Master Summoner Online - Volume 1 - Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Establishing Giant Dragon Studio

“What do you want to talk about?” I said.


Feng Xiaoyue said: “ I want to start a game studio and want you to join.”


Ye Shuang said: “Okay, Where would the studio be at?”


Feng Xiaoyue said: “It would be located at Long Chao’s.”


I was surprised and said: “Eh, My home?! Are you kidding, turning my home into a studio. Why choose my home?”

Feng Xiaoyue said: “Simply because your home has 4 rooms and a living room and compared to our houses it's pretty big. Who wouldn’t pick your house?”


Ye Shuang said: “Exactly, great idea, but only yourself?”


Feng Xiaoyue said: “Of course not, Xiao Ai and Xiao Xi are also coming, wouldn't that make it livelier.”


I thought for a moment then said: “Okay, When are you starting?”


Feng Xiaoyue said: “Immediately.”


Done speaking I brought the two people to my home and called Xiao Ai and Xiao Xi’s phone numbers, soon the doorbell rang. I opened it to see two people and I immediately invited them in.


Xiao Ai was a pretty girl that was in the class next to mine. She had a pretty face, creamy jade like skin with softness that could only be desired, a tall jade like nose, rosy lips, a tall long neck, and a pair of smart captivating eyes. She was carrying a large bag and sitting on the sofa. She looked at me and pursed her lips into a smile and said: “Long Ling, How much training did you do last night? How many levels did you get?”


I laughed and said: “Not bad, I’ve already had my class transfer.”


“Oh? What job?”




Xiao Xi laughed and said: “Great, Brother Long after we play the game together, I’m going to play the Archer and Xiao Ai what are you playing?”


Xiao Ai abruptly sat next to me and her rounded thighs half rode on me, she hehe laughed and said: “I’m also a Summoner and I’ve called out a Intermediate Wolf baby.”


I couldn’t help but be surprised, and Xiao Ai’s not big or small chest had an alluring appearance. She didn’t seem to mind and even hooked her arm around my shoulder and leaned against me,intimately smiled and said: “Long Ling, we can have a match to see who can level up faster and be number 1.”


I momentarily flushed with excitement unable to even say half a sentence, even though Xiao Ai had bloomed pretty good, from when I was little to now there had never been a pretty girl that was this intimate with me.

Seeing my embarrassed look, Feng Xiaoyue laughed in a bad mood and said: “Xiao Ai, pay attention to your image, be careful or I might not let you into the studio. And you have time in the future, why are you rushing so much?”


I was at a loss and said: “You make it sound like I want to captivate and raise up some chicks……”


Ye Shuang pursed his lips into a smile and said: “How can that be? At school we are a group and here we are a team that fights together. If there’s people that bully our studio, I’ll be the first person to help.”


I became silent, this weak guy changing the mood was huge.


We chattered and drank a few cups of tea, I smiled and said: “Come let's stay up all night to chrysanthemum tea to get rid of t

he excitement.


I shook my head, and used great effort to move my body to the left so that Xiao Ai can sit by herself on the sofa. I broke away and said : “Xiao Ai, your boyfriend?”


Xiao Ai said: “ Don’t talk about that guy, always talks about feelings in the beginning then preying on them, so this girl with one leg kicked him out.”

I became scared, this woman wasn’t simple.

Xiao Xi toke out a bottle of herbal tea to divide between use and said: “Since we are making a studio how much capital do we have?

Feng Xiaoyue said: I have 2 gold coins and 18 silver coins.”

Ye Shuang followed and said: “I have 70 silver coins……”


Xiao Ai also followed and said: “2 silver coins, buying potions with money is expensive.”


Feng Xiaoyue asked me: “Long Ling?”


I said: “5 gold coins.”

Xiao Xi said: “So Powerful, Brother Long is so wealthy.”


I smiled, Xiao Xi turned on a computer, and went to a website to look at the situation, and charts of equipment, money, etc. in a mess only to see the top of the ranks called Xiyu Wusheng a mage at Level 22 in first place rank.My Thanksgiving Boots were also at the number one spot for equipment with no competition as it was the first piece of purple equipment right now.


