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Apocalypse Meltdown - Chapter 116

Published at 18th of March 2018 10:23:24 PM

Chapter 116

Lu Hongsheng and He Peiyuan were really pitiful, they would retreat by one step but Chu Han was just getting closer with one step . One was stepping forward while two were stepping backward . Soon, they had reached the car; the scene was like a wolf cornering two sheep .

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Suddenly Chu Han stopped and looked at the two men curiously, "Why are you retreating?"

They were in a daze . Yes, why were they retreating?

"Whoo!" Lu Hongsheng took a deep breath . "Great . He can still talk . He is a human, not a ghost . "

He Peiyuan wiped his sweat . He was shocked by Chu Han’s aura and he forgot that Chu Han was actually a human . He suddenly thought about it and asked, "Do you have any injuries? Being bitten or scratched by zombies will get you infected!"

With just a sentence Lu Hongsheng became anxious again . What? If Chu Han was infected, he would turn into a powerful zombie! There was no way they could deal with him!

Disdain was apparent Chu Han’s cold eyes, "That garbage could not hurt me . "

Lu Hongsheng swallowed his saliva and he thought Chu Han was too arrogant!

He Peiyuan just nodded and said, "You, you just come with us . "

Chu Han became nervous and jumped to the car directly . He sat on the driving position, like he owned the car . He shouted at the two dazed people, "Quickly! Get on!"

"Yes!" Lu Hongsheng and He Peiyuan got on the car .

They had yet to fasten their belts and Chu Han had already steeped on the gas!

The car burst forward, practically flying on the road . Lu Hongsheng and He Peiyuan had fallen on the floor…


Dusk had started replacing the sun . The sky had turned blood red with a touch of darkness, and the faint bloody mist was becoming thicker; covering the road and hiding it .

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The obstacles on the road had been cleared away but there were still two groups of people . One group was holding weapons and had the other group surrounded . The armed group’s leader was none other than Jiang Zuo .

"Jiang Zuo!" There were dozens of people surrounded and one of them could not help shouting at Jiang Zuo, "What do you want?"

"Nothing . " One contact was missing from Jiang Zuo’s glasses, which looked ridiculous; but his expression was hideous and crazy!

"I’m just waiting for Chu Han to deal with you . "

"Deal with us?!" Most of the surrounded people were terrified .

"It is too much! We have done nothing wrong!"

"Yes! We did not break into the car and your family is doing well . So why are you surrounding us?"

"That girl didn’t mind her own business and you blame us?"

"She also shot us! She deserved it!"

"Kuang Zhiran is the one you should blame! We are so innocent!"

The atmosphere was really tense, the cursing and blaming were getting louder .

As the dispute was going on, there was another group of people in the delivery carriage; cleaning it and taking care of the woman and her newborn baby . The baby was soundlessly sleeping after being lulled and taken care of by a group of kind-hearted women .

In the van, Shangguan Yuxin had giving first aid treatment to Lou Xiaoxiao . She just ignored the noise, coming from the two groups, and focused on her patient . The professionalism and seriousness tough female doctor showed, added on to her tempting figure .

Luo Xiaoxiao’s bleeding had stopped and she was saved miraculously . The only drawback? The little girl was dizzy…

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Shangguan Yuxin gave an order to her assistant . After finishing with the treatment, she looked at Bai Yun’er . From the beginning to the end, Bai Yun’er had kept her calm expression, not saying anything or making a request; it was like she was detached from the world .

Shang Jiuti was cleaning Luo Xiaoxiao’s body carefully; she also ignored the arrogant and angry people in the far place .

Chen Shaoye was sitting on the ground and there was killing intent all over his fat face, but he did not dare move since he was waiting for Chu Han .


There was a car roaring from the forest and the sound of a trunk or stone being hit violently could be heard .

"He is back . " Bai Yun’er did not look back and just said quietly .

All people looked at the forest at the same time, including the ones shouting, but they were very angry .

Chen Shaoye stood up and waited in the same spot .

Shang Jiuti focused on wiping Luo Xiaoxiao’s sweat and did not look around .

The vehicle was driven really fast and it stopped in front of the two groups .

"Finally! They’ve come back!" The people surrounded by Jiang Zuo were very annoyed .

"He Peiyuan! Tell him to let us go!"

"It is too much! Who gave him the right to restrain us?"

"He Peiyuan, Lu Hongsheng, get off the car now!"

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The driver’s door burst open forcefully and Chu Han was the first one getting off the car . He was covered in dark blood and his clothes were messy . He was still exuding thick killing intent, even after the battle . He despised the noisy people and toward Luo Xiaoxiao laying in the van .

Everyone was shocked with Chu Han’s killing aura!



 Lu Hongsheng and He Peiyuan got off the car and started vomiting!

The kept vomiting for a while; Chu Han’s driving skills had left them speechless and nauseated . He was casually driving the obsolete car like it was a race car; at top speed!

Looking at the vomiting He Peiyuan and Lu Hongsheng, the people shocked by Chu Han recovered and started laughing at them .

"Sh*t! You’re just vomiting because you bumped on a tree trunk or rock?!"

"So weak!"

"You’d better teach Jiang Zuo a lesson . He is crazy!"

"Yes! He ordered to surround us . What do you want to do? Kill us?"

Ignoring the others, Chu Han looked at Luo Xiaoxiao’s pale face and he casted his eyes on Shangguan Yuxin . He said nothing and just looked at her quietly .

Shangguan Yuxin was suddenly surprised and reported subconsciously, "There are no risks for her life but it is unknown how many days she needs to recover . The medicines we have are insufficient and she needs to be monitored . It was a miracle she survived, the one you should thank for-"

Shangguan Yuxin did not had the chance to finish as she was interrupted by a cold girl .

There was an intriguing emotion in Bai Yuner’s eyes and smiled coldly at Chu Han, "Do you see that group of people? They say that Luo Xiaoxiao deserved to die . "

The world became quite . Bai Yuner’s voice was not that loud, but still, anyone could hear it .

Shangguan Yuxin looked at Bai Yun'er with an astonished expression . Why would that girl say something like that?

At the same time, Lu Hongsheng and He Peiyuan stopped vomiting . Soon, the air turned cold; it was so quiet .

It was really cold, so Chu Han put his hands in his pockets…

After a long time-

"Fatty Chen . "

Those were the first words Chu Han had spoken after getting off the vehicle . He turned his head and looked at the quiet people .

Chen Shaoye peeked at the people coldly and walked to Chu Han who had a cold face, "Boss! I’m here!"

Peeking at the unclear sky, Chu Han said word after word in a calm tone, "Kill them all! Leave no one alive!"