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Master of Untold Daos - Chapter 264

Published at 31st of December 2019 04:14:56 PM

Chapter 264

Wu Jiang lifted his head, "You're saying you want to fight?"

When he glanced in Chen Ming's direction, it was empty . He released his awareness but no Chen Ming for a hundred li!

Wu Jiang jumped to his feet, "Where's Chen Ming?"

One reported, "Sect Leader, he's gone!"

Wu Jiang struck at the speaking Demon Sovereign, "Is this how you answer me?"

Wu Jiang sent him flying, then saw how a flying sword was slowly moving away from Chen Ming's spot, darting into the murky night . Wu Jiang flashed in front of it and locked it in place .

He gripped the struggling sword and inspected it, "Get someone who can unravel this sword's secret!"

Wu Jiang gazed into the night sky, now understanding why Chen Ming kept pestering him about being angry, "Even if you flee, you're no Beneath Immortal . No one in these lands can contend me! What come shall pass, be it sooner or later!"

Near a mountain peak, Chen Ming's figure flashed above a cliff and pulled a sword from the rock, "Thank god I have Vanishing Immortal Sword Art . It goes a thousand li but tricky to use . Since you wanna play, Wu Jiang, then let's play big!"

Chen Ming flashed back on Yan Mountain and sent the thought to the six nation weapons he left on his disciples to fly to him .

When dealing with the demonic sect, spiritual swords didn't cut it . Even a Sovereign could shatter them . But when it comes to nation weapons, Wu Jiang was the only one!

Zhuo Qingyao and co . have long gotten accustomed to Chen Ming's back and forth act, Master likes to blink in and out of here, almost as if he doesn't show off . But others have no clue he's just playing his role as an array master .

Now that he had Zhuo Qingyao's nation weapon, he sent a spiritual sword to take its place, "If you find yourself in an impossible situation, pour your energy inside it . "

Chen Ming then blinked back to the rock with the twelve nation weapons in tow .

He surveyed the area and a wave from Dao Empyrean Bamboo sent six of them to form a circle around him .

Then six other nation weapons blinked next to them .

Chen Ming grabbed one and jumped high up in the sky as he snickered, "It is high time I show everyone what it means to be a genuine array master!"

"I will let all of you know that an array master is the sole master of a battlefield!"

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He performed hand gestures while holding the nation weapon in mid-air, "Vanishing Immortal Sword Art!"

The nation weapon flew deep into the demonic sect .

Chen Ming picked another, "Vanishing Immortal Sword Art!"

This followed the other one's example and went to another place in the demonic sect .

Six nation weapons flew in six different directions . When he felt a flying sword was losing power, he walked to its pair and teleported on it . He gave it a nudging kick, speeding it up, "Fly further! Vanishing Immortal Sword Art!" 

Chen Ming returned to the cliff, then approached another nation weapon .

He kept this up for four hours until he sensed thick demonic energy, "The show is about to start . Too bad there's no one here to see me . "

Chen Ming stepped on a nation weapon and blinked on its pair, a hundred thousand li away . He saw the demonic sect below and the demonic cultivators in mid preparations .  

Chen Ming's sudden appearance left them in stupefaction, all craning their necks to look at him way up there, "That's Chen Ming!"

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"How did he get here?"

"Oh no! Run!"

"Leave everything, escaping is a priority!"

Chen Ming roamed his eyes over the demonic cultivators, clueless as to which demonic sect was related to his bonus objective . He stood up and send ten thousand swords from their sheaths with a flutter of Dao Empyrean Bamboo . After closing his eyes, he controlled each one to wreak havoc of the entire sect, sensing every demonic cultivator around him!

Someone shouted, "Activate the guarding array . We can't hold on like this!"

With a dull sound, a blue shield shrouded the entire mountain . The demonic cultivators cheered when Chen Ming's sword storm was repelled, "Activate the sending talisman and notify Head Sect Leader to come and slaughter him!" 

"We only have one left . Will it finally get used in crying for help from Head Sect Leader?"

"We never used it so far since we never needed to . But he is the Righteous Alliance Leader!"

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"Relax, I already send notice to Head Sect Leader!"

Ten thousand li away, Wu Jiang was listening to a report, "Head Sect Leader, Underworld River Sect sent a notice that Chen Ming is assaulting them . They activated the guarding array so they should hold on for a while!"

Wu Jiang was enraged, "What? He ran away and still dared to mess around my demonic sect? Since he didn't take the path of survival, he must be wishing to pass through the gates of hell . If he seeks death then he found it! You are to follow me in hastening to Underworld River Sect!"

Chen Ming shut his eyes but his awareness wasn't blocked from sensing the activation of the guarding array . He cracked his eyelids into a slit, leaking eerie glints between the gaps, "A crude array! And even it's core is outside, in that yellow river . " 

Chen Ming waved a thousand spiritual swords to a large river and blocked its flow . With the swords damming the river, the riverbed came to light, bringing about the end of the guarding array .  

Ten thousand swords were unleashed into a violent storm upon them, with each sword lashing out a sword art . But the true horror came from the sword intent embedded in the arts!

The swarm of locust-like swords didn't leave any stone unturned . A small and insignificant Underworld River Sect was no match for Chen Ming's full might . One slash sent a hundred souls down under . In just a tea break, what was left of Underworld River Sect was a mountain covered in bloody creeks like veins, pouring into an artery .

Chen Ming nodded satisfied .  Got the reward and bonus spiritual knowledge from killing people . 80 thousand isn't a bad harvest .  The swords then returned to their sheaths in the Dao Empyrean Bamboo .

Chen Ming picked up the nation weapon beneath his foot, "Does this mean the end? Not by a long shot . The show has only just begun . From this moment on, I will make every single demonic cultivator on this continent shaking like a leaf at the mere mention of my, Chen Ming, name!"

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