Master of the Stars - Chapter 107.1

Published at 29th of October 2017 06:36:16 AM
Chapter 107.1

Chapter 107: The Shield of Truth (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

Red Fox was not the only one exploding with anger when Luo Nan let these words out of his mouth; everyone in the encrypted channel was exploding with anger .

"You all saw it! You all saw it!" Red Fox was drained of all his energy by the time he finished reproaching Luo Nan . His roaring turned into a moan . "I knew all along that this bastard was a complete weasel . . . "

"A true idiot . "

Zhang Yingying smacked her face with her palm and felt too embarrassed to face anyone . She was unable to meet Xue Lei’s eyes, even though he was looking at her as if he were looking at a lunatic . Just how naive was she? She actually believed that this kid, who was completely serious in being hired as an office worker, would be able to fix this matter!

Though Bamboo Pole believed himself to possess the calmness and collectedness of a technical worker, he could not but help say, "In the future, it would be better to not let him speak and just have him draw his psychic drawings . . . "

Truthfully speaking, Luo Nan's words just now made everyone speechless .

If this was a request, it was too presumptuous . . . After all, Fairchild had made his stance very clear towards Secretbound First Oblatum An Weng . The metal box was a crucial object that Fairchild would not even negotiate with An Weng over . Why would he give it to you, Luo Nan? One bad move and Fairchild would become hostile .

If Luo Nan was negotiating, well he was being absurd . . . Right now, what the Order of Justice's secular side eyed was none other than this metal box . This group of people would engage in open slaughter without the slightest hesitation, even if it was in the middle of a bustling city center! They possessed that kind of resolution and determination . This metal box was something that burned and scalded the possessor's hands yet you want it? What kind of mental disease do you have? 

Actually, Luo Nan felt that his own words were a bit odd after they had left his mouth . He saw the reactions in the encrypted channel and feared that he had made yet another mistake .

However, Fairchild had already turned to look at him . They locked gazes and after some brief thought, Fairchild nodded . "If you want it . . . here . "

Fairchild tossed the metal box over upon speaking . He was direct and efficient .

"Don't catch it!"

"Can you not be so precarious!?"

"Look! This is what it means to push the boat with the current, to take advantage of the situation!"

The encrypted channel was filled with voices of fussing . However, Luo Nan could not just slap the metal box back to Fairchild . He reached out with his hand instinctively and five fingers touched the metal box . The box still retained a bit of heat when it entered his hands, it was like the residue heat of a high-speed, high-operation instrument .

At this very moment, half of the people in the encrypted channel howled in grief and the other half maintained their silence . This sort of atmosphere was simply like the end of the world .  

How could he be so stupid to do such a thing? How can he be so stupid beyond saving?

Nevertheless, Luo Nan was a bit annoyed . He was able to accept criticism and he was willing to admit that his level of social skills was not very high but did it validate this damn atmosphere? They acted like the sun was going to explode in the next instant!

This metal box played such an important role in this entire course of events thus far . This should have been obvious to everyone from the moment Guo Ju began his confession to Fairchild!

He took a breath and let out some information in the encrypted channel . "Isn't this storage unit the Order of Justice's research? The conclusive proof of the experimental Human-Faced Arachnid?"

 "Yoho? Master Luo feels like he's been wronged?"

Red Fox gave a cold laugh . "Conclusive proof? Based on an external component of a robot? Based on a one-sided speech of a dead man? Or is it the cryptic exchange between Fairchild and the Secretbound First Oblatum? Master Luo let me teach you something . The Words of Krait is the Order of Justice's Secretbound Gateway Technique . There exists no instruments capable of recording and saving it!" 

Luo Nan was baffled . He continued to speak in the encrypted channel . "The Society intervened early on . We used various monitoring, perspective sharing, video archiving . . . Everything was done well . The entire plot progression is clear and complete . . . "

"In this day and age, it is too easy to pass fakes as the real thing . Your ability user society intervened early on . You must have planned things early on . " Red Fox imitated what the Order of Justice would say, stopping Luo Nan in his tracks .

Luo Nan was at a loss . He did not know what to say . But he still was not willing to concede . He ground his teeth and used his thoughts as a pen to draw a simplified 2D composition within the encrypted channel .

Though Luo Nan believed it was simple, it was a refined composition formed from crisscrossing and weaving lines of diagrams pieced together . It was drawn in an instant in order to have those in the encrypted channel quiet down a bit .

Red Fox was a bit dumbstruck . "What's the meaning of this? Are you trying to charm me with a drawing?"

Upon finishing drawing this composition with haste, Luo Nan used the marking function of the Psychic Wave Network in the form of an eye-striking red pen . He delineated several dozen red circles upon the 2D composition in the span of a single breath .

“This is the energy and information structure stored within the storage unit . A simplified reconstruction technique is included as well . Much of the details involved are special patterns that appear repeatedly . . . Aren’t these patterns solely used by the Order of Justice?"

In fact, many of these structures had appeared within Fairchild's Shield of Truth configuration . They acted as super key nodes in its application . Luo Nan only dared to be so confident because he had seen this .

"These patterns act as the inner core structure of the storage unit . It is a unique process, a unique method . Chasing back this trail binds all sorts of informational evidence . Don't tell me that you're so passive that you won’t be able to form an iron case out of it?"

Red Fox was defeated by this technical train of thought . He did not know how to respond for a time .

Next to him, Bamboo Pole looked at the composition with rapt attention . He muttered lowly, "I don't know if these are processes unique to the Order of Justice . But I've looked at some material of the Order of Justice's inner rituals and there really are similar structural arrangements . These just a little bit morphed . . . These here are used for storage?"

Bamboo Pole was not only a remarkable hacker, he was also an expert in the research of secret orders . In the case of Bamboo Pole, he really did carry quite the degree of credibility .

Due to this composition, the attention of this group of people became a bit scattered . Zhang Yingying spoke with surprise . "This is the internal structure of the metal box? How has your sensing precision improved so fast?"

"If this is indeed the inner structure of the storage unit and it is indeed the result of mental sensing, then converting the volume of the metal box itself . . . That means that the precision of his mental senses should be approaching the micron level . " 

Since she had entered the encrypted channel, Bai Xinyan had been silent until now . This was the first time she had spoken and she spoke with a dull tone . "Student Luo Nan . You're carrying an excessive burden based on your physical condition . "

Luo Nan recalled that she used to call him ‘Mr . Luo’ . Was he being downgraded now? After a moment of shock he said, "My body's fine . I just believe that we have sufficient evidence to explain the facts, that we can make an iron-hard case!"

Red Fox was postponed by the continuous interruption of several people . He saw that Luo Nan was still stubborn in his views and directly confronted him . "A case? What case are you making? Whose case are you handling? Who's going to file this case? A case between the Society and this secret order isn't just a case; it's an open clash of contention! It's total war!"

"Master Luo, the ability user society may be supporting you and our number of members may be enormous but we're a very loose organization . A single impromptu operation can send a lot of people running off and quitting . Also, you're facing the Order of Justice . They have millions of devout believers . They are a world-scale secret order with Extraordinaries by the handful . Do you know how serious this is?"

"Moreover, there's a saying in this world, 'This is one thing . That is another . ' The Society can put the Order of Justice in a jam by saying that they're breeding Human-Faced Arachnids; it's not a problem . But in regards to the Order of Justice, it is out of the question to involve yourself with their internal affairs! This is f**king politics . This is f**king reality!"