Master of the Stars - Chapter 108.2

Published at 3rd of November 2017 01:08:53 AM
Chapter 108.2

Chapter 108: Observing Powers (Part 2/2)

Translator: Strivon

Fairchild's snow-white robe fluttered and the liquid quicksilver aura rippled . The just-formed gray layer was torn asunder and Baze and his overwhelming assault was thrown off the ground and was forced to fly backward .

"Truth Mirror!" The members of the Society, who had the leisure to watch Cat Eyes' shared perspective, flooded the channel with this term .

Fairchild practically did not exert any effort in that instant . Instead, it was the ultimate technique of the Shield of Truth that forcefully bounced Baze's attack back and made Baze take on the full force . Just by looking at the power of the surging dark flame attack of Baze, one would wonder just how incredible the shield was to be able to reflect practically all of it back .

This was a very classical method that Fairchild used in his judgment and executions . Though he had never personally given this move a formal name, the circle of ability users had long since called it the Truth Mirror . Its reputation was resounding .

Luo Nan could see things far clearer than the others . Baze's technique was not purely on the material plane or a technique used for physical purposes . It was a technique that interfered between the material and the mental plane to form a structural force . Luo Nan was even able to capture the entire process . Explosions of intense ripples instantly split and fused between the mental and material planes, before it converged to the material plane . There they formed an enormous attack .

However, Baze's mental plane remained stable, even after he had actively guided and transformed the energy . The attack power on the material plane had become strong, yet the destructiveness towards the mental plane had been dissipated away . This allowed the domain of the Words of Krait to remain stable .  

From this point of view, Baze was not a bit lacking when compared to Fairchild .

The two people's powers were cutting and transforming back and forth between the material and the mental planes . The hardest thing about this method was to achieve the transformation technique of interference between planes . It did not matter whether it was Fairchild or Baze, both of them achieved this through a structure that interfered between the body and the soul . They had inhumanly brawny bodies and staunch willpower and this was the basis for realizing this sort of transformation .

It would be very hard for Luo Nan to realize a similar transformation model in his life .

However, the fact that Luo Nan was able to pry the marvels of these mysteries wide open was quite an inconceivable matter . Not a single person in the encrypted channel had voiced any opinions on the deep level of mechanics displayed before them . Next to him, Cat Eyes' mental senses were not even able to get close to Baze's and Fairchild's war zone . If she forced it, it was extremely likely for her to suffer recoil .  

Part of the reason why Luo Nan was able to do this so easily was because of the exchange he just had with Fairchild; it lay in the domain where the mental and the material plane mutually interfered, so his thought process on this was clear . But another part of the reason was what he could faintly perceive . It seemed that his mental senses were a bit out of the ordinary .

The soul strength he was able to achieve from cultivating in Formatting Theory and the depth of his clairvoyance was superior to that of the other experienced ability users like Cat Eyes and Mr . Bai with their perception and forte in soul studies . At the very least, Luo Nan's clairvoyance had never been locked on or been detected successfully by others . Additionally, after he gained a clear understanding of the marvels of soul breathing, he was able to seamlessly shift and transform between the shallow and deep levels of the mental plane . Most observers would find him unfathomable .

In this way, Luo Nan's special clairvoyance sensing was able to extract and parse great quantities of deep information from phenomenon that ordinary people would see as normal . He then fed the information back to his soul configuration where they converge into a special experience . This experience was the key requirement for the endless strengthening of his soul .  

Fairchild had once said that there was nothing more important than observation . This was indeed a truth, at least for a mentally enhanced individual .

Luo Nan had come to finally experience for himself the superiorities of this most crucial of abilities—observation . Anyhow, before this, he had always considered this ability as a burden . . .

Upon blasting Baze away, Fairchild walked out the room with large strides . The quicksilver-like aura surrounding his body was a special characteristic of the operation of energy within his body and soul interference structure . Many special structural details inside were only truly revealed in combat . The sight of this enchanted Luo Nan .

