Master of the Stars - Chapter 363

Published at 22nd of June 2018 03:38:48 AM
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Chapter 363

Chapter 363: New Picture (Part 2/3)

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Translator: Strivon


Without a doubt, Mo Peng was talking about the recreation plan at the Frost River Reality of Cloud City Water Village .


This shameful gamer . He endlessly nagged Luo Nan, having heard that gaming in virtual reality promised no headway . Not to mention the idea of beautiful women joining them .


Luo Nan really didn't have the energy to argue with him . He could only stall . "All the students have gone home for the weekend . Who would specifically run to the large activity area for a meetup?"


"That's true, then Monday… . Oh, are you trying to get me to skip class?" Mo Peng's expression gave off the heroic feeling of a squire risking his life for his lord, but underneath it was the wretched action of passing the buck .


Luo Nan simply headed to the living room . He used his uncle and aunt as an excuse to escape from Mo Peng's nagging .


Mo Peng followed him, "Monday, next Monday! It's a plan!"


Luo Nan responded harshly without ill intent, but he was unable to stifle the bad thoughts in his mind .  Any more nonsense and I'll call over Zhang Yingying and have her fix you up proper .


Breakfast barely passed, and Mo Peng wasn't one to stay idle . Aside from normally sleeping in, Mo Peng's weekends were rich with activity . He was the first to head out the door .

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Soon his aunt and uncle left . Of course, his aunt just had to lecture him . She even setup the AI housekeeper's operation mode . This made Luo Nan feel that he was infinitesimally close to being a mama's boy .


Who was the one who said I’m a mama's boy? Oh, it was that useless Mo Peng!


This sister and brother pair . Did God send them down just to torment me?


Luo Nan rolled his eyes as he tidied up his bowl and chopsticks . He restrained his temper as he cleaned up the kitchen and dining room . At this time, the "native species genetic and ecological preservation" job had begun a new day . Peony led Ink to meet with the Trigate Security's action team for the start of another meeting . Their plan for today was to study the Forestwall District . Tomorrow's plan was to study the River Wu District .


If everything went smoothly, Luo Nan would be able to slack off at this job for the next two days, spending this time and energy to mull over and experiment with the newest gains he had obtained .


"I'm finally back on the right track!" Luo Nan let out a long breath of relief as he retrieved the two notebooks from the underground storeroom near the garage . He went straight back to his bedroom, determined not to leave for the rest of the day .


In his bedroom, Luo Nan sat cross-legged on his bed . He flipped through the pages filled with countless insights within his notebook, the mere glance causing blood-boiling emotions . It was akin to fire being lit within a well filled with oil, causing the explosive sound of combustion to ring over and over .


Luo Nan took in a deep breath, knowing that if he didn't control his emotions, it would be very hard to truly sink deep in thought . However, he had repressed his emotions for an entire night . He hated that he was unable to tackle these ideas while dreaming . It was easier said than done for him to suppress his emotions .


"Might as well let it flow instead of stifling it . . . " Luo Nan muttered to himself . He drew back his lips into a smile, and his impassioned and surging soul strength was like a flood bursting a dam . It flowed every which way .

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The sky was sunny and cloudless outside the room, but gloom cast into the lake of his mind . The vast and hazy starry sky unfurled within Luo Nan's mind, covering a range of several dozen square kilometers . There were a thousand households in the community, and the Life Sketches of thousands of living beings were reflected within .


As the living starry sky manifested, the suppressed impulsive flames of his heart diffused throughout the starry sky . Soon, all heat had dispersed, leaving behind merely traces of the fluctuations of life, resonating with the stars that filled the entire sky .


Luo Nan was unaware, but his heart and mind had become crystal clear . He was in a most limpid state . This wasn't his meditative state; it surpassed it . He felt the interference and resonance between himself and other living beings, and he automatically had a direction to begin with .


He didn't get tangled up in anything . He simply stirred his thoughts, and the core vast star river, the visualization diagram, naturally appeared . This was the Format Pyramid structure, consisting of a tetrahedron, an inscribed sphere, and an outer-scribed sphere . It matched with the thousands upon thousands of Life Sketches in the distance, converging together .


