Master of the Stars - Chapter 108.1

Published at 2nd of November 2017 11:29:36 PM
Chapter 108.1

Chapter 108: Observing Powers (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

The dark cloud of the mental plane covered the entirety of the surrounding area . It endlessly stirred and transformed as it tried to invade Fairchild's domain . However, as it pressed and warped against the domain, traces of the dark cloud's essence emerged . It transformed into a swaying and sinister deep chant that appeared on the material plane .

"The Words of Krait!" Cat Eyes reached out to pull Luo Nan back . Her expression was grave, as though she had been confronted by a formidable foe .  

The Society had managed to block off the sniper points, causing the Knights of Equity to retreat temporarily . Now, the secular side revealed their methods once more . This time, they had given up traditional means of long-ranged attacks and utilized supernatural powers directly .

However, this sound was of a different frequency compared to the sound First Oblatum An Weng used as pure conversation . This hissing chant was filled with dark and chilling power . More than half of the lighting in the room had been extinguished by the hail of bullets, and the darkness of the room grew all the more deeper and heavier when this chanting sound manifested into existence . The little bit of remaining light radiated in messy trails of grotesque and mottled colors, causing the room to seem warped and twisted .

In comparison, the radiance of Fairchild's Shield of Truth was finite in filling the room . However . A radiance was still released in the area established by Fairchild . It was pure and clear and no matter how much the chanting sound stirred and pressed, not an ounce of it could permeate through .

Luo Nan's gaze concentrated on the sheet of pure, clear radiance . He whispered hoarsely,  "This erected ground truly is the domain of Truth . . . "

"Wait until you make it back alive before becoming religious, kay . " Cat Eyes gave Luo Nan a pull, hinting at him to pay attention to the contents of the encrypted channel . He Yueyin had already given the order to retreat .

Luo Nan did not move . It would not be that easy for them to leave in the current circumstances even if they wanted to .

Rays of light that came in from the world outside the door were severed and blocked . Two rapping sounds could be heard as someone knocked against the door frame . The force used was quite considerable for the entire room seemed to shake twice . However, the one who came did not exert this much strength deliberately .

He was not wearing an exoskeleton armor but his height exceeded two meters . He stood in front of the door and had to duck down to avoid hitting the lintel . He was even half-naked, his chest exposing a pitch-black skin that shined like oil . Tough fascia joined his brick-like muscles and they rippled along with his breathing . He was like a black tiger ready to pounce . Based on physique alone, he looked even brawnier than Fairchild, whom was already extremely tall and muscular .

He ignored the gazes of everyone else in the room and solely faced the radiating aura coming from Fairchild . He grinned and laughed, revealing snow-white teeth . "Mr . Fairchild . It's been a long time . Oh, you probably don't remember me . . . "

"Baze," Fairchild spoke this name with a whisper .

"Much thanks, Mr . Fairchild . You still have an impression of me . "

This black and brawny man called Baze had spoken each syllable of ‘Mr . Fairchild’ in a gentle and courteous manner . It really did not match his appearance . "I've always been very grateful for the teachings you gave me when I first entered the Order . You taught me the progression of cultivation and told me the importance of control . . . What a pity . In the end, I still chose to go down a different road . I feel that aggressive and rough methods are better suited for me . Power has not left my side in doing so . "

Luo Nan felt a dangerous tension emerge from this black and brawny Baze when he performed this ‘master and disciple reunion’ show . Luo Nan could not refrain from asking .

"Who are you?"

"Black Tiger Baze of the Knights of Equity . Deputy Head of the Xia City Division . "

Cat Eyes straightened the crooked cap on her head and subconsciously loosened her muscle fibers to be agiler for the bitter battle ahead . It was not strange at all for a fellow like Baze to appear in a high-level internal strife of the Order of Justice . But fear in reality was ultimately different than the pressure in theory .

She needed to give Luo Nan a good lesson, since he was lacking in common sense . At the same time, she needed to give herself a reminder . "A freak who has broken through to become an Awakened based purely on the power of his gifted fleshly body . Yet I've also heard rumors that he was only able to obtain his ability through the Order of Justice's Life and Death Ritual . Well in any case, if one were to select the top ten people with the strongest fleshly bodies, then Crag Burst would barely be at the tail end . Senior Giant Arm and Senior Zong Ji of the Society would be ranked roughly in the middle due to their burst strength and technical ability . However, this Baze is certainly in the top three . "

Luo Nan went, "Oh . " He now had a clearer understanding of Baze's strength .

He had seen Crag Burst's and Giant Arm's abilities before . Crag Burst was able to walk away without a scratch under the impact of a high-explosive incendiary . As for Mr . Giant Arm, he was more of a pure martial artist . The power of his fist could pierce through an armored vehicle and he was able to forcefully hold down the exoskeleton armored Jack . Indeed, Mr . Giant Arm possessed inconceivable skills . If a true fight were to arise, Luo Nan did not know what sort of style Mr . Giant Arm would exhibit .  

On the basis of his fleshly body, Baze exceeded these two in power . His strength was great as one could well imagine .

At this time, He Yueyin released some information into the encrypted channel . "Pay attention . Though the strength of Baze's fleshly body is formidable, what he has always relied on has never been his fleshly body . "

As for what Baze had always relied on . . . Well, he had already begun to reveal it as he blocked the exit to the room . He took a deep breath and his head tilted down slightly . Upon the oily sheen of his pitch-black skin, there were lit streaks and streaks of tattoo structures . It was as if an invisible being was writing twisted scripts upon his body .  

The surrounding illumination warped even further . Looking up, one could see that each script seemed to ignite with flame, then etch themselves deep into his body, and burned through the void . The Words of Krait answered with its hiss . The sound of a snake's tongue was now like the sound of flesh burning .  

He Yueyin updated them with more information . "Baze is a Human Body Weapon of the Order of Justice . Through him, the First Oblatum can fully display their power lying in the mental plane . "

"So this sort of method exists . " Luo Nan's breadth of knowledge had increased . This was an application he had never thought of before . For a pure mentally enhanced ability user, this was quite a decent transformation to use . It could be assumed that the Human Body Weapon component to this transformation would not be that easy to cultivate .

Luo Nan thought to himself for a bit but then Cat Eyes glared at him from the side . "The heck are you thinking about!?"

" . . . Nothing much . " Luo Nan did not speak what was on his mind . Things would have been better for Cat Eyes if she did not say anything . Her speaking had invoked a certain train of thought in Luo Nan . If he increased his control over Ink, Rui Wen, and even Cat Eyes, in a certain sense, wouldn't this be the same type of method that the First Oblatum was using? Though his method would be a bit more passive .

Baze strode in with heavy steps as several thoughts flashed in Luo Nan's mind . His brawny body entered the darkness and squeezed into the room . The muscles of his body rippled regularly and the strange script that covered him seemed to come alive . Every step seemed to paint an otherworldly and bewitching picture . He was like a flame radiating with darkness, ready to pounce .

The dark flames crossed with an area of Fairchild's aura . Black and white rays of light fused to form a warped ashy gray layer in an instant . Baze lifted his head, revealing pupils like burning coal . His mouth split into a grin .  

"Fairchild! The Truth does not obey your fancies!"

His voice oozed with a bizarre noise . There was another voice in there out of harmony . There was a bizarre existence that was talking in sync with Baze .

Fairchild only had a single sentence as a response in the face of this .

"F**k off!"