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Chapter 5

Why Nobody Noticed It!?

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Translator: Kirisaki Shin
Editor: Frozen Ink

「Haa, haa…… Princess Ana! How far will we carry this!?」

The witch Maya who has never carried anything heavier than stick was grumbling .

What Anastrea dragged using an orichalcum chain was the most terrible and strongest demon beast, the evil dragon .

Looks like she wanted to drag that giant body to the base of Kuko mountain .

However because it was too heavy, Maya kept using flight magic to lighten it, but it still exceeded the limit to carry a huge 13-meter body with it .

「Don’t complain and keep carrying it!」

It was okay for the sword princess Anastrea who had inexhaustible endurance, but it wasn’t good for the saint Sefilia and the witch Maya who were made to help her .

「It ain’t good to do something like this you know? Wouldn’t it be fine if we just kill it, turn it into money, and hand it over?」(Tn: dang it, her dialect is like Loki from danmachi, a Kansai-ben)

After killing it, it’ll be treated as a thing, then Maya can carry it with storage magic no matter how big it is .

「Don’t kill it . I want it barely alive so a D rank like Kein can kill it, then let Kein bring it down with his ability」

It was obviously too much for that ossan, Maya wanted to shout but she couldn’t say it .

Because a while ago, whenever she looked up, a sword with great speed, was violently beating the head of evil dragon until it was in this sad state .

If the sword flew here by mistake, Maya and co . would instantly go to the netherworld .

The evil dragon was able to breath dangerous poison, but Anastrea already chopped it’s poison sack into a mess, so it can’t breathe it now .

This is the first time I’ve felt sorry for the strongest A class great demon beast .

「Heyー Sefilia, don’tcha think its strange?」

As she wanted company, she asked the young, baby-faced, soft and lovely saint .

「Ana’s feeling of gratitude is correct…… I think」

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「I don’t get it」

Still, for her to listen to the excessive selfishness of Anastrea, maybe this is the weakness of a woman who fell in love .

Even though Maya kept complaining, they finally arrived at the base of the mountain .

「It seems that Kein will be gathering herbs today as well, so he will definitely pass this road」

「I see」

「Yosh, then, I’ll put the mithril sword here」

「I don’t know where I should retort at first, but there ain’t a chance that a mithril sword would be laying around on a mountain path like this!」

It’s an extremely rare sword that has a value of 1000 gold coins .

Maya who was stingy to the core thought that it was wasteful, but with that ossan’s ability, this mithril sword that was light as a feather should be the best equipment for him .

「Now, we just have to wait for Kein to defeat the evil dragon using this mithril sword」

「I don’t care anymore」

I don’t think it’ll go so well .

Maya was too tired to retort, so she just sitting around and sighing .

「Ah, he came . Kein looks so refined and cool today」

「Ain’t he just an old man」

Even though she said she didn’t care anymore, she peeked her head from the bushes and kept retorting . The reason she did that was due to her nature of being born in the west province .

Because Kein is also a skilled adventurer, his body is truly solid, but it’s a bit too much to yearn and say an ordinary 35 years ossan is cool .

「Maya has no eyes for men . Don’t you think his beard looks neat?」

「Ain’t it cause he’s too lazy to shave」

「You are so noisy . Just shut up and watch」

「Yes yes」

Even though she said so, it’s because she has a lineage from west province that she can’t keep being silent .

And then, Kein finally met with the evil dragon at the base of the mountain .

Well, since a 13-meter body was blocking the mountain path, there’s no reason to not noticed it .

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Maya was laughing while looking at him run away .

「Aah, why is he running away!? Look, there’s a mithril sword there, why he does not defeat it?」

「Of course it’d be like that」

Because evil dragon was beaten by Anastrea, there were a lot of wounds on its body and it can’t even stand .

On top of that, it can’t use its breath, so even Kein would be able to defeat it if he stabbed it with a mithril sword .

But, that’s if Kein knew about it .

If the strongest A rank monster suddenly appeared, everyone would obviously avoid fighting it .

It’s not like Kein was a coward .

