Apocalypse Meltdown - Chapter 169

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Chapter 169

"You can choose a weapon . Do you want to pick anything?"

The mechanical voice asked Bai Yun’er, but the girl showed her silver gloves before answering in a cold and restrained tone, "Will you stop wasting my time?"

The voice didn’t reply and then started the countdown .

"Test countdown . "




"You have 30 minutes . The slaughterfest starts now!"

The countdown’s speed was accelerated, it seemed that it deliberately made thing difficult .

Bai Yun’er looked at the grey stone road and smiled slightly . She stepped forward and her next sentence would make the mysterious and intelligent monolith’s ‘heart’ to waver .  

"A piece of cake . "


"You can choose a weapon . Do you want to pick anything?"

Countless people were asked the same question, and the vast majority of those challengers would choose a weapon .

Currently, Chu Han had broken through the tight encirclement and was rushing to the end of the wall . Testing a phase-1’s combat power was easier than the other levels, but it was hard to get the highest score .

No monster’s corpse could be seen as they would disappear as soon as they died . Except for the weird monolith’s restriction, the Meltdown System was assisting Chu Han, which was totally unexpected .

The Meltdown System recorded the time . He had spent 28 minutes and killed 99 times .

Others didn’t have that privilege . Even though the voice had given a time limit, the test wouldn’t stop until all monsters had been killed or the challenger had failed . Chu Han had yet to kill all monsters .

But it was hard to find any monster while looking around .

There was one minute left . Chu Han was worried but didn’t panic . He reached the road’s end and just stood there . He was vigilant of the slightest change .

The remaining monster would appear sooner or later!

Some people didn’t spend much time on picking a weapon . Bai Yun’er and Chen Shaoye were two of them . They could easily kill the monsters but Chen Shaoye’s facial expressions while looking at the monsters were comical .

"Finally, I’ve killed them all" Chen Shaoye scratched his ears and cheeks in embarrassment, sitting on the ground . "I killed them all! Won’t you let me go?"

There was no answer .

Bai Yun’er followed Chu Han’s method . She stood at the end of the road quietly .

29 min 50 seconds . . .

Countless people had still to kill all monsters, and some of them hadn’t even killed half . Anyone that had killed all monsters, like Chu Han, would immediately go back . Chen Shaoye was one of those waiting for the test to end in a few seconds .



Chen Shaoye went back and thought about whether the gun existed in the real world or not . The fat sharpshooter hadn’t noticed the sudden appearance of a black monster several meters behind him .



Bai Yun’er suddenly acted and twisted the black monster’s neck .


Chu Han had severed the last monster’s neck with the Xiuluo ax, so he had killed 100 monsters in total .

The monoliths started collecting the challengers’ data in order to assess and rank their combat power .

"Name? Age? Gender?"

Three questions appeared in everyone’s mind that passed the test .

Only one person received a question different from everyone else .

When Chu Han killed the last monster, the monolith didn’t ask him about his personal information .  

"You’ve successfully passed the level S test . Do you want to proceed to the alternate dimension?"


The results came out, and soon, people all around the world could see the challengers’ names and information . The black words were really big eye-catching, but the top 3 names were in yellow, including Shang Jiuti .

Name: Shang Jiuti

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Ability: Evolutionary

Overall Assessment: B

Ranking: No . 3 followed by those words, which showed that her battle power was third in that test .

"Awesome! Nine, you are so great!" Luo Xiaoxiao shouted after Shang Jiuti’s name . Having waited for a long time, everyone understood the huge monoliths’ function; they could determine who was the strongest!

"So and so!" Shang Jiuti touched her wrist excitedly and couldn’t help but think of Chu Han . Chu Han was a phase-1 evolutionary . Phase-2 and phase-3, such extraordinary people, could be ignored and she wondered about Chu Han’s ranking .

"The fatty and little Bai are still there . " Luo Xiaoxiao started to analyze seriously, "So first and second place should change when they come out . It is a pity that Chu Han brother is absent, and he missed it; otherwise, the first one must be my Chu Han brother!"

Shang Jiuti just smiled and looked at the monolith’s first and second place . It was strange that no one was second, while two people shared No . 1 .

"It’s about time . " Shang Jiuti exclaimed as she had experienced the test . The score would be different if the same quantity of monsters were killed in a different chronological order .

The survivors in Shangjing’s base looked at the names on the monolith dumbly . The names would keep changing, and most of them were shocked after seeing how young the ones in top three were, while more well-known individuals were in the bottom .

"Major General Shang, isn’t that Shang Jiuti your illegitimate daughter?" Someone asked and interrupted the conversation about who was stronger in the military .

"What a surprise! The illegitimate daughter, who was exchanged for a higher rank, is better than my boy . My boy has reached no . 13 in the phase-1 evolutionary list . "

"Hahaha! Major General Shang, how do you feel?"

"I guess that Shang Jiuti will be awarded the Major General rank when she returns to Shangjing!"

"Yo! They will be two Major Generals in one family . I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing . "

"Major General Shang is really ‘talented’ treating his daughter as livestock and using her to warm the bed . "

"The Wolf’s Fang is still here . There are some names that you can’t mention . " An old man who had been silent for a while said . Anyone with evil intentions immediately shut their mouths .

"Keep watching . There are still some names that haven’t appeared . Mark the top ten in every rank so that we can train them . "

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