred points equaled to ten thousand coins . Including the bonus division from the energy cores, Li Yaoyao had earned almost three hundred thousand coins . This made her overjoyed .

 At this moment, however, she saw Qin Feng in the crowd from a distance .

 Or more accurately, Bai Li was too distinctive . Even if she were to wear a brown-colored shade, people would still ogle at her to scale her beauty .

 Qin Feng slightly furrowed his brows and hurriedly led Xiao Bai through the crowd .

 “I’m so hungry!” Bai Li tugged on Qin Feng’s arm and slumped fraily on him .

 “Alright, alright, I’ll give you some of those energy cores tomorrow!” Qin Feng consoled her .

 Bai Li answered with reluctance . “I don’t want those, they’re not delicious!”

 Bai Li was behaving more like a human being now . She was not that picky when she was still a cub .

 “I’ll buy you a beast king core later!”

 Bai Li’s eyes lit up .

 Qin Feng smiled in a spoiling manner .

 The two’s intimate interaction made Li Yaoyao gloomy .

 “Qin Feng!”

 Li Yaoyao shouted .

 Qin Feng only noticed her then . He then looked at her surroundings and incidentally saw Gao Lingfeng as well .

 This young man was an F-tier as well . Looks like he was a prodigy .


 Qin Feng nodded in a polite and distant manner!

 No one could guess what Li Yaoyao was thinking from her expression . Somehow, she felt like giving Qin Feng a lesson so that he would not be so haughty .

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 “Qin Feng, let me introduce you to him, this is our Year 3 senior, our number one guy from Chengbei University, Senior Gao Lingfeng!” said Li Yaoyao .

 Gao smiled coldly for a while before saying, “Don’t say that, what number one guy, those are merely other people’s words!”

 “Come on, you are the most powerful person in our school! You’ve always gotten the first place in any test, nothing is too difficult for you!” Li Yaoyao said admiringly .

 Gao Lingfeng smiled lightly . He then looked at Qin Feng .

 “If you need any help, you can always look for me!” said Gao Lingfeng .

 Qin Feng took a glance at Gao . He nodded . “Yes, Senior!”

 Gao Lingfeng was just being modest, and Qin Feng merely followed suit . He would never look for his help .

 At that moment, Gao Lingfeng set his sights upon Bai Li and asked curiously . “Is she a Year 1 student from our school?”

 Seeing them mentioning her, Bai Li remembered Qin Feng’s order last time and said in a natural manner,” I am Qin Feng’s girlfriend, he is my boyfriend!”

 Gao Lingfeng’s warm and gentle demeanor turned stiff .

 Li Yaoyao’s heart was filled with contempt .

 “Wow, you sure have a great relationship with your girlfriend, bringing her to battle ultra beasts like that!” Gao was being slightly sarcastic .

 “It’s alright!” Qin Feng was not planning on wasting any more time . The sky had turned dark, more and more people were queuing up to assess their battle scores .

 “Seniors, I’ll go get assessed first, please carry on!”

 Qin Feng did not wait for a reply before heading to the assessment area .

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 Somehow, Li Yaoyao and Gao Lingfeng lingered there .

 After handing in his recording, the assessment was completed in less than one minute .

 “Beep! Beep! Assessment complete . Your current battle point is: 5671 points!”

 In the open battle this time around, one G-tier zombie would net 1 point, an F-tier would net 10 points . There were higher scores for beast soldiers and generals . It was completely normal for Qin Feng to earn five to six thousand points a day .

 Instantly, Qin Feng became the number one person on the leaderboard .

 Leaderboard, First Place: Qin Feng (Individual), Results: 5671 points, Accumulated Total: 5671 .

 In the blink of an eye, the people who were watching the leaderboard called out in disbelief .

 “Qin Feng, who is Qin Feng?”

 “An individual with five thousand over battle points, how is that possible?”

 “His accumulated total is over five thousand points, did he only come today? So many points in just one day?”

 “Is he some powerful guy from other regions? He must be at least an E-tier!”

 The crowd was buzzing . Gao Lingfeng and Li Yaoyao naturally heard them all . Their expressions changed .

 They were both in disbelief .

 Qin Feng left the assessment area and was headed for the point exchange area .

 Li Yaoyao looked at Qin Feng in a puzzled manner as she called after him .

 “Qin Feng, how many battle points did you receive in the assessment just now?”


Li Yaoyao was praying in her heart that it was not an individual effort, that the name just now was merely a coincidence .