Master of the Stars - Chapter 134.1

Published at 27th of March 2018 12:49:54 PM
Chapter 134.1

Chapter 134: The Limits of the Fleshly Body (Part 1/2)

Translator: Strivon

When Bai Xinyan said the words, 'General He', she most likely meant He Yueyin's father . He was a high ranking officer of Xia City's Coastal Defense Force . His name was He Bozheng .

Speaking of which, He Bozheng was Crag Burst's old superior . He Bozheng was pretty low key in the military, but he had a good reputation .

But the person with the most power in the He Family was He Yueyin's grandfather, Admiral He Chong . He was the brightest shining star out of all the officers during the third war . He served as the highest commanding officer directly under the Star Alliance and commanded the Space Frontier Fleet . He was your typical military big shot and had retired for many years . He had countless old friends in the military, and he held a majestic status .

He Bozheng was a rather commendable person . Alas,  he was also in his father's shadow . Despite this, He Bozheng would hold a lot of promise if he really wanted to enter the political arena after retirement and become a candidate for the Xia City election .

Of course, the political aspects involved were quite complex . The link between politics and the ability user society was already something outside Luo Nan's knowledge . He used his head to think a bit and failed to grasp the main points completely . In the end, his throat began to itch and he began to cough .

He Yueyin had no interest in such topics from beginning to end . She acted like she was an outsider who had nothing to do with Bai Xinyan's topic .

She saw Luo Nan coughing and brought a cup of water from the side . She casually and rationally switched the topic back to Luo Nan . "The damage to Mr . Luo's nervous system hasn't worsened, right?"

Bai Xinyan chuckled, as she swept her gaze across Luo Nan's face . "Honestly speaking, it's hard for there to be a clear improvement . I've spent far too much time helping him control the growth rate of his soul strength . The progress of his medical treatment is lagging behind greatly . We will need to increase our time together if this continues on . . . Student Luo Nan, are you sure you're not doing this on purpose?"

Luo Nan corrected her in earnest . "Frost River Waterway is the one keeping me company all the time . "

In fact, there were no issues with Bai Xinyan's professional explanation . Luo Nan's biggest trouble right now was the out-of-control growth of his soul strength .

Drawing the Life Sketches, becoming cognizant of the order frames, the sacrificial hunts of the Wraith Sign, and so on . These events had pushed his soul strength to new heights time and time again .

Luo Nan had even discovered that his soul strength had grown all this time just from releasing his mental senses and achieving awareness with his clairvoyance . It was like the autumn rain striking a level lake . The rain was fine, but the lake had unknowingly risen to submerge the bridge that spanned it . It naturally caused the pressure toward his fleshly body to become bigger and bigger .  

To treat this problem, Bai Xinyan had used the treatment method that was the Frost River Waterway . This could be considered a 'cage therapy' . It took Luo Nan's soul strength and confined it in a monotonous and repetitive environment . Then, difficult challenges were presented one after another to exhaust his soul strength over and over .

This method treated the symptoms but could not cure him . However, it was still passable for emergency treatment .

The problem stemmed from the fact that there were three versions of the Frost River Waterway in total .

One version was simplified for the public; it could be only used on an ordinary person .

One version is the one Bai Xinyan brought out . It was suitable for ability users . This was the Professional Guide Version that only an ability user could access .

The last version was the grand full version that Luo Nan had accessed with the external neuron .

The Professional Guide Version was quite decent, but Luo Nan had experienced the full version that included the elite cultivation methods of the Archetype Format . As such, returning to such a castrated version made Luo Nan feel quite a loss from the differences .

Additionally, Bai Xinyan was outside monitoring him during every run of the Frost River Waterway . The female doctorate was clearly involved with the research on the Archetype Format, so Luo Nan had always maintained vigilance, which made this week quite an arduous one for Luo Nan .

