Master of the Stars - Chapter 105.2

Published at 26th of October 2017 12:54:03 AM
Chapter 105.2

Chapter 105: Sniper Power (2/2)

Translator: Strivon

"I think the kid's last name is Xue . He's probably the disciple of that martial arts master . He sure has guts . " Zhang Yingying failed to protect Luo Nan on the night at Water Village Pub but this young man had made up for her mistake . She had a rather deep impression of him .

Bamboo Pole expressed his approval as well but he soon added, "Isn't he a bit hot-headed? He's also lacking in combat experience . He's not even able to lift his head due to the suppressive fire on him . . . "

"Zhang Yingying go support him," ordered He Yueyin directly .

Zhang Yingying shrugged, "Sorry, you and I don't have that great of a relationship . "

Those words fell on deaf ears as He Yueyin continued to give orders . "Upon destroying the sniper point, advance counterclockwise along the perimeter and clear out all opposing personnel carrying loaded weapons . There is no need to pay attention to the enemies who are purely ability users . Bamboo Pole will coordinate with you . " 


He Yueyin no longer paid attention to Zhang Yingying . She gave out order after order . "Bamboo Pole, first establish a communications link for White Salt . Give her secondary level rights to the encrypted channel and then mark out all enemy personnel carrying loaded weapons . Do your best to get it all on video for archiving purposes . "

Bamboo Pole understood He Yueyin's intentions . "What a good plan . The city government and the military have just pointed their long ranged weaponry over here . They are using weapons of high destructive power as a warning to all parties . We are all good citizens of the city, right . . ?Let's make it clear!"

The communications link with Bai Xinyan was established while Bamboo Pole was talking . Bai Xinyan's wristband then vibrated and a large quantity of information came flooding into her wristband .

Bai Xinyan laughed as she conscientiously combed through the information with a lowered head . At the same time, she gave Zhang Yingying a wave with her other hand . This young lady was full of discontent but she could only look towards the sky and roll her eyes before turning stealthily to go to the location indicated by Bamboo Pole .  

He Yueyin's manner of speaking grew a bit politer as she said, "White Salt . You're in charge of getting your patient, Mr . Nan, out of there . Is that alright?"

Bai Xinyan responded with all smiles . "It is a doctor's duty to help the dying and save the injured . However, are you sure that Fairchild would like us getting involved?"

He Yueyin returned to a manner of speaking that was completely cold . "This has nothing to do with him . "

After a moment's pause, He Yueyin spoke to Bamboo Pole . "Help me establish another communications line . "

The two sniper points were no longer suitable locations, resulting in the Knights of Equity having a lot of their follow-up tactics forcibly severed . It was not an easy task to find a suitable location within the complicated interior of the amusement center .

An unusual moment of peace actually appeared within the ramshackled room . There were only four survivors inside and the one who did not understand the situation the most was likely Xue Weilun . In any case, this diligent police officer had the most misgivings right now .

His gaze and his equipment scanned from the other three people within the room and his unconscious underlings outside . The concentrated wave of fire just now had mainly targeted the interior of the room . The special police outside had protection with their exoskeleton armor and their vital signs were relatively stable at this time . All of this information appeared in his command data .

Xue Weilun ought to be happy but when he saw the battered body of Guo Ju and the two regular police officers who were too late to be saved, his emotions grew complicated and he could not calm down .  

In the end, his gaze fell to the center of the room, resting upon the white-gowned man who had been calm all this time . This was the man who had brought upon these series of disaster, yet this man viewed them as if they were nothing . The concentrated shrapnel was merely the drizzle of an autumn's night from this man's perspective . The drizzle touched his body with its moisture but he did not get wet .

This kind of monster should not exist in the ordinary world of man . This monster, with his immense pressure, stood on a slope that was levels high above . He could run over the bewildered and the weak like a flood and cause terrifying injuries .

It was rare for Xue Weilun to be emotional but at this time a static noise came through his transmitter . A voice containing hesitation emerged out from it . " . . . We can patch the comms this way? It can't be that easy to break into the data link of the police, right?"

Though the radio distance was far and the signal was intermittent, Xue Weilun was able to tell who it was without a doubt . His heart instantly clenched up . "Leister! Is that you?"

"Hello? Dad, are you really okay? I'm with my friend Nanster right now . Everything is fine . "

On the other side of the call, Xue Lei did his best to make his voice appear calm . However, there was a problem; a father knows his son the best . Xue Weilun was able to sense and infer things from the minute sounds of breathing from his son . More so, there was a gaping hole in his son's faux words that ‘everything is fine’ and this hole was clearly placed in front of him .  

Xue Weilun's mind spun as he seethed with anger . "You entered the site? Are you counting on your Three-Legged Cat Martial Arts? I never should have sent you to that dojo in the first place . Don't you know what kind of situation this place is in right now!?" 

However, how could it possible for Xue Weilun to worry about other things in this moment of desperation? His roaring voice rushed out from his armor and resounded within the ruined room .

Separated by a distance of several hundred meters, Xue Lei could only shrink back as his old man lectured him in a torrent of abuse . Next to Xue Lei, Zhang Yingying laughed in great delight . . . It did not matter who was out of luck, she would always find pleasure in it .

"Xue Lei, are you listening to me? Get the f**k out of here right now . . !"

Xue Weilun's roars swept and spilled out all around the broken room—not even an echo was produced . However, Luo Nan, who had been pressed to the ground by Cat Eyes, twitched twice with his eyelids . He then opened his eyes .

"Oh, Leister's here now?"

"You're awake?" Cat Eyes was a bit astonished, "I thought you were going to play dead until the situation is over . "

Playing dead? Cat Eyes was obviously mocking him . Luo Nan could only laugh in response but soon he discovered that he and Cat Eyes were lying shoulder to shoulder next to each other . They were extremely close . Close enough to smell each other's breaths . It was more or less embarrassing .

Luo Nan turned over and sat up . Just this one movement caused fine sounds to creak from the flesh and bones of his entire body . His body was stiff but soon it relaxed . He stretched his neck, his expression rather subtle .

Cat Eyes remained prone on the ground . She asked with a frown, "Hellooo, aren't you scared of being blasted in the head by a gun?"

"They haven't been cleared out yet? The remaining long distance snipers are withdrawing . "

Cat Eyes felt that their current positions were far too awkward . Upon hearing Luo Nan's irrefutable words and pondering for a moment, she just simply sprung up and shot a cold eye at Luo Nan . "Do you know the situation?"

"Generally," said Luo Nan freely, his gaze never leaving Xue Weilun who was to the side . This father was angry to the point of stomping his feet .

No matter how calm and steady this Uncle Xue was, he too would have this sort of appearance when seeing his child in danger . Viewing such interactions was really quite interesting .

"You're really taking things leisurely . "

Cat Eyes' furrowed brows furrowed even tighter . Luo Nan really gave off this sort of change upon awakening . It seemed that his characteristic of being a nut-job had strengthened . At any time, he could sink into trains of thought that outsiders had no chance of understanding .

The problem was, though you may be a nut-job, not everyone else was a mad believer like Fairchild!

The instant Cat Eyes thought this, the mad believer Fairchild finally made a move after standing calmly all this time . He leaned and walked two steps, attracting everyone's gazes in an instant .

Even Xue Weilun put lecturing his child on pause when he saw this . He watched Fairchild with rapt attention .

The three multi-function robots, which Fairchild had trampled out of operation, blocked the front of Fairchild . By now, these robots had already been baptized by the hail of special bullets . They were complete scrap now and even their system self-test function had been stalled .