Master of the Stars - Chapter 122.1

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Chapter 122.1

Chapter 122: The Bounds of Logic (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

"An Weng!"

Zheng Xiao's mind shook violently as he was swept by emotions of panic and fright . He wanted to face An Weng and bellow, "We've completely crossed the line!"

Everything that happened could be explained by the bitter battle with Fairchild, where it was impossible to attend to the civilians; one could even use it as an angle of attack . It was quite common for enemies, that is Fairchild, to choose battlefields that were not their side's expertise . However, if one stubbornly stuck to their guns, that is An Weng, and rips apart the baseline that was the government and society with blind terrorist attacks and great escalations, how would they be different to the vagrant organizations of the wilderness? 

If they really provoked the Star Alliance and even the local factions of power, many different parties would join together and send punitive forces against them . It would be hard to be exonerated even with the help of the First Oblatum Division .

"An Weng!"

An Chengli was also struck with panic that went down to his soul . His train of thought was no different from Zheng Xiao's and it was even a layer deeper . In the case of a future investigation into their actions of attacking the civilians, the decrepit An Weng would not care with his level of seniority and the Oblatum Knights were just following orders . As for the gunmen, they might not even come out with their lives . In the end, the ones who would bear responsibility would be An Chengli and Zheng Xiao!

The terrible expression on his face was likely turning even uglier .

Well, regardless of how uncomfortable Zheng Xiao and An Chengli were with the situation, it was impossible for a detonated state to return to zero .

As the gunfire splattered wildly around the darkness, the true terror that was the Oblatum Knights accelerated and pushed off from the triangular spaceship that was Frost River Reality . They leaped through the air, their targets being the surrounding three buildings .

Intense light exploded behind them, entwining with the chaotic red and blue lights of the police . It heralded the spectacle of chaos that was to follow .

This was by no means a diversion or an enlargement of the battlefield . The Oblatum Knights were simply causing destruction, likely of the wanton nature .  


An Chengli believed that he and Baze had a bit of a friendship going on, so he could not help but contact Baze . He wanted to ascertain just what sort of plans An Weng had in mind . He knew that his actions were meaningless but if he could not clarify this point, he would simply suffocate .

However, Baze did not have a response whatsoever . As An Chengli tried calling over and over again as his scalp grew numb . It was as if his consciousness had suddenly fallen into ice . He was unable to send out any telepathic thoughts .

"Baze is much busier than you right now . Why don't you do something more meaningful, like keeping quiet?"

An Weng's thoughts circulated within the Evolution Field . He had become the master of it all, leaving An Chengli to shrink into a corner like a decorative pillar .  

The thoughts of these few people entwined only for a brief moment . Right now, several people's eyes were branded with the gunfire splattering within the large buildings .  

However, the trajectory of bullets came tearing through the night from a different direction . The bullets pierced the glass walls, ripping the figures of the gunmen to shreds . All that remained atop Building B was the lingering sound of gunfire .

The Evolution Field faithfully transmitted these changes back to the First Oblatums, forming an image .

"The Secretary!"

An Chengli saw this enemy who he had just tangled with . A similar situation occurred with Building A and Building C . Snipers and even strike bots had instantly slaughtered their gunmen over there . He did not know if they were from the military or the police .

There was no one who could pull the triggers on their guns a second time .

The brainwashed gunmen were disposable . It was quite normal for them to die, but this abandonment of life proved a fact that was most terrible .

This was a joint operation between the government, the military, and the ability user Society . Perhaps at some location where they could not see, the military had dispatched their commando unit . Perhaps their Deep Blue Walkers were on the way!

"An Weng, the situation is big now!" An Chengli could not refrain from roaring .

But at this time, an intense shiver ran through his body .

The element of chaos was rapidly increasing, causing the projection of the Scales of Truth to grow even more balanced . It instantly crossed a crucial node, causing the power of this holy entity to be sent toward the three First Oblatums who were maintaining this spell .  

The Evolution Field advanced in functionality . The telepathic thoughts of the three First Oblatum converged together in a certain sense . An Chengli still did not have any privileges, but his perception became more sensitive at the very least .

He could sense the Krait absorbing more and more chaos element atop the black plate . That thing was actually growing .

However, there existed a disturbance .

