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Published at 26th of March 2020 05:25:12 AM

Chapter 104

Li Shaoling stared at her impatient look, his own chest churning with raging fires . “What am I to you?”

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Ji Weixi thought about it . “Superior . ”

“Nothing else?”

“Oh, right… My child’s father . ” Ji Weixi quickly added when she saw his dark look .


She did not see him as a lover at all .

“What about manwhore here then?” Li Shaoling stared at her tightly .

If she thought higher of Su Yang than him, he would do her in right there!

And he would definitely do it!

“Mister Su… We only met three times; we’re not that acquainted . ”

Ji Weixi really couldn’t understand what he was thinking .

Moreover, he had a name and it was Su Yang, not manwhore .

Really, there’s no helping him—he really was angry at everyone .

On the other hand, Li Shaoling calmed when he saw that she didn’t really care about Su Yang .

“You actually saved him even after he almost knocked you down,” he snorted coldly .

“If it wasn’t for him, I would have been burned in the café . ”

“Then he deserves it!”


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Ji Weixi’s phone rang then—the caller was Tian Miaomiao .

“Hello . What is it, Miaomiao?”

Tian Miaomiao’s voice was muffled but flustered . “Where are you, Xixi? Come back, quick! Something happened!”

Ji Weixi’s heart skipped a beat . “What is it?”

“There’s something wrong with Lin Xiaoman’s clothing and she’s admitted to the hospital . Her manager is actually taking it up with the design department! Come back, I think they are going to start fighting!”

“Got it . I’ll come right away . ”

Ji Weixi hung up, only to look up and find that the man had stuffed himself by the elevator doors like a meat wall .

“President Li, there’s a problem in the design department . May I return and resolve it?” She smiled through gritted teeth .

However, Li Shaoling appeared to have no plans to let her go . “Would you care for me if I’m sick?”

Ji Weixi nodded without thought . “Of course . You are our great president, how much more important could your health be?”

How half-hearted!

Li Shaoling somehow felt as if she was mocking him, and he pressed down at her .

Ji Weixi reacted quickly, and held him back by putting both hands on his chest .

“President Li, don’t you care that something happened in the design department?”

Li Shaoling’s eyes were dark . “I’m angry . ”

Who cares what happened? He was angry, and that was very important .

Ji Weixi felt mentally exhausted .

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It was as if she had two sons—Ji Jiayu being the eldest and Li Shaoling the second, because Li Shaoling was a lot more difficult to sweet talk than the little one .

“Good boy, don’t be angry…” Ji Weixi said mildly, leaping up and stroking his head with much difficulty . “Don’t be angry, angry is bad for the body . ”

However, that sweet-talking left Li Shaoling’s eyes even darker . “You told me at the hospital that you’re ignoring me . ”


Was there no end to this? Did he think that she had the most even temper?

Taking a deep breath and then another, she smiled most courteously . “Oh, that’s just teasing you . Why would I ignore you?”

She was basically stopping short of saying something like ‘Ling Ling, good boy . Don’t cry, don’t cry’ .

However, Li Shaoling started to greed for more . “Kiss me and I’ll let you go . ”

He wasn’t satisfied with the kiss at the café, not to mention that it was because of Su Yang .

For her part, Ji Weixi was about to break out an expletive . To hell with integrity .

Nonetheless, she pecked him softly like a dragonfly poking at water . “Will this do?”

Li Shaoling smiled and gathered her in his arms . “You must think of me . ”

“Uh-huh, I will, I will!” Ji Weixi nodded furiously .

Satisfied, he let her go, and she dashed out of the elevator once the doors opened .

There was a crowd surrounding the elevator when they were in the elevator . Jiang Cong wanted to join the party and have a look, only to find Li Shaoling stepping out .

“What are you doing, Boss?”

“It’s got nothing to do with you . ” Li Shaoling threw him a cold look .


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Jiang Cong kept up behind him as they reached Li Shaoling’s office .

Li Shaoling settled into his office chest, his smile widening as he remembered the little woman’s reaction just now .

He then looked up to find Jiang Cong looking at him without a blink, and his face immediately cooled .

“Is there something?”

“Could you have been with Miss Ji inside the elevator…” Jiang Cong smiled vaguely like a busybody .

Who could tell what happened after they had been inside the elevator for so long?

Still, it seems that nothing major happened since the boss’s clothing was still tidy .

Li Shaoling abruptly remembered what Ji Weixi scolded her with, and coldly told Jiang Cong, “Why would you care? Do you rule the oceans?”


Where did he learn that?

“Get out if there’s nothing else . ” Li Shaoling turned on his computer and got to work .

Jiang Cong pulled a straight face . “Old Madam has asked you to bring Young Master home tonight, Boss . ”

Li Shaoling’s fingers over the keyboard paused for a moment . “Got it . You can go . ”


Meanwhile, at the design department .

Qian Jia, Lin Xiaoman’s manager was having a ‘discussion’ with Qiao Ai .

It was actually an argument since their necks were going red .

As Ji Weixi made her way to the design department, Tian Miaomiao briefed her about what happened .

When Lin Xiaoman attended an awards ceremony, her entire body suddenly itched as fields of rashes surfaced . Later, she started to have difficulty breathing and almost lost her life .

The ceremony was broadcasted live, and with Lin Xiaoman being a top actress, it hurt both her and her management company to suffer a major scandal even before receiving an award .

Now, as Qiao Ai argued away with Qian Jia, she suddenly caught Ji Weixi with the corner of her eye .

She promptly pointed at her and exclaimed, “She’s the chief designer . She is responsible for this matter!”

Everyone quickly turned to stare at Ji Weixi .

Qian Jia studied her from head to toe before sneering, “So you’re Ji Weixi . How nice of you to come—my client is now admitted to the hospital! The doctors are saying that it would take a month for her rashes to heal, and do you know how much that’s worth for an entertainer? All of her important appointments are put in this month! Not to mention that her image collapsed because of your mistake… we now have to annul our signed partnership!”

Qian Jia sounded more agitated the more she talked, and her gaze was so fearsome she would skin Ji Weixi right there .

Ji Weixi understood the importance of the matter then .

“Has the clothing been brought here? Let me check . ” She said .

Her composed tone certainly did not sit well with Qian Jia, who promptly whipped out the dress from a bag and threw it in her face in irritation .

Ji Weixi frowned—scents of lavender oil reached her nose immediately, but it was faint and almost imperceptible to most .

Holding the dress, she asked, “Do you know why Miss Lin has an allergic reaction?”

Qian Jia snorted . “How should I know!? Whatever it was, it happened to her after she wore your dress!”

“Is she allergic to lavender?”

Qian Jia was taken aback . “Yes, she is . She would get rashes all over even at the slightest of touch . ”

“This dress smells of lavender . ”

Qian Jia took the dress, sniffed it and promptly glared at Ji Weixi . “It’s all you! Your group did that on purpose!”

“You did not mention that Miss Lin is allergic to lavender when you’ve asked for us to design a dress,” Ji Weixi calmly replied .

“I did! I had definitely told the design department!”

Ji Weixi’s eyelid twitched, and that was when Qiao Ai approached them and added, “Miss Ji, I did mention that Miss Lin is allergic lavenders . Could you have forgotten?”

Since when?

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