Master of the Stars - Chapter 42.1

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Chapter 42.1

Chapter 42: Mystic Society (Part ½)

Cat Eyes’s felt her thoughts become unprecedentedly clear under the stimulation of anger . She was going to expose this demon’s plot, so she gaped her mouth open to shout on the spot . But it was only then did she discover that all the muscles of her body no longer listened to her .

Her fury was just a short burst of flame . Boundless waves of terror had risen and extinguished it .

At the very moment, all of Cat Eyes’s energy was dissolved within the giant waves of terror, and her self-willpower also dissolved along with it . Emotions of remorse began to emerge within this sea of terror:

This demon . Did he have me as his target from the start? Or is it because I offended him?

God, I’m so stupid!

Cat Eyes was full of remorse . She was just like a sacrifice placed upon an altar . Her body didn’t move and she uttered not a word . Even her thoughts gradually froze and perished . All that was left was her blood and soul, and they flowed out one drop after another . It was unknown where they flowed to .

She tried to find the destination of her blood and soul, but it was as if she had been dropped into a boundless prison within her dazzled and blurred mind . Six sources of glowing light lit up within the treacherous shadowy coldness of the stirring darkness . A vague outline revolved in her surroundings . Several feet scurried around, gradually drawing closer .

Her frozen consciousness suddenly trembled for she received some stimulation . It came from the distinct memory of the profile of the operation’s target:

Human-Faced Arachnid? Why is it the Human-Faced Arachnid?”

No one was able to answer her question within this dizziness . No one to relieve her of her terror .

As the form of the Human-Faced Arachnid became clear, the surrounding screen of darkness came alive to possess its own intentions . It drew endlessly closer to her, and the warped darkness in front of the Human-Faced Arachnid was none other than its giant ugly mouth!

She was going to be chewed, dissolved, then consumed… . . .

No! No way!

Cat Eyes suddenly comprehended something, and the source of this understanding came from the mental senses of being an Awakened…… It didn’t matter if this was a demonic ritual, if this was a trap, if she was really consumed by the Human-Faced Arachnid, she would inevitably sink to a place of damnation with no hope of recovery . She would never have another chance!

Save me! Save me! Someone save me!

Cat Eyes was gradually losing consciousness on the mental plane as she shouted herself hoarse . But on the physical plane, she was doing nothing more than just slightly trembling with a drooping head .

The more she felt the reality of her situation, the more she despaired .

In the end, what kind of power was it that imprisoned her in this terrifying darkness?

Was there no power that could save her?


An unusual vibration rang out of the darkness . From the deepest depths of the darkness came long glimmering chains that pierced over in an instant .

This change was completely incomprehensible to Cat Eyes . But when faced with the desperate situation of being consumed by the Human-Faced Arachnid, she would strive to grasp onto any variable to change that .  

If both were desperate situations, then she would choose the one that was less evil… . . .

Her entire consciousness concentrated over there . She did the utmost to shout: “Save me! Save me!”

The chains clearly responded to her cry, crackling and rattling as they penetrated through space . Cat Eyes had zero intentions of avoiding them . She let the chains run through her body and pierce her soul . It wasn’t painful; instead, she had the strange feeling of being supported .

She let the chains permeate through her body as much as possible, to extend to every nook and cranny in her body and mind . The crackling sound was no longer heard and in its place was the bizarre “ka chunk” sound of locking . Every ka chunk that sounded out was the sound of some chain link locking rigidly in place .

From Cat Eyes’s perspective, this represented a safety rope on her body in face of danger . Every locking of a chain link gave a fantastic feeling of safety and satisfaction .

Then Cat Eyes felt herself rising up to gradually leave this sheet of darkness . Her strength was also gradually recovering and more of her consciousness entered the plane of reality .

She felt faintly that something was off . The incomparably real experience on the mental plane clashed with reality . It was as if she was placed in a half awake dream-like state; everything that was inconceivable was as they should be to her .

She even entered the Psychic Wave Network independently to Channel 001 where everyone was gathered . This time she had the strength to unleash the cry that she wasn’t able to unleash before . But as soon as this thought emerged in her mind, the large terror and uncertainty in front of her popped this thought as if it were a bubble .

The chain ran through her soul body and she relied on it for support, but she had a certain feeling that if the chain were to just vibrate slightly, it would twist and kill her .

In other words, her life could be decided by a single thought from the chains’ controller .

This was completely illogical, but in her dim and confusing consciousness state, Cat Eyes didn’t have the courage to verify this . She just wanted this wretched operation to end faster right now, so she could sort out the logic behind the chains .

Perhaps, the controller of the chains was… . . .

Cat Eyes’s let her gaze fall onto Luo Nan’s body . It was him . This devil . Just give her an explanation okay!?

But Luo Nan didn’t give her a single glance from beginning to end, a single indication . This was enough to cause Cat Eyes to feel like everything that had just happened might have been her own delusions from a mental disorder?

Astonishing progress appeared on Channel 001 at this time . Low clamoring could be heard within the encrypted comms:

“There’s a match! There’s a match! Where is it?”

Everyone’s attention gathered over, and that included Cat Eyes’s attention . Dream and reality joined together, permeating into one another . Everything turned logical and as it should be .

Channel 001 had already turned into a conference channel at this time . Cat Eyes was slow in the coming, not drawing anyone’s attention . Everyone’s attention was placed on the design map of Limestone Water Village Pub . The diagram that Luo Nan took out corresponded exactly with a certain portion of the map .

This picture of Luo Nan’s was an alienation in the form of six shining stars . The corners were slightly rounded .

This type of composition didn’t exist on any single floor of the building . However, He Yueyin changed her line of thinking and placed the planar map of every floor on top of each other . Then the answer suddenly became clear .  

“It's the 16th, 17th, 18th floor on the west side, three different room locations on three different floors pieced together . They belong to some karaoke club . ”

He Yueyin had reached a conclusion after referring to the data on the pub .

The relevant material was immediately converted to psychic wave information, entering everyone’s brains . Even though He Yueyin had the support of HexaEar, this action by her was an extremely high level manipulation of the mental plane . Typical Awakened would find it hard to even look up at her back .

But no one expressed astonishment or shock at this time . This was because all shocking emotions were already crammed in by Luo Nan long ago .

Zhang Yingying’s question represented practically everyone in the room: “What does this location represent? Where the Human-Faced Arachnid is hiding?”

“Mmm . I believe that this is only a place where it had once passed through . And this place had a very crucial use for it to get into its present state . ”

Luo Nan honestly and sincerely explained according to his own feelings towards his drawing . He felt that he was becoming more and more like a psychic .

“But you’ve only been to the 21st floor, you’ve haven’t been here right?”

“Hic . I haven’t . ”

“You haven’t been there in the past either?”

“This is my first time coming here . ” Even though the large living community around Acumen College had an outstanding reputation, this was really Luo Nan’s first time coming here .

From another side, Bamboo Pole could not hold himself back from asking in doubt: “Then how did you come up with this picture? From a baseless feeling?”

Luo Nan continued to respond: “I haven’t been there, but Cat Eyes should have . ”

All of a sudden, every gaze in the room fell uniformly onto Cat Eyes .