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Published at 12th of June 2020 05:34:09 PM

Chapter 96

Qin Feng believed that the soldiers were reserving their strength to seek for long term gain . However, there was actually another catch in this pit of a mess .

 The authorities of Chengyang City had long planned to place a stabilizer at this location . In the future, this place would become a colony just like Chengbei .

 The important question that lingered in everyone’s mind now was who would be deployed as the mayor in this colony . There was a lot of interest at stake here as the one who would become the mayor would reap tremendous benefits .

 That was the actual reason why the troop was not acting in consensus . They were probing and guarding against each other .

 One day ago, the mayor of Chengyang City finally had enough of it and announced that the one with the most contribution in this war would be given the position .

 This somehow soothed the fierce rivalries between the opportunists . They knew well that the first to strike would easily become the center of gunpoint so everyone was biding their time .

 Unexpectedly, the balance was broken after just one day by the hands of a G-tier ability user .

 Obviously, they could tell that Qin Feng was far greater than a G-tier . That gave them all the more reason to stop him from killing the Ripper .


 Qin Feng was not aware of the political infighting within the troop .

 His communicator rang continuously during the battle but he was too occupied with the Ripper and paid little attention to it .

 It was Deng Nian on the other side of the communicator . He was worried sick .

 Qin Feng was his student and also a gifted genius that would become the pillar of his university in years to come . He would not allow any mishap to happen to such an important talent .

 Deng Nian was excited when he first saw Qin Feng challenging the Ripper alone . But when he thought about the promise made by Chengyang’s mayor a day earlier, he knew Qin Feng might have poked the beehive .

 However, he could not warn Qin Feng in time since he did not answer his call .

 ‘I am not going to let anything happen to you!’

 Deng Nian took over the public announcer and yelled, “Qin Feng, give up your pursuit . Leave the ripper alone and get the hell out of there . ”

 There was one glaring problem in doing this, though . Now, everyone inside Zimu Mountain was aware of Qin Feng’s presence .

 Qin Feng was well known in this region . Such an announcement would only raise more curiosity among the ability users around the vicinity .

 Qin Feng did not understand Deng Nian’s intention when he heard the public call . This was when a red projectile came flying in from the camp’s direction .

 Qin Feng’s face immediately darkened . It was obvious that the missile was aiming at him .

 ‘What the hell are they doing?’

 The drone was still transmitting so those in the base must have known that he was still nearby . ‘How could they fire the missile while I am this close to the Ripper? Are they trying to bury us alive together?’

 He recalled the warning from Deng Nian a moment ago and guessed that he must have gotten himself into an unknown affair .

 That only further aggravated him .

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 ‘How dare these guys back-stab me!?’ He was furious and unsheathed the photon gun on his waist . He fired several quick shots and downed the few drones around him .

 The Dark-Robed Ripper transformed into a shadow and vanished into thin air the moment the missile landed .

 “Xiao Bai, take cover!” Qin Feng finally unleashed Bai Li since they were no longer under surveillance .

 “Let’s move!” Bai Li instantly teleported while carrying Qin Feng with her .


 The projectile landed right where Qin Feng initially was at . The place soon exploded and caught fire . Qin Feng would definitely be reduced to dust if he had jumped off another second late .

 It was a rather powerful explosive missile .

 ‘Just so happens that I know a thing or two about projectiles as well . ’ Qin Feng smirked and expanded his consciousness . The conscious energy of an ability user far exceeded that of a gunner .

 “Xiao Bai, get me the long-ranged launcher . The silver one!”

 “This?” Bai Li handed over a silver launcher that looked more like a mechanical arm . Its metallic coating shone brightly under the sunlight .

 Qin Feng handled the launcher skillfully and set it up swiftly on his left shoulder . The whole process took less than five seconds .

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 He then raised the bazooka and placed his right index finger on the giant trigger .


 An orange missile was fired out of the launcher after the loud bang .

 At the same time, an E-tier gunner at a mountain thousands of miles away was stupefied . The gunner could feel that he was being targeted and the next moment, a missile aiming at him came abruptly into his vision .

 “Sh*t!” This gunner was the one who had ambushed Qin Feng with the red projectile earlier on . He did not expect Qin Feng to locate him so quickly and immediately counter attack .


 The E-tier gunner fired another shot intended to intercept Qin Feng’s shot mid-air .

 Thousands of miles away, Qin Feng sneered . ‘Jokes on you . Turn!’

 He controlled the missile with his consciousness to avoid the incoming red missile . It then continued to pierce toward the gunner’s location .

 “Bastard!” The E-tier ability user rebuked out of panic . He fired another few rounds and finally stopped the missile before it reached him .

 Before he could catch his breath, he suddenly heard the hissing sounds of more missiles breaking through the air . He looked up and saw three orange missiles come through the mushroom cloud . His consciousness had failed to sense any of it .

 “Consciousness blocking…” The gunner murmured unwittingly and was engulfed by multiple explosions in the next moment .

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 Qin Feng grinned at the foot of the mother mountain . ‘Get a taste of your own medicine . ’

 The counter attack by Qin Feng was rather astonishing .

 There were seventeen E-tier ability users at the scene . The fallen gunner was not the only one that had pulled the trigger but he was indeed the fastest among them .

 The others were waiting to follow up to ensure the kill on the Ripper and Qin Feng but were horrified to see that Qin Feng had returned the favor with even more powerful assaults . The sign of the Dark-Robed Ripper had also disappeared along with Qin Feng .

 The group could not sense Qin Feng’s whereabouts but was instead target-locked by Qin Feng’s consciousness .

 “How scary is this guy? Since when did his consciousness become so powerful?”

 “Screw him! I thought that he was an ancient warrior?!”

 “According to the data, Qin Feng was a student from the ability class of Chengbei University . Could it be that his ability had reached F-tier? Otherwise, how could he be this strong?”

 The consciousness of a gunner was induced by using external help . Its power would never match that of an ability user who had developed it naturally . Even though Qin Feng’s consciousness was only F-tier, he still outclassed every single E-tier gunner here!

 The gunners were pinned and dared not attack recklessly .

 “We are out . ancient warriors, you are up next . Be sure to stop Qin Feng at all cost!”

 The ancient warriors had begun taking action before being asked to do so . They glided toward Zimu Mountains and were searching for Qin Feng frantically from the sky above the area .