Even though he is a D rank, as a veteran adventurer with 20 years experience, it’s natural for Kein to be cautious .

For her to not be able to read the situation, as I thought princess Ana still a child, that’s what Maya thought .

However, Maya never thought that something unexpected will happened .

「Yay, Kein picked up the mithril sword!」

「Why ossan?」

after that, he will definitely escape from there .

It will be the end of the line if a deadly poison breath came out .

And yet, why!? Even Maya who was looking grasped her sweaty hands .

Kein drew the sword from its sheath and tried to slash it while screaming 「Uaaaaa!!!!」


Anastrea, Maya, and even the silent Sefilia also screamed even though it was necessary to hide their voices while hiding in the bushes .

Ossan’s slash fell short of the mark .

The mithril sword was flicked off by the jaw of the dragon then swirled and danced high in the sky .

It’s useless after all .

Ossan is too weak .

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If it gets dangerous or if something unexpected happened, Maya will use attack magic to help him .


The evil dragon falling over and died while screaming in agony .

The sword that was flying away a moment ago was deeply stabbed in the forehead of the dragon!

「Wow, Kein is so amazing!」

Anastrea was happily dancing around .

Sefilia’s shoulder was trembling and there were tears in her clear eyes .

「Ain’t it a coincidence……」

「There’s no way it was a coincidence! The forehead was the weakest point of the dragon you know . It was just a feint! Kein was trying to hit the dragon’s forehead with mithril sword」

What kind of sword technique is that!?

If that’s true, then Kein performed a miracle that even the sword princess Anastrea can’t do .

「No, even if he was throwing the sword, what would’ve happened if the sword didn’t hit?」

「Kein still has the iron sword at his waist . If that didn’t work then he can fight with that right?」

Maya became dumbfound

What Anastrea says was difficult to refute because it was based on a thoughtless theory .

Was that dull ossan adventurer actually stronger than the godspeed sword princess Anastrea?

No, no, no, that’s stupid .

「Naa, sefilia think that was just a coincidence right?」

Sefilia who was crying since a while ago, whipped her tears and sniffed with her sleeves robe and said 「kein-sama was warmly protecting us……」

「What the hells gotten into you all」

Anyway, now Kein’s rank as adventurer will raise up, and Anastrea should be satisfied with that and happily, ever after, that should be what happens .


「Why is Kein not getting promoted!? Call out the guild chief! I saw with my own eyes that Kein beat the evil dragon alone . It’s not strange if he gets B rank, no, A rank right!?」

In the end, the guild decided that Kein would stay as a D rank, and it made the sword princess Anastrea so angry .

And, the one who was forced to answer by pressing her head against the dirty floor was, the unfortunate Elena-san .

「Kein-san was giving a report that he found an evil dragon」

「That’s totally wrong, Kein defeated it with his own strength」

「Please pardon this mere receptionist from saying something to her highness」

「What? say it!」

「Anastrea-sama, you dragged the evil dragon to that place to made Kein-san defeat it on purpose right?」


It’s was found out after all .

Elena who was kneeling down raised her face .

「That mithril sword is yours, right? If that’s the case, then it’s impossible to rank up」

「No it’s not . It’s true that it was me who was prepared it, but it was because of how brilliant Kein’s sword technique is」

「 The guild system is not at fault . It’s to determined the strength of the individual, it was made to protects the weak」

「Kein is not weak!」

「If Kein was involved in an S rank battle, he will surely die」

「I’ll protect him until he becomes strong」

「I don’t know how difficult『The Rose Maiden Blooming In the heights』battles are . However, I am deeply respected as a staff at adventurer guild」

「So what?」

「Even so, the saint Sefilia-sama lost her life in previous battle right? Sword princess Anastrea-sama, you couldn’t protect her」

「That is……」

「I want to protect adventurers that I am in charge off . So please, do not get involved with Kein」

What Elena says was in order to protect Kein .

So it was impossible for the sword princess, Anastrea’s selfishness to pass through .

Ed: huh… how to raise your ossan… . yan receptionist vs yan berserker, and the yuri mage has the most common sense… . .