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Master of Untold Daos - Chapter 60

Published at 10th of October 2019 11:21:29 PM

Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Battle for Pitfall Mountain – Evisceration


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This saber strike made Archfiend Azure Lion retreat three steps . Chen Ming didn’t give him any chance of recovering, following with the spiritual sword in his left hand, executing the Lustrous King Sword Art to its peak .

Chen Ming and Azure Lion’s fight became savage . Chen Ming dual-wielded the saber and the spiritual sword, relentless in his attacks!

Under Chen Ming’s continuous onslaught, even if Azure Lion wanted, his body could no longer keep up, as his wounds kept pilling all over his body .

And Chen Ming, was akin to an observer, with barely any spiritual power wasted as he used the array’s power . But when the time came and its reserves were low, he would use spirit stones to replenish it .

What can be said about the current Chen Ming was that he knew no rest, his strength at its peak, dancing around Azure Lion while keep landing hit after hit with his twin blades .

Azure Lion retreated again, blood spilling from his mouth as he opened his mouth towards the sky, “Roar~!”

Azure Lion’s body expanded, shedding his human form to that of a fifteen-zhang-long blue lion . He was just like a small mountain, facing Chen Ming, “Come, let’s go all out! Taotie’s Jaw open, Bone River!”

Azure Lion opened his maw, spewing bones like an avalanche, grabbing hold of Chen Ming then dragging him inside .

Chen Ming stabbed his weapons in the layer of ice, wanting to prevent his body from being swallowed . But even so, he was unable to stop it completely . As he neared closer to the jaws of death, the weapons left deep trails on the ground . Chen Ming threw the spiritual sword into Azure Lion’s mouth only to disappear the moment it was inside; it was already devoured by Azure Lion .

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Chen Ming’s eye grew fierce .

He jumped, flying right towards Azure Lion’s open maw, “Torrent of Blood!”

Chen Ming entered Azure Lion’s mouth and stabbed Demonic Blood Saber right into his lower jaw . The saber then started to suck all his blood while Chen Ming held on to it like his life depended on it as he was getting pulled towards the abyss in Azure Lion’s mouth, “Let’s see who devours who!”

Demonic Blood Saber was stuck in Azure Lion’s lower jaw, sucking blood without care, all the while sinking lower and lower . You could even hear a crisp sound coming from within!

Soon, Chen Ming’s bloody body crawled out of Azure Lion carcass . Just now, he took advantage of the suction force to cut all the way to Azure Lion’s stomach

The humongous body of Azure Lion fell, shaking the ground with it . Azure Lion, an ambitious and tyrannical ruler of Pitfall Mountain for hundreds of years, finally met his end at Chen Ming’s saber .

Chen Ming held on to Demonic Blood Saber, leaning against Azure Lion’s corpse and taking deep breaths . It was finally over .

“Ding! You killed Archfiend Azure Lion . Battle contributions 30%, killing blow . Reward: 30% . You got 2400 spiritual knowledge and 300 fame . ”

“Ding! You killed Archfiend Azure Lion . Obtained two lottery tickets, resulting in Taotie’s Bone and Taotie’s Seed . ”

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“Ding! You killed Archfiend Azure Lion, Pitfall Mountain’s destruction rate increased by 30% . ”

Archfiend Azure Lion felt himself at the top, and now he was at the bottom . The war then took a sudden shift as the Six Kings Alliance’s Fiend Generals saw their Archfiend ended Azure Lion’s life, and charged with newfound power, “Surrender!”



With the death of their Archfiend, they had no chance of making a comeback . Pitfall Mountain’s Fiend Generals had no intention of going down with their commander, throwing away their weapons .

Six Kings Alliance’s Great Fiends shackled the enemy leaders .

Pitfall Mountain’s result spread to its neighbors, informing the other Archfiend of six new Archfiends’ rise to power, “Never would have thought that Chen Ming will be the final winner . ”

“They say Azure Lion was at the early stage of Divine Palace, yet he still lost . Thre’s more to this Six Kings Alliance than meets the eye!”

“From now on, no Divine Palace cultivator will dare pick a fight with Six Kings Alliance . ”

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“When you meet Six Kings Alliance’s men, exercise restraint!”

A day flashed by, and Chen Ming checked the progress on his mission . It was still at 60% .  Pitfall Mountain is already destroyed so why only 60%?

This was Chen Ming’s first great assignment that promised a generous reward . How could Chen Ming be satisfied with just 60%?

En, right, around half of Pitfall Mountain’s troops surrendered . Is it because they aren’t dead? Are you saying I need to kill all of them?

Chen Ming sat in his tent, tending to his wounds when Black Tiger burst in filled with joy . He was quite lively since he was the one with the lightest injuries, “Bro Chen Ming, I got some great news . Can you guess what it is?”

Chen Ming faintly heard Great Fiends shouting in excitement outside, with a weaker one among them . “I’m not, I never was . Don’t throw me, ah! Throw your own men, not me!”

Chen Ming had a bad feeling about this, his brows furrowed, “It can’t be that Fiend General Stag is alive, right?”

Black Tiger laughed heartedly, “Ha-ha-ha, you’re right on target bro!”

Black Tiger pulled the tent flap, letting Chen Ming see through the crack the scar-riddled body of Fiend General Stag being thrown by other generals . He was caught, then thrown again, celebrating the victory of this war .

Fiend General Stag never stopped moving, “I’m not, I never was . I’m not one of you, I’m not a spy!”

Fiend General Night Swallow laughed merrily, “Fiend General Stag, don’t be modest, we all know of your achievements!”

The other generals pitched it, “Without you, we would have never had such easy victories . Fiend General Stag worked hard, earning the title of First Class Fiend General!”

“With accomplishments as great as these, just what reward will Archfiend Chen Ming bestow upon you? I believe he’ll make you his Commander, the leader of his army!”

If I make him Commander, my precious lifestyle will be ruined! I would rather let one of the bear brothers have it!

Black Tiger hesitated, “Fiend General Stag, you came back to us, there’s no need to fear Azure Lion’s torment any longer . Be brave and say it, you are bro Chen Ming’s number one stalwart!”

Fiend General Stag felt wronged in so many ways .

Black Tiger looked at Chen Ming, who coughed twice, “He must be too engrossed in his acting to realize . Azure Lion’s torture must have been excruciating for him . ”

Black Tiger nodded, “Bro Chen Ming is right, Azure Lion’s torture must have been close to driving Fiend General Stag insane . Let the others chat with him, while we go to the victory feast . ”

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