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Chapter 93

Li Yaoyao could not believe it . No matter how strong Qin Feng was, it would be impossible for him to obtain five thousand battle points . How many ghouls did you have to kill to get that?

 “About five thousand over!” Qin Feng answered naturally .

 At this moment, Gao Lingfeng’s expressions became dejected .

 “Junior, did you use any illegal means to cheat the system? You’ve just entered the university, you shouldn’t do something like that to gain these trivial profits . You’re doing a disservice to our Chengbei University!”

 If it were others, Gao would have believed it .

 But who was Qin Feng? He was just a new year one student who brought his beautiful girlfriend out in the battle . It was impossible to get such a result . They were probably having a good time in places where there were no ultra beasts .

 There must be a mistake with the system .

 Qin Feng frowned for a moment . Everyone around them was looking at Qin Feng . They’ve also heard their conversations . They knew the person in the leaderboard was him .

 But Qin Feng’s youthful face and his G-tier badge made them doubtful .

 How could he have killed so many ultra beasts?

 After a brief moment, the crowd started pointing fingers at Qin Feng .

 Qin Feng frowned even more . It was the familiar situation during the rat infestation in the plantations as well .

 Some of them could not accept the facts . The impact was too shocking .

 But that’s the point of Qin Feng: to give them a good shock .

 Before Qin Feng could explain himself, a commotion erupted among the crowds . The people started to make way as if an important guest had appeared .

 After the crowd had made way, Dengnian and Han Jian walked in front . There were guards all around them who were controlling the guards to ensure nothing stands in their paath .

 Dengnian walked toward Qin Feng . Li Yaoyao and Gao Lingfeng had also noticed his presence .



 The two of them hurriedly greeted him .

 Qin Feng was contemplating whether to greet him as well since he was now a student of the university .

 But before he could speak, Dengnian had revealed a gentle smile . He gave Qin Feng a pat on the back .

 “Qin Feng, you’ve done well making a name for the university!” Dengnian was impressed with Qin Feng .

 Hearing this, a streak of lightning ran across Qin Feng’s mind . He remembered the unmanned drone that was circling above .

 Maybe he had found out during then!

 Of course, slaying away like that, how could they not see it!

 Qin Feng did not try to hide . “It’s my duty!”

 “Haha, good!” Dengnian laughed crackingly .

 By now, Han Jian had also come forward . There were smiles in his expressions .

 “Qin Feng, do you remember me?”

 Of course Qin Feng would never forget him .

 “General Han!” Qin Feng nodded at him .

 “Hehe, with your accomplishments, you could become a lieutenant general . What are you doing in school? Join the reserve army!” Once again, Han Jian attempted to recruit him .

 “Old Han, how could you? Taking away my men in front of me!”

 “Haha, that still depends on Qin Feng’s will!”

 That was a huge temptation, did you know what becoming a lieutenant general means?

 Within the whole of Chengbei Colony, even Xue Xingfu, He Li, and Jiang Shaoyang, who was an official with the Eagle Club couldn’t come close to his position . He would only be second to Han Jian .

 But Qin Feng had the strength to carry that role . He was no longer the helpless young man who had just been reborned . He was slowly turning back into the king of mercenaries of his past life . Only his true powers had yet to recover .

 However, the role wasn’t attractive enough to Qin Feng .

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 “I still prefer to study properly, thank you for your good intentions!”

 “What a pity!” Han Jian was disappointed once again . Still, he continued,” We’ll do it this way then, you’re still young, perhaps the role might not be fitting for you . I’m sure you could at least be an Honorary Captain then? You’ll have the authority, but there’s no need for you to work . Just help out when the time comes, how about that?”

 Qin Feng couldn’t reject his offer .

 An Honorary Captain, to put it bluntly was a non-job that came with all the benefits .

 With an identity like that, his status in the Chengbei Colony would increase tremendously . He would no longer be just an ordinary student .

 Suddenly, Qin Feng could sense something . He raised his head and looked into the distance . He saw a shadow standing by the windows of a huge car .

 The figure had a strong presence . His face was a little grim, as if he was very unhappy . There was something very bureaucratic about him .

 ‘Lin Zeng!’ The name immediately appeared within his mind .

 He was looking at him with irk . There was even killing intent in his eyes .

 ‘Han Jian and Dengnian had seen me in action today, surely Lin Zeng did as well . Maybe he’s already suspecting me?’

 It was just a thought . Since Lin Zeng was standing in Dengnian’s direction, Dengnian thought that Qin Feng was looking at him and seeking his advice . Dengnian felt proud and said smilingly . ” Qin Feng, with great power comes great responsibility . Please do not let General Han Jian’s good intention go down the drain . Please, be the Honorary Captain!”

 After hearing that, he turned his vision away from Lin Zeng as if he didn’t even know he was there in the distance . He looked toward Han Jian .

 “If you insist, then I shall not disobey you!”

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 “Haha, good, good! Come, your Captain’s badge will be sent here soon, let’s discuss this in another place!”

 Qin Feng, Dengnian, and Han Jian walked toward another car . They were obviously going to discuss it there .

 Outside the assessment area, only a watchful crowd remained .

 “Looks like this Qin Feng is the real deal!”

 “He’s too strong, scoring more than five thousand points . He probably wasn’t killing G-tiered ghouls!”

 “He’s gotta be at least an F-tier to be an Honorary Captain . Looks like we shouldn’t underestimate this Qin Feng!”

 And now, Gao Lingfeng who was doubtful about Qin Feng had lost his gentle demeanor for the first time . His face was red, he was ashamed and angry!

 Li Yaoyao too had a mixed expression . She wanted to teach Qin Feng a lesson before this . Now, he had taken a great leap instead . She was no match for her .

 They were both embarrassed before they could shame Qin Feng . The two of them had now held a grudge against Qin Feng .

 After a short chat with Dengnian and Han Jian, Qin Feng excused himself . They were busy people, after all . Qin Feng did not want Dengnian to teach him about the abilities anyway . Light and Darkness should have a distinct line . Qin Feng was uncomfortable even when standing near Dengnian .

 After he had left, Qin Feng went back to the battle point exchange station to see if there was anything good .

 He exchanged for some items that could be useful in emergencies that weren’t always on the market, such as a Purple-Rune Tier gear that was made from Beast General material and a military-spec firearm that had a harrowing firepower .

 Qin Feng took a glance . Suddenly, his eyes lit up .

 “Chakra pills!”