Ye Shuang said: “We need a name for the studio, it needs to be awesome to show ability.”


Xiao Ai said: “Simply just call it Long Chao.”


[TL: His family name means Dragon Nest]


I said: “No.”


Xiao Xi carried on and said: “Long Chao is a place where the dragon lives, it would be better to call it Giant Dragon Studio, this name ought to be ok.”


Ye Shuang said: “Not bad, worthy of me to fight as an intellectual man.”


Next was the distribution of rooms, Ye Shuang, Xiao Xi and I were three grown men so we each got one room to one person. Feng Xiaoyue and Xiao Ai shared a room and each person's room had a sheet of light blue paper pasted on it. Wrote “Long Ling” Feng Xiaoyue pasted the paper and patted me, smiled and said: “ Long Ling remember your own room and don’t go into the wrong room at night.”


I said: “Please, This is my home.”


Feng Xiaoyue laughed and said: “Sorry I forgot.”


To the side Xiao Ai laughed and said: “Humhum, Big Sis, Make sure to lock the doors, I’m afraid he might have the guts to do it!”


I went silent, Feng Xiaoyue was in there who would dare go in.


[TL:If people forgot Feng Xiaoyue is a blackbelt in taekwondo who beats up every guy that confessed to her.]


We were busy until about 11 o'clock in the evening and then everybody finally went to there own rooms to clean up. I also helped them one by one install there game equipment.


Ye Shuang clapped his hands, and expressed himself by laughing and said: “Everybody come together, it's time to eat a midnight snack.It’s our first day of living together. There's a place downstairs that that has pretty good food. Food money will come from the studios expenses okay?”


I said: “How do you know how much funds are in the studio.”


Feng Xiaoyue laughed and said: “Nothing. I’ll invite.” As a result as a group of people full of expectations they went to the hotel in the neighborhood!”


[TL:I’m guessing she's saying that there's no funds in the studio and that she is paying.]


While eating I asked: “Xiao Ai, After managing your player, what are you going to do about university?”


Feng Xiaoyue said with a smile: “Don’t feel like doing it, somebody will help me with roll call since they’re afraid of me and I have no interest in university. It’s more fun making a career in the game!”


[TL: Don’t do this at home kids. (How I wish I could be like screw it and play games for the rest of my life.)]


Finished speaking recklessly she asked me quietly: “Long Ling, Are you willing to help me?”


I was stunned and said: “The studio is my home and we are all friends, either way we are friends, I’ll do my best to help.”


Feng Xiaoyue seemed satisfied with my words smiled and said: “Ah, That makes me feel so much better.”

I have to say the quality at the hotel was pretty good, not as good as Heaven and Earth but still tasted pretty good and the price was pretty good, so we had a table full of dishes and ate like the wind.


Going back home, it isn’t home anymore and should be called a studio, everybody went back to their rooms. I also returned back to my room and slept till the next day and went back into the game. I entered the Gloomy Forest, only to not be able to tell if it was day or night.


[Tl: Gets a little graphic with blood and stuff after this. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.]


I looked around and was dumbfounded, blood all over the ground of more than a dozen heads of giant brown lizards, the ground was stained with lizards corpse and broken bodies which were messy and full of blood stains on the ground. Who knew how many people died here. And at this moment five large lizards leisurely walked across the broken bodies, eating them off the ground. I can clearly see one green scaled lizard holding in its mouth a large blood red intestine. And from the side pulled the rest of the intestine out of the dead corpse.


Seeing this scene I became nauseous, the bodies were naturally NPC’s, but there was about 100 people.


The lizards found me and got into a fan shape, there mouths emitted a hoarse chirp and shot forward like a arrow.


A big lizard was pretty fast, opening up their bloody mouth and biting onto my left shoulder, while I flung it away.


And then more came from the left and the right on my chest and abdomen ripping flesh, and showing the white bone.


Seeing my body and the appearance of the sinister monster, everything paused, after going back online only to almost die 10 minutes later, extremely marvelous.

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