It was because of this that Luo Nan had a particularly sharp response when this structure was hit by Baze's attack . Fairchild had only walked a few steps of distance before a bad feeling of danger suddenly sprouted in Luo Nan's heart . He shouted, "Careful!"

This warning was not directed towards Fairchild .

The enemy knew quite well where Fairchild's weakness lay, hoping to endlessly accumulate their superiority on the mental plane and break the structural operation of Fairchild's Shield of Truth . However, Fairchild never gave the enemy the opportunity . The area he controlled was as stable as a boulder . Even though on the mental plane he could only manifest a layer of water, he let this turbid water surge to the skies and tower unmovingly .

However, the Words of Krait was a gateway technique that seemed to be able to extract power from the suffering of living beings in the user's surroundings and rapidly transform it for the user . When the Words of Krait was activated at full force, every single living being in the surroundings became its fulcrum .  

Ultimately, Luo Nan's warning was issued a beat too late . The moment the words left his mouth, the hissing of the Words of Krait exploded in volume . The warped darkness within the room did not break its focus from Fairchild or lessen . Instead, the darkness increased in weight . The mental plane, the plane that the Words of Krait affected, was being rapidly diffused and permeated with this darkness, covering an enormous piece of area .

Cat Eyes groaned . She had her mental senses out by habit and it was like being bitten by a viper . Her five senses and consciousness all received the attack . The moment of pain was simply like having her skull forcefully pressed into a lake of venom . The pain was so much that her body went weak and soft .

In the encrypted channel, He Yueyin assigned a member . "White Salt!"

"I know . I'll be there soon," said Bai Xinyan in agreement . Soon, her voice faded away . Her strength should be above average, but she could not be counted on for a short time .

Luckily, the chains deep within Cat Eyes's body and soul vibrated and rattled, counteracting much of the attack and eliminating a lot of the pain .

Cat Eyes could not refrain from gnashing her teeth . She cast an ice-cold glance at Luo Nan but she still reached out her hand and pulled him to retreat .

"Over here . "

No matter what, she did not dare to head out from the main exit . Fortunately, the sniper fire from before had pierced through the soundproof walls, giving them different routes to chose from .

Luo Nan even wanted to watch the fight between Fairchild and Baze but he knew that putting himself in life or death danger was really insensible .

He cast another glance outside the door and he could no longer see Fairchild's figure . There was a problem though . Luo Nan saw Xue Weilun instead! Xue Weilun scrambled to the exit and began grabbing the few unconscious special forces and dragging them inside .

"Uncle Xue!"

"You guys go ahead and leave first . "

In any event, Xue Weilun could not abandon his subordinates and flee by himself but there had been seven special police officers attacked by Fairchild . There was a limit to how many people he could carry even with the aid of his exoskeleton armor and he could not just pile seven living bodies atop of each other and heave them all over .  

Most importantly, Xue Weilun did not understand the black magic involved in these fights . Right now, the Words of Krait's layer of influence was endlessly probing outwards on the mental plane . Cat Eyes had already suffered from it and soon, the Words of Krait would affect normal people .

Xue Weilun possessed willpower that was extremely strong for a normal person but there was still a large discrepancy when compared to an ability user . When the time came, he would be wiped out like his subordinates, possibly even more miserably .  

Cat Eyes hissed as she pressed her hand against her aching head . They were too helpless in this situation . If Officer Xue did not talk to his son through Zhang Yingying's channel, she would walk away right now with ease . However, that one event made it impossible and inexcusable for her to feign ignorance right now .  

"We will need to make two trips at least for seven people . " Cat Eyes made a rapid judgment and ordered Luo Nan, "Make your way out first, meet up with White Salt . "

She turned around to help Xue Weilun upon speaking but Luo Nan pulled her to a stop . "Hold on!"

Luo Nan's body began to exude a faint glow as these words left his mouth .