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Published at 24th of September 2018 11:44:44 AM

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Confrontation

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However, how unpredictable the world is that she has just left her with forefoot, and he has been killed behind her . Is there such a coincidence in the world?

“It is not difficult to explain!” Tie Li screamed, his thick eyebrows were full of conceit, as if to say, ‘Look, this seat has long determined that you are the murderer! ’

*I’m going to use ‘this seat’ from now on, I might change it back to ben zuo, when it make sense .

At this time, Gongzi Su suddenly got angry, yelling at Tie Li, “No, sister Luan will never be a murderer! You are spouting fart!”

This vulgar language, made Da Fei say, “Su’er, you be quiet!”

Seeing the look on his mother’s face, Gongzi Su angrily glared at Tie Li, but shut his mouth .

Tie Li’s face was gloomy, his mouth twitching, his face had on a very ugly expression, apparently he was insulted in public and had no face left .

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GeShu Wu Luan comforted Gongzi Su with a pat on the shoulders, she slowly stepped forward and stood in front of Tie Li, and said: “What do you mean?”

Her voice is like a smoke drifting in the spring, light and easy going, however, its tone was extremely imitating .

Tie Li is not a vegetarian, not to be outdone, he clarifies the words . “The meaning of this seat is very simple . You are the most suspected . ”

*People who are ‘vegetarian’ are those who are kind and forgiving, in this time period, it has more to do with not killing for meat (abstaining oneself from worldly pleasures), and praying to buddha

GeShu Wu Luan seemed to be laughing at his absurd remark . “Jokes! Ben guan and Mister Bai have no enmity…”

When her words were not yet finished, they were picked up by Tie Li: “But you have motives for killing!”

“What are you saying?!” She asks in a dangerous tone, seemingly puzzled, and questioned .

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Tie Li proudly headed and said the words thoroughly . “The world knows that the chess master has always been a modest person . He never complains with others . How can he suffer this bad luck? But you, daren… If I remember correctly, half a month . Former chess master once asked the monarch to give an edict marriage, the object is you, daren! However, it was rejected by you angrily! Although the matter is temporarily pressed, but daren is afraid of the old matters coming of the chess master coming to light, ruining you, the inner palace ‘Jin Yi Hou’s’ great career!”

These words have a meaning that is sharp and clear, and it is clear that he has convicted her . Not only, did he say she has a poisonous mind, but also pointing out that she is very worried about keeping her power!

His point of view is not that there is no such thing as a subdivision . The reason is that since the Da Jun listened to Da Fei and appointed a female official, Da Si, born with a heart, looking at the ancient times, the guards of the inner palace have always been men . How can it be the woman’s turn to take power? He tried his best to stop it . The helpless state is imperative . Although he is dissatisfied, he is unable to return it to its former glory . However, it is inevitable that she will gradually become a big force in the future, extending her wrist to the court . Then she will threaten the kingdom and the monarch . As statuted, when the female servant is at the age of marriage, she is allowed to exit the palace to marry . Once married, she can no longer be involved in the palace, for even half a step, and then re-screening to have more female servants, replacing and filling the gaps, so that the cycle will be gradually cultivated, the forces will be cut again and again!

Besides, this proposal has also been praised by the monarch!

She, GeShu Wu Luan has no time to get married, and Da Si also expects that Da Fei will not give up her confidant easily, so he arranged to have her get married to Bai Hua!

This is a real insidious, he has already counted every move, and then dug a trap, waiting for her to jump inside!

However, his conspiracy was never succeeded, not only was the marriage banned, but she was also given a title!

But what is the conspiracy behind Bai Hua’s death at the moment? Self-confident, killing and planting the evidence?!

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At this time, Tie Li in front of her eyes, is latching onto her, could it be: First, she is not pleasing to the eye . Second, lay the foundation for his own interests .

Speaking of his interests, with his self-satisfied strength, he would not be willing to go to Da Si . It seems that he wants to stay neutral, first to sit on the mountain and watch the game . Others dig the traps, setting her down to the stone, finally he as the fisherman takes everything away . He hopes that Da Si and Da Fei would have damages on both sides, so he alone would rise up without anyone stopping him!

GeShu Wu Luan held out her hand, smiling she shook her head sighed: “This is also a motive? Ben guan is really curious, on what Supervisor Tie is relying on keep your position as the supervisor of the prison!”

The disdain in her tone seems to be laughing at his incompetence, a good for nothing man, Tie Li was set into anger ‘Ceng’ he suddenly bursted “You…”

However, in the face of the monarch, he does not dare attack, only flicking his sleeves in order to vent his anger .

GeShu Wu Luan, with long strokes caressed the hilt of her sword at the waist . She seems to be playing, picking up her eyes, the light reflects it as cool as the spring snow, with a pure coldness, and continues: “If ben guan really wants to make a move, it can be done outside the palace . Besides, why would I kill him in the palace, and, if I can be carelessly seen, this does not explain it?”

“The opposite is true, this is the wise of daren! However, there will be a leak when you try to get rid of the evidence, when the you travel the road at night, there will be a day when you run into a ghost!” Tie Li continued to rebut . His speaking is not surprisingly endless .

GeShu Wu Luan hatefully gashed her teeth . Where did she offend him? That he is always targeting her!

“Yan Qisha! This seat lets you follow, not for you to stay and become a statue! What do you think?” Tie Li’s eyes condensed,wanting to strike the iron while hot, and pull in supporters .

Yan Qisha, who stood on the side, has never said anything since the beginning, so GeShu Wu Luan neglected his existence, and her heart was surprised . She looked at him and saw him not showing his voice . His face was like a wave, as if he was watching a movie . The expression is like, no matter how much trouble there was, it would not affect him, she did not expect this person to be so deep, she cannot help but look at it!

Yan Qisha’s lips hang a touch of sloppy smile, the people cannot catch it . A silver silk looks bright under the palace lanterns, and his face is fascinating, slowly moving a step back, he said: “What the supervisor said is reasonable, bei zhi has no objection!”

Finished speaking, he turned toward GeShu Wu Luan and raised an eyebrow .

The woman mad, she was once again looking at him with a cold expression . Who knew that it would be like trying to hit a bag of grass!

*Bag of grass; No matter what you do, there is no effect .

Tie Li reveals a sly smile .

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