Master of the Stars - Chapter 112.1

Published at 27th of March 2018 12:50:59 PM
Chapter 112.1

Chapter 112: A New Direction (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

"Hellooo, are you going to take a bite out of him next?" Zhang Yingying could not refrain from shouting . Cat Eyes was sharing her perspective, after all . Bai Xinyan and Luo Nan could not hide any shady business . The members of the Society within the encrypted channel could see it all as clear as day .

Ultimately, Luo Nan was a thin-skinned individual . He heard what was said and wanted to struggle free but then Bai Xinyan's finger did something interesting as it pressed lightly against his neck . It changed instantly back and forth from being hot to being cold . The rate of change was quite fast . Luo Nan had tempered himself in the Frost River Waterway not too long ago . The warm and cold sensory receptors of his skin were extremely sensitive, so sensitive that he might not be able to distinguish between the receptors .

The stimulation came clearly in this sharp contrasting manner, which caused him to be unable to hold back from trembling . At this moment, Bai Xinyan's other hand that rested on his shoulder began to exert force . It was fine in the beginning, being just pure pressure, but it changed later . Though Luo Nan had the Shield of Truth buff, he could feel his muscles, bones, and skin undulate beneath Bai Xinyan's fingers . The sensation of pain assaulted him, causing him to crease his brows .  

"Dr . Bai . . . Hey!" Luo Nan's entire body almost jumped . This was because Bai Xinyan's fingers, which used to lay on his neck, had suddenly slid down his collar to touch his chest .


Cries of shock and astonishment rang throughout the encrypted channel . Normally, special police forces would advance with vigilance and attentiveness but even they could not help but look in distraction .

Bai Xinyan was a beautiful woman who could make anyone's heart rate increase but Luo Nan was unable to bear this sequence of events . His right shoulder was pressed down and he had no strength in his arm . He could only raise his left hand to push through his clothes against Bai Xinyan's slender hand, which had already slid down to his chest .

However, when his arm curved up, his elbow hit Bai Xinyan's body behind him . It seemed that he had hit someplace inappropriate .

Luo Nan's body froze up but at the same time, Bai Xinyan's melodious laugh rang by his ears . "No issues with pressure sense, pain sense, and temperature sense . No anomalies can be seen with the biological senses . Reflexive movement, motion, and sense of balance are quite accurate . Pretty good~"

Bai Xinyan nonchalantly pulled a distance away from Luo Nan as she spoke . She acted as if nothing had happened .

Luo Nan realized that Bai Xinyan had done some functional tests on him . However, she did this out of the blue, what was the meaning of this?

"I was looking at some data and I found out a few things . Those who receive the Shield of Truth's blessing will have a substantial increase in their defensive ability but if they're buffed for a long time, dislocation to bones, damage to nerves, and other symptoms may appear . Researchers believe that this is due to the power of the Shield of Truth . As it reinforces the structure of the human body, it also causes distortion or the feeling of numbness in the target, making it impossible to accurately grasp the limits of the body . . . But looking at Student Luo Nan now, it looks like you haven't had any of these symptoms appear . Was Fairchild's iron fist of love more refined than normal?" 

Voices went 'ohhhhh' in the encrypted channel as they realized what was going on . However, just how many of them could really understand this explanation?

Luo Nan recovered from his embarrassment and was forced to admire Bai Xinyan's judgment . It seemed to match up completely with his current circumstances . She just overlooked one thing; the impact the blessing had on Luo Nan himself .  

When Fairchild had landed his fist on Luo Nan, the power of the mutual interference between the mental and the material was injected into Luo Nan . It covered his entire body . The blessing was inconceivably exquisite . It seemed to permeate every cell of Luo Nan's body .

When this thick power permeated within, the millions of millions of basic building blocks of Luo Nan's body began to strengthen layer upon layer . They also subtly warped and dislocated . It was the same as casting certain powerful basic structures of the Shield of Truth into Luo Nan's body . His body now had a dramatic increase in how much it could bear .  

Bai Xinyan's judgment was correct up until this point but those who received this blessing normally would not receive it down to the cellular level . Fairchild had given him preferential treatment .

However, there was a reason why Fairchild had acted so exquisitely . He just strengthened Luo Nan on a basic level, giving Luo Nan room to regulate and control this power .

Any other person would freeze for some time when facing the exquisite structure of the Shield of Truth, so it would be quite decent for them to be able to follow established instructions . In Luo Nan's case, he had only received Fairchild's demonstration recently . He was not clear on the subtle details . However, he could not be clearer on the basic concepts .

Therefore, things came to him quite naturally when he unleashed his soul strength . With his soul configuration as a reference, he boldly utilized these basic structures to combine them with his 'My heart's a prison' format, which was the materialization of his visualization and five years of psychotropics . His format had undergone a second degree of change, erecting an outline of a configuration which was better suited for him .

Luo Nan continued to tweak the outline of his soul configuration even now to make it more harmonious and coherent . Naturally, such refined work would not appear in Bai Xinyan's data .

Unfortunately, such a calibration was only temporary . The blessing of the Shield of Truth only lasted for a short time . Once its effects were gone, Luo Nan's body would return to its original state .

This was more or less what Bai Xinyan had said .

He now understood Bai Xinyan's previous intentions but the way she did things left Luo Nan brooding . The warmth on his face had yet to dissipate . To hide it, he spoke a bit louder .  

"I already said that I'm fine . . . "

"It was me . I requested White Salt to examine you . Don't blame her Mr . Luo . " He Yueyin was the one to answer him, and she did not do so in the encrypted channel . Her words came directly in the form of sound waves .

Luo Nan was a bit startled . He lifted his head and looked forward to see He Yueyin . She was still dressed in her professional attire . She stood in the hazy mist that was sprayed from sprinklers on the ceiling and gave a slight bow in their direction .  

Though she was covered by the mist, her body remained completely dry . It was as if there was an incorporeal force that surrounded her body, isolating her from being contaminated by external matter . Her gaze pierced through the mist and reached over . It was then that Luo Nan could clearly sense a layer of thin haze masking what had been her clear, bright eyes .

This female secretary constantly gave him help altruistically . It was hard for Luo Nan to be angry at her . He shook his head but He Yueyin spoke before he could speak .

"The next mission will be more troublesome . However, if Luo Nan's endurance is temporarily stronger after receiving the Shield of Truth's blessing and he can bring out his complete ability, then it will make the operation much easier . "

"Luo Nan's eyes lit up but before he could inquire in greater detail, Zhang Yingying displayed even more excitement in the encrypted channel . "Ohoho, is it time for him to draw some scribbles? Wait for me! I'll be there soon!" 

" . . . "

"Hey, it looks like you didn't bring your black notebook? Do you need me to find you pen, paper, a flexible screen, or something and bring it over for you?I'm right next to a department store, you know . Leister, go! Take two of any high-end brands you find . " 

Leister, who was with her, was obviously embarrassed . It took a while for him to respond faintly with a mere sentence . "Am I really doing this?"

Luo Nan was baffled as well . It seemed that Zhang Yingying was even more excited than him . What the heck was this?

However, He Yueyin denied Zhang Yingying's conjecture . "No . What I need now is Mr . Luo's ability to make long-range attacks and his all-encompassing perception . "