Taking advantage of He Yueyin's presence, Luo Nan expressed his thoughts once more . "Perhaps we can try to incorporate physical training . In the end, this is where the problem with my body and soul imbalance lies . Blindly exhausting my soul strength and not strengthening my fleshly body . . . This is really restricting me . . . "

"You have a way with words . "

Bai Xinyan pursed her lips into a smile, and the gleam in her eyes seemed to circulate around . She examined Luo Nan up and down once again . "As a doctor, I certainly wish to have a treatment plan that can bring your case under permanent control . However, I need to emphasize the following . Any independent physical exercise you do will certainly involve 'volume' . In your situation, it would be best if you didn't have any hopes . "

You think I'm going to wait for you and your research laboratory to 'modify' me? Luo Nan didn't say this out loud, but displeasure filled his heart .

Bai Xinyan's current treatment plan involved technological strengthening of Luo Nan's body from the inside out . Reportedly, the basic method was to use special nano-materials to mold the relevant neurons and inner organs . Regeneration and damage occurred simultaneously, which rapidly increased the endurance and resilience of the fleshly body .

Luo Nan did not especially reject this regeneration plan in the beginning . After all, Bai Xinyan worked at Clay Laboratory, the cutting edge research organization of neuroregeneration and neruostrengthening . Her academic adviser was none other than the principal investigator of the laboratory, Doctor Clay . He was the number one authority in this field .  

However, after the matters at Frost River Reality, Luo Nan's vigilance toward Bai Xinyan grew heavier . He really did not want to entrust his own life to a laboratory that had an unclear relationship with Quantum Corporation . Especially since the amount of modification in the plan grew bigger and bigger with the growth of his soul strength . His plan was no longer a simple case of neuroregeneration . Even the man who had contacted Doctor Clay in the first place, Brother Octopus, was a bit unsure of this matter .

Luo Nan did not hide his thoughts deep enough, as Bai Xinyan had seen through him in a single glance . "It isn't rare for a patient to reject their doctor's treatment plan . It's actually a common occurrence when it comes to prescription medicine . In any case, we're not talking surgery here . Surgery would only make a big mess of things . "

Her slender fingers drew a circle near her temples . She was clearly suspecting that someone was being a moron .

Luo Nan mumbled, "Then what is one's Self-Logic worth?"

"Oh, so Student Luo Nan wants to discuss about treatment principles toward ability users?"

Ten Luo Nans tied together would not be a match for Bai Xinyan in terms of professional knowledge . Naturally, he did not argue with her . He just lowered his head in silence .

Then, contrary to expectations, He Yueyin spoke, "There has always been unknown variables with Mr . Luo during Doctor Clay's arrival and even before the treatment plan was confirmed . A week ago, it was impossible for us to imagine that he would be in this situation . "

Bai Xinyan raised her eyebrows . "That's true . "

Luo Nan opened his mouth . He could not tell if He Yueyin was helping him out or stabbing him in the back . . .

He Yueyin did not give him much time to mull things over . She spoke directly to him, "Mr . Luo . I'm very happy to see that your condition has stabilized . As such, according to the training requirements of new members of the Society, the Society has decided to arrange a series of general knowledge study tasks for you . These tasks aren't too intense or difficult, but they require a fixed amount of concentration . I hope you can do some good preparations . "

As He Yueyin spoke, she transmitted a study plan table through the HexaEar .

Luo Nan skimmed over the plan . It involved intellectual studies, skill training, mission practice, and so on . It looked quite standard . The teachers looked so very familiar for some reason though?

Listed in the first spot was He Yueyin . Her course was titled, 'Ins and Outs of the Psychic Wave Network's World Order' .  

Next was Crag Burst's 'A Crash Course on Common Commands', Bamboo Pole's 'Notes on the Major Characters of the World', and it even involved Red Fox's 'Tracking and Anti-Tracking Drills', as well as Papercut's 'Soul Strength Activation Techniques, and so on . . .

The courses appeared to be more on the practical side, but the teachers were all people who Luo Nan had worked with in his few operations . Obviously, it was great to be familiar with them, to have met them, but it was like this for every single subject . This could not be a coincidence, right?