The long river of starlight spread past the Format Pyramid, seemingly drowning completely . Clear levels were revealed within the Format Pyramid . They were regular and thorough, without a hint of disorder .


Starting from the night at Frost River Reality, Luo Nan's Format Pyramid had converged and fused with the Life Sketches into a star river . However, they were still independent . They moved according to their respective rules . Only where their domains clashed did the Format Pyramid clearly display its dominance .


Yet this time, under the radiance of the long snaking river and myriad of stars, there seemed to be some subtle changes with the motionless yet majestic Format Pyramid .


"There has been a change," Luo Nan talked to himself .


Under the countless lightning strikes of insight, Luo Nan's thought process had changed substantially . The foundation of his body and soul, the Format Pyramid, had to have corresponding changes as well . Only then could it prove its realness .


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The intent of his mind illuminated down from above, probing inside and outside the visualization diagram completely . What had once been a vague feeling transformed into a clear understanding . The previous Format Pyramid was a composition comprising geometric figures . It could be considered a conceptual expression . The current Format Pyramid was a set of figures with a lot more details, dots, lines, and faces joined together, revealing a conformation of light and shadow, and giving off an even more marvelous sense of realism .


Similar details continued to increase to the extent that it was a bit inappropriate to call the Format Pyramid a concise conceptual figure . After all, concepts were concepts . The corresponding idealized figure was far too rigid .


The thought barely stirred, and the visualization diagram, which was already jam-packed with rich details, was like a sandcastle built upon the ocean shore . It collapsed just like that, scattering countless flowing silver-white rays into the void .


Holy cow!


Luo Nan's mind instinctively went tense, but before anxious emotions were able to boil up, the clairvoyance of his mind was crammed with thousands upon thousands of stars of varying luminosities .


That's right . The conceptual composition of dots, lines and faces had suddenly transformed into thousands upon thousands of stars . They unfurled, turning into a splendid constellation . The space between them formed a matching structure, and looking at the whole, Luo Nan could vaguely see the traces of rules outlining the tetrahedron, inscribed sphere, and outer-scribed sphere .


Luo Nan stared, stupefied for a while . His visualization diagram had transformed from conceptual geometric figures into a more real composition of stars and constellation structure . Wasn't this none other than a Life Sketch?


This situation was very similar to the situation last night when he used his clairvoyance on Driver Qin!


Luo Nan wanted to bite his fingers . Emotions of bewilderment, stupefaction, and excitement entwined together .


The self-constructed Life Sketch completely blasted apart the barrier of rules between the Format Pyramid and the living starry sky . It was like an exquisite mathematical conversion . It took two independent domains and drew them under the same rules, further expanding the richness of the content within, and increasing countless details that could be researched .


Looking from this point, his attempts had truly started only recently . This was a breakthrough, and it invigorated his spirits .


But from another perspective, the dissimilation and decomposition of the visualization diagram that accompanied him for many years had real impacts, forcing him to perform some mental constructions .


All right . For instance, the constellations in the skies above never had rays of light connecting dots to form figures . It was the will of the people to imagine their outlines, reflecting the special cultures of humanity . It was the result of imagination turned concrete .


Perhaps this principle could be used upon the Format Pyramid?


Luo Nan suddenly became lost in thought as a certain question spawned out of nowhere . This question invaded his thought process .  Grandfather's research in Formatting Theory back in the day… . Was his objective an abstract concept? Or was it a concrete phenomenon?


Luo Nan chose the latter .


It was impossible for a pure abstraction and its general symbol to develop with rich and meaningful content, if it lacked a concrete, detailed, and accurate phenomenon as a support . Even if such an abstraction was able to develop, it would be that of sheer fantasy and daydreams .


In other words… .


Luo Nan picked up the leather notebook and flipped to the title page . He looked straight at the concise lines of the figure, but what appeared before his eyes was clearly a profound and magnificent starry sky .

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