It was as if there was some incorporeal sieve existing under the night sky . Someone was trying to gather the shards of chaos within this region to give this region a unique 'order' .

The Evolution Field continued to switch its image . It swept once again across the members of the Society, including the Secretary who An Chengli no longer paid attention to and Luo Nan who was about to land on the ground .  

An Chengli noticed that this teenager just so happened to lift his head and cast his gaze toward the sky . His stunned expression was utterly clear; he must have been startled by the intense change in the situation .

There was a problem though . The direction of Luo Nan's gaze did not seem to intersect with the Oblatum Knights who were soaring at the heights of Frost River Reality . Instead, Luo Nan's gaze was focused on someplace even higher .  

"It's him! It's that kid!" blurted An Chengli . Actually, An Chengli did not know whether Luo Nan was the cause of the disturbance, but he already had the thought to have someone else kill the kid . Just this thought was enough to make him express this judgment .

An Weng did not respond . The image switched once more, and this image proved that An Weng placed no importance toward An Chengli's judgment .

The image was a bird's eye view of Frost River Reality . This enormous triangular spaceship had become a tattered pancake with holes everywhere . This was the aftermath of Baze's and Fairchild's battle .

The spread out seven Oblatum Knights had all leaped away from this place . They had already crashed into the glass walls of the surrounding buildings .

The skies above Frost River Reality were empty; there was absolutely nothing .

But soon, the image integrated with information shook violently and inexplicably . Marvelous waves rippled out from that location and were even bursting forth from within the Evolution Field .

His intuition was not wrong!

An Chengli's eyelids spasmed for a bit . Minute distortions appeared outside his body in the spell formation constructed by high-energy beams of light . And accordingly, something that should not be there was born in what had once been a water-like flowing operation of energy . A vortex had been formed out of thin air .

It was only at this very moment where the operation of the spell formation nearly went off course .

In this moment of his daze, the Evolution Field switched images once again . The image was focused on the first Oblatum Knight to charge into the buildings surrounding Frost River Reality .  

An Chengli recalled that this fellow's name was Flying Shark . Within the Oblatum Knights, Flying Shark possessed a first-class speed in water and in air . His impact power was very strong and his killing nature ran deep .

An explosion rang out . The enormous glass wall was forcefully smashed into pieces by the collision . This fellow had certainly locked in his direction before pushing off . There were a couple dozen of civilians who had not fled in time within this area of glass .

Shards of glass flew through the air, each fragment infused with Flying Shark's extraordinary strength . The group of unlucky civilians departed from this world in a manner akin to being blasted in the face by a shotgun .

"The first wave!"

An Chengli had foreseen this bloodbath of a scene .

But what appeared within the Evolution Field was not the splatter of blood and flesh nor the miserable shrieks of anguish . There were only streaks and streaks of warping light dissipating away . Then there was nothingness .  

"Where . . . Where are the people?"

There was a moment when An Chengli's train of thought stagnated . A short delay later, the glass walls shattered to pieces one after another . Oblatum Knights landed inside the building one by one, but what they faced was an unexplainable nothingness .

Within the entire building, at each location that the eyes could reach, not a single person could be seen .

The Krait appeared to be frozen within the projection of the Scales of Truth . Then it dissolved into the smoke within the plate . The black plate rose up until it reached the peak, and in accordance, the white plate on the other side was heavily lowered .  

The unbalanced state had returned to zero .

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Chapter Synopsis:

Zheng Xiao and An Chengli watch as An Weng exacerbate the situation by having the gunmen fire wildly into the darkness and having the Oblatum Knights charge to the connected three buildings . An Chengli can't do anything as all privileges of the Evolution Field have been taken away from him . He tries to call out to Baze to no avail . The Krait increases in mass atop the black plate atop the Scales of Truth . However, its process is being disturbed . Someone is trying to gather the chaos within the region to give it order . Luo Nan is the likely culprit of this . The first of the Oblatum Knights, Flying Shark, lands in one of the buildings and a bloodbath is to be expected . However, not a person can be seen . Only streaks of light warping away remain . The rest of the Oblatum Knights land, but they face nothingness . An Chengli is bewildered and the Krait disappears atop the Scales of Truth . The unbalanced state had stopped its trend of becoming balanced and has been reset to become totally